A/N: Set right after 'Plan B' Brotherly fluff. Damon is completely in character, as best as he can be. Written to the instrumental piece 'Lost Along the Way' I'd recommend you listen while reading. Onshot. Will NOT be continued.

Lost and Found

As Elena left in tears, he watched her go. Every thought in his mind just wanted to hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright but he didn't do that. He just let her go.

He heard it then, the shuttering breaths from the den. They continued. Suddenly came the sounds of shattering glass and books being thrown across the room. Damon hesitantly walked and lingered in the doorway. He watched.

He hadn't seen Stefan this upset in such a long time. His mind couldn't even process the last time because all he could do was stare. Sure he could go over and give him a hug and tell his baby brother that it was going to be okay but that wasn't him. He wasn't the warm fuzzy touché brother; he was the cocky sarcastic son of a bitch who hid his emotions. He was the type of brother to act like he didn't give a damn but in a split second would kill anyone who tried to hurt the people he cared about.

So he watched. Stefan was gasping, growling, nostrils flaring, his cheeks stained with salty tears. He gave up, exhausted and hurt. He walked towards the fireplace, arms above his head on the mantle, as he stared into the flames.

Damon walked slowly, with hesitation in each step. He stopped just behind Stefan and paused before placing his hand on his shoulder, squeezing tightly, and not letting go.

A/N: Written an hour after the episode ended. I was inspired.