Auden had to succeed, to win

It wasn't something that was optional

It was a necessity

She need to win

To impress her demanding mother

To make up for her free-spirited brother

And most importantly

To get her absentee dad's attention

All Auden has in her life is the ability to win

She has no friends

No boyfriend

No social life

She's a winner

Through and through

Though if you look at through Eli's eyes

She's always losing

The girl never even learned how to ride a bike for Pete's sake

He wanted to teach her how not to win

He was good at that

He repeatedly failed things all his life

Auden couldn't figure out how he was okay with that

If it had been her, she'd be having a meltdown

Auden's need to win just seemed like ambition to most people

Eli saw it differently

He saw a girl just begging for attention

Not in a bad, rebellious way

But a quiet, pleading way

She wanted people to look at her achievements

Not who she was

Because, if they looked who she really was

They'd see a loser

Not just any loser

But an insecure loser

That's why Auden needed to win

She needed the disguise

To shield her from preying eyes

So that, if anyone looked only a the surface,

They'd find perfection

Not the real deal

Nobody wanted to meet the real Auden

She was a complete mess

Still reeling from her parents' divorce

She hated how they didn't even bother to make sure she was okay

Auden learned that emotions were irrelevant in her family

She learned to lock her feelings into a closet

And throw away the key

It helped her win temporarily

But Auden soon discovered that she really didn't want to win

She wanted to be love

And that's how she lost