Chapter 8

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The next morning, Cody and Bailey woke up in each other's arms again, but this time as man and wife. Cody leaned over and placed numerous kisses on Bailey's shoulder, neck and cheek.

"Good morning, Mrs. Martin..."

Bailey turned to face him with the biggest smile on her face. "Good morning, Mr. Martin. After last night, I know for a fact we're going to enjoy married life..."

"You bet we are...Bails, I will never stop desiring you and only you..."

Bailey leaned in and kissed him again. "That goes double for me..."

"Just think, in a matter of hours, we will be all by ourselves in our very own tropical paradise..."

"I know...I can't wait..."

Cody grinned. "Maybe we can wait for a little while. I kind of like where I am right now..."

"Me too...but we do need to get up and ready. We did promise our families we'd have brunch with them before we left..."

Cody sighed. "Alright...But can we at least shower together?"

"You better believe we will!"

After another joint shower that lasted longer than necessary, they were showered and dressed. Before heading out, they made sure everything they had was all packed up and ready to leave later. Bailey's grandmother's pearls were in their room safe as well as Cody's grandfather's cufflinks. Someone would be by later to pick them up as well as the wedding dress and tuxedo. Both would be put into storage for them to hold onto. They left their cabin and made their way to the restaurant. And it seems they were the last to arrive. And of course, everyone just grinned at them.

Once they sat down, Zack turned and whispered to his brother. "Late night?"

Cody just shrugged. "Maybe a little..."

Maggie spoke up. "So, what time does the helicopter arrive to pick you up?"

"1:00 PM"

Maggie smiled. "Well, I hope you two have a lot of fun..."

Bailey smiled back. "I'm sure we will..."

Carey sighed. "One son married off, one to go..."

Zack glared at his mother. "Mom!"

Joe laughed. "I still have three to go...All daughters..."

Bernie and Bobbie turned to their Dad. "Daddy!"

Cody decided it was time for some payback for being tossed in the pool the night before. "You know, Zack...What I said last night was true. After Bailey and I caught the bouquet and garter, we were engaged less than a year later..."

Zack glared at his brother. "And your point?"

Cody grinned and turned to everyone else at the table. "I'm all for setting up a pool for when Zack gets down on one knee. Anyone else in?"

Immediately, most of the people reached into their pockets to pull out money. Zack and Cassie just stared at them in shock.

"You know, Broseph...If you weren't about to leave on your honeymoon soon, I think I would have to kill you..."

Cody shrugged and decided to tease Zack. "Little late for that now...Bailey's officially my wife. Everything I have would go to her now instead of you..."

Bailey smiled and spoke up. "And Zack, if you did anything to my husband, you know what my revenge would be..."

Cody turned to his wife and smiled. "Now, Bails...We do need to be sort of nice to him. I mean, he will be free labor to us when we move in August...We're going to need him to do more than just watch Porkers for us this time..."

Bailey laughed. "Oh yeah...I almost forgot about that..."

Joe spoke up. "Speaking of that, will you be needing any of our help like last time?"

"If you want to, Daddy. You did say you wanted to see our new place in Boston..."

Joe nodded. "Very true. I'll see what we can do."

Carey turned to her son and daughter-in-law. "Speaking of Boston, when will you both be moving exactly?"

"August 10th. That gives us a week before orientation..."

"I know you both will be busy, but I will expect you both to stop by and see us at the Tipton fairly often..."

Bailey smiled. "Of course we will...As long as you don't mind us reeking of formaldehyde..."

Carey smiled. "If that's the price I have to pay to see you two, bring it on..."

Arwin spoke up. "Speaking of moving in, if you want, I can build a pig door in your apartment for you..."

Cody and Bailey turned to look each other. "Well...I guess that would be alright..."

Cody whispered to Bailey. "Don't worry, even if it goes wrong, it won't be our front door. And we can get something to cover it up if we have to..."

Everyone finished their breakfast. Those staying on deck still had two more days of relaxing on the ship before they were to fly home on Sunday. Before Cody and Bailey headed back to their suite, everyone said they would be at the helicopter to see them off. They returned to their suite to grab all of their bags, and porters were there to carry them down to the helipad. Everything that wasn't going with them had been picked up while they had been out. With nothing else to do, they just headed on to the helipad themselves.

When they got there, everyone was already there as was the helicopter. And was it ever a sight. Tin cans had be tied to it and the words 'Just Married!' had been written all over it.

Bailey turned and whispered to Cody. "Not that I'm not touched, but do you think that those cans might affect the helicopter's lift and wind resistance?"

Cody paused. "I sure hope not...It would suck to go down in a helicopter just when I got you to be my wife..."

Bailey smiled at him. "Tell you what, I'll distract them, you undo the strings..."


With everyone around, Bailey and Cody made their goodbyes to everyone. Max and Tapeworm said they would take all the wedding presents back to New Haven with them, and they would be waiting in the apartment when they got back. Everyone else said they expected to hear back from them as soon as they returned. And Zack even said he was expecting a great souvenir.

With all of their goodbyes said, Cody and Bailey climbed into the helicopter, and soon, the blades were turning. As they lifted off, they couldn't help but notice the disappointment on Zack and Woody's faces as they saw the cans had been untied. Cody and Bailey waived goodbye as the Tipton helicopter flew them off over the Caribbean Sea.

About an hour and a half later, Cody and Bailey felt the helicopter begin to descend. Soon enough, they were landing outside of a very posh resort. As they exited the chopper, they just looked on in awe at the majesty of the place. However, soon, someone ran up to meet them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Martin?"

Bailey couldn't help but smile at hearing that. "That's us!"

"Please follow me..."

They were lead over to a golf cart where all of their luggage was placed in the back.

"Its just a short trip over to the dock. There is a special phone on the private island...kind of like the bat phone. Just pick it up, and it will transfer you to the boat house. There is 24 hour service for you. I'm sure you're anxious to get settled in, so we'll take you there right now..."

A short boat trip later, they were on the very private island. It was absolutely gorgeous...and it was all theirs for the next week. Cody tipped the ship's driver, and he turned around and headed back to the boat. Bailey and Cody brought their bags into the palatial beach house, and dropped them inside the master bedroom.

Cody turned and pulled Bailey into his arms. "Welcome to our honeymoon, Mrs. Martin..."

"Thank you, Mr. Martin..."

Cody leaned down and kissed her passionately.

"Are you ready for the most romantic week of your life?"

Bailey smiled. "As long as I'm with you, I'm ready for anything..."

Cody smiled back. "Me too...Let's get this honeymoon started right..."

"What do you want to do first?"

"The same thing I want to do everyday for the rest of my life...Love you."

The End...