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"Hey!" Kiba said loudly. "Hinata finally got somewhere!"

"Geez, yours is the longest one," Ino told Hinata. "You've been walking around Konoha for like ten minutes already!"

Hinata was still barely staying conscious. She returned her focus to the projection, where her future self was waddling into the Hokage Tower, her hands full of charms and flowers.

Hinata made her way through the building, smiling at everyone who greeted her and taking the elevator to the top floor. It was clear that she was making her way to the Hokage's office, but she was once again stopped right outside the door when Ino and Kiba exited it.

"Hinata!" Ino squealed, immediately rubbing Hinata's stomach as if it were a magic lamp. "I swear, you get bigger by the second! When are you due again?"

"A week ago," Hinata replied in her quiet manner, not at all perturbed by her friend's roaming hands. She smiled in greeting to Kiba.

Kiba was sniffing around her, searching for a difference in her smell. "Is that safe?"

"Why are you sniffing her?" Naruto asked. "Is that how you say hi or something?"

Kiba scoffed. "Idiot. Clearly I'm seeing if she smells different. If she does, something could be wrong with her or the baby."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed. "What baby?"

Everyone faceplanted. Sakura got up first, thumping Naruto smartly on the head. "The one in her abdomen, baka!"

Naruto looked back at the projection, scratching his head. "I thought that she had just gotten fat, like Kurenai-sensei."

"She's pregnant too, you know," Choji pointed out.

Naruto grinned sheepishly. "Really? I thought that she was just giving me some excuse because she didn't want to admit she was fat."

Temari was seriously worried about Konohagakure's future.

Smiling, Hinata gently pushed his nose away. "I'm fine, Kiba-kun. Sakura said she would induce me in another week if nothing's happened by then."

Kiba looked slightly less concerned, and stopped trying to shove his nose around her uterus.

"Well, we have to go," Ino cut in. "Naruto just gave us a mission, and Shino is waiting for us. You're lucky I'm such a good friend, Hinata, filling in for your knocked up ass." She winked, indicating she was teasing, but Hinata thanked her profusely anyway. "No prob. Now go sit down or something. You look like you're about to fall over."

"And don't forget to take a bath tonight," Kiba reminded. "It'll relax all of your muscles. And you should use those bath salts that Kurenai-sensei gave you."

"I will," Hinata replied, giving her friends a little push, knowing that they could spend all day fretting over her.

Hinata looked on in amazement. It was weird, seeing herself be fawned over by everyone. She knew that her teammates were fiercely protective of her, as it wasn't odd for Kiba to regularly invade her personal space by smelling her, and she was almost positive that Shino had her bugged. And Ino was her friend, so that was expected. But everyone else? It was surreal. She was barely noticed at home, only by Neji, who watched her like a hawk, and sometimes Hanabi, who was starting to look up to her big sis. The fact that she was suddenly drowning in attention—even if it was in the future—was a little overwhelming.

Taking shallow breaths, she watched as Ino and Kiba finally left. Her future self activated her Byakugan, presumably to make sure she wasn't interrupting anything inside the office, and quietly opened the door.

Naruto was slouched over his desk, frowning at his paperwork.

"Hey! It's me again!" Naruto cheered.

Everyone rolled their eyes. Hinata's breath hitched at the thought of being in the same room as Naruto—even though that was precisely what she was doing now.

"Ano, Naruto-kun," Hinata murmured, deactivating her Byakugan.

At the sound of her voice, Naruto's head snapped up, his grin overtaking his face. "Hina-chan!" he exclaimed happily, looking like a kid on Christmas.

Naruto looked confused. "Hina...chan?" he said slowly.

Hinata shivered at the sound of the words exiting his lips.

"Woo boy," Kiba grinned. "Here we go."

"Here what goes?" Naruto asked, but he was silenced to the sight of himself rising from his chair and promptly kissing Hinata on the lips.

Hinata turned scarlet, but her female friends hooted and hollered, laughing.

"This is getting good!" Sakura teased, shoving Naruto playfully.

Naruto just stared at the projection.

Hinata smiled against his lips, pulling away slightly. "You forgot your lunch again, Naruto-kun."

Naruto grinned sheepishly. "Oops. I don't know what I'd do without you, Hinata-chan."

"Me neither," Hinata quipped, going in for another kiss.

The boys in the room were quickly becoming uncomfortable, but the girls all watched with googly eyes, as if it were a romantic movie.

"So...Hinata's my girlfriend," Naruto said aloud.

"Actually, you married her," Shikamaru sighed. "Note the rings on both of your hands, and how she has your crest on her kimono."

Naruto nodded, seeming to accept this. But then, his expression seemed to darken. "Well then, who knocked up my wife?" he yelled, frustrated.

Everyone sweatdropped. Sakura had the urge to hit him again, and almost did, but, unexpectedly, Hinata spoke up.

"It's always been you, Naruto-kun."

When Naruto turned to her, Hinata reddened further, mouth dropping open in horror as she realized that she had said that out loud. She quickly dropped her eyes to the floor, her pointer fingers coming together nervously.

"I suggest you stop that," a voice said from the corner of the room. It was Shikamaru, clearly working on his own pile of paperwork at another desk. He gestured at Hinata's abdomen pointedly, smirking. "Remember what happened last time?"

Temari visibly tensed at the sight of Shikamaru, but, noticing that she was nowhere in the room, relaxed again.

Hinata blushed faintly, but Naruto stuck his tongue out childishly. "You're one to talk," he retorted, "with that little hellion you call a daughter running around."

Hinata's mouth dropped open. "Naruto-kun! That's rude!" she scolded, turning to Shikamaru apologetically. "Shikari-chan is a wonderful little girl."

Shikamaru smiled. "No, it's okay. She's only one years old, but I can tell—she's definitely inherited some her mother's traits."

Naruto grinned. "I was just kidding, Shikamaru. Besides, that girl's probably smarter than me."

"Probably," Shikamaru said.

Everyone laughed, but Temari was silent.

She couldn't be the mother of his child. She couldn't.

All of the clues pointed towards it, but Temari knew herself. He was smart, but he was far too lazy and unmotivated to be her partner, and too young. He was sort of good looking, she'd admit, so she could see the whole fuck-buddies scenario. But a child? That was commitment, and Temari didn't see herself committing to a person like Nara Shikamaru. Besides, Ino's future had implied that Temari had had a child, but no one said that it had been Shikamaru's. The fact that he was there could have been coincidence; she had said herself that he was supposed to calm down the hysterical Naruto. His child and her child were not necessarily the same person.

At the same time, the thought of this "Shikari" not being hers pissed her off, because that meant that she had been mortified by her future for no reason.

"Oh!" Naruto exclaimed, taking the flowers and charms out of Hinata's arms and dropping them unceremoniously on the floor. "You walked all the way here, didn't you? You know that you need to rest, Hina-chan."

"Yes, but I rested along the way," Hinata responded as Naruto forced her to sit in his chair. "And if I didn't, you wouldn't have had lunch."

"Shikamaru could have picked me up some ramen," Naruto fretted, taking her shoes off and massaging her sore feet.

"That's not as healthy as this lunch," Hinata retorted breathlessly, embarrassed that he was rubbing her feet in public, but enjoying it too much to tell him to stop.

Naruto, who was now at eye-level with her stomach, grinned at it. "Your kaa-chan worries too much."

"I do not," Hinata protested weakly as Naruto stopped his ministrations to place his ear against her midsection. The baby kicked.

"See, the baby agrees with me!" he said to her, a foxy smile still on his face.

"I think you heard it wrong," Hinata teased, smiling happily as Naruto placed small kisses on her abdomen.

"Still decided that you don't want to know the gender?" Shikamaru asked.

"We want it to be a surprise," Hinata responded, trying not to giggle at the sight of Naruto, crouched in front of her and animately telling her midsection about his day.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"He always does this," she explained. "Ever since Sakura told us that the baby could hear us. He even reads it stories at night."

"I talked to Shikari too," Shikamaru admitted. "Just not as...enthusiastically."

At this point, Naruto was waving his hands around to help emphasize his point. "And then Gaara just cancelled our monthly lunch! I know that he's busy, but I'm not going to have that much time to visit him once you're born."

Hinata smiled, returning her attention to Shikamaru. "But yes, we don't want to know. The only people who know the sex are Sakura and my father. And that's only because he apparently couldn't wait that long and used his Byakugan on me." She rolled her eyes good-naturedly.

"And so I told that old geezer to shut it," Naruto cooed to the baby. "I swear, the council is full of senile old people who don't know what they're talking about."

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata chastised, but her eyes couldn't hide her mirth.

"Err, respect your elders!" he added on half-heartedly for Hinata's benefit. "Because they're wise and...stuff."

Hinata laughed, and Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

The projection cut off.

"Awww!" the kunoichi cooed, wrapped up in how attentive and fatherly and cute Naruto was. Sakura ruffled Naruto's hair lovingly, and Ino and Tenten dreamily wondered what it would be like to be that much in love.

Temari smiled, as touched in the romance as the rest. She, however, ignored the fact that Shikamaru was looking at her calculatingly, and pretended that she didn't realize that she was quite possibly his baby mama.

Hinata was off in her own little world. It was so much better than she had always daydreamed! The look of pure happiness on her future self's face made her fill with joy and anticipation.

Naruto was uncharacteristically silent, looking at Hinata as if he had never seen her before.

"Gag," Kiba commented disgustedly. Even though he was happy for his teammate, the whole scene was a little too girly for him.

"Yosh!" Lee exclaimed, jumping to his feet. "This great display of love and compassion has reignited my flames of youth!"

Temari blinked. "...What?" she deadpanned.

Neji sighed. "He means that he would like to go next."

"Right you are, my eternal rival!" Lee declared, striking a nice guy pose.

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