I got this idea from Akkie-chan when were talking on DeviantArt…so here we go This chapter is extremely short because it is basically an introduction...Please don't tell me that Mirana does not have brown hair. I know that. I put that in here for a reason...

Title- A Raven and a Writing Desk

Summary- Mirana is a sweet (but sickly) little girl. Tarrant is the Royal Hatter's son and apprentice. What could they possibly have in common?

Disclaimer- I DO NOT own Alice in Wonderland nor do I own its wonderful character's or story plot…sadly

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder; hope…a dream of possibilities."—Eda J. LeShan

The White Queen of Crims stared in wonderment at the newborn child in her arms. She was amazed at her beauty! Her skin may have been a bit too pale, but her eyes were hazel, her hair was a very pretty dark brown, and her face was perfectly proportioned. Her cheeks were a little bit red and she was frantically glancing about the room. The King reached down and took the child from her arms and held it up. He was being a little rough, but he had been worse with their eldest. The King studied the tiny girl, scowled, and thrust her back into her mother's arms.

"Too. Skinny," he said simply, and walked out of the room. The Queen was surprised at his behavior, but even more by her daughter's. She hadn't cried through the ordeal. She was calm and was looking up at her parent as if to ask, 'What did I do?'

"Racy? Can you come in for a moment?" called the mother. A girl- five years old to be exact- entered the room. Her skin was a bit pale as well, though not as pale as her sister's. Her head was a bit large- swelling, they called it. She had fallen and taken a hard hit when she was younger. Her hair was a blazing red with locks of curls covering her head. Her eyelids were painted blue and her eyes were brown as well. She had a short temper, but could be very loving if you were on her good side. She walked cautiously up to her mother- whom was still lying in bed- and peeked over the edge of the bed.

"Take a look at your sister," encouraged the Queen. She lifted the older girl onto the bed and sat her on the left. She helped Iracebeth cradle the baby in her arms and watched as they saw each other for the first time. The younger of the two smiled, giggling, and reached up to play with one of the red curls. "What shall we call her, Racy?" asked her mother. Iracebeth thought this over for a moment. She wanted her sister to have a unique name- one no one would ever come up with.

"Meewahna. Her name is Meewahna of Cwims." Iracebeth had seen this name somewhere. Someone told her it meant wonderful, peace, and prosperous.

"How in Underland do you spell that, love?"

"M. I. R. A. N. A. Meewahna," she stated simply.

"Mirana is a wonderful name. A very good choice."

And from then on, the little girl with white skin and brown hair was known as Mirana of Crims.

Somewhere across Underland- in the Tulgey Wood- another baby was born.- in fact, it was a set of triplets- about a month later.

The new mother Hightopp lay in her bed with two of children in her arms. One was a little girl. Her hair was dark brown- like her mother- and her eyes were a light blue color. Her eyelids were slightly pink and her little fingernails were a slight shade of pink. Her twin was a little boy. His hair was brown as well- like his mother- and his eyes were blue as well. His eyelids were a slight shade of blue and his fingernails were a slight shade of blue.

Their other sibling- another boy- was in his father's arms. His hair was bright red- like his father- and his eyes were a brilliant green. His eyelids were both blue and pink, but it was completely noticeable. You couldn't miss it! His fingernails were green as well. Not too long ago, the young parents found out that his eyes, nails, and eyelids changed color with his mood.

The parents had been expecting a visit from Royalty to welcome the children into Underland, and were quite disturbed by the third child's reaction to everything around him. When the Queen entered their household, she was carrying a tiny bundle in a white blanket. The Hightopps were inclined to ask what it was, but thought it better not to.

"I see you have three little children! How wonderful! What are their names?" asked the woman. The parents looked at each other. They had picked out names beforehand, but they didn't know how to answer such an enthusiastic person.

"The little girl is Tarra, this boy is Tarrance, and that boy is…Tarrant," answered their father.

And from then on, the little boy with changing eyes and orange hair was known as Tarrant Hightopp.