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"I'm not going until you kiss me," Shinobu huffed, ass glued to the car seat until his man would give him what he wanted most.

"I'm not kissing you!" the poor old man protested for the umpteenth time. "Hurry the hell up and get out! You're going to be late, brat."

Shinobu's palms fisted over the seat, beside his thighs. They have been going at this for nearly ten minutes, and each passing minute had Shinobu scowling deeper.

It made no sense to the boy why Miyagi wasn't willing to give one little goodbye kiss before they'd part for Shinobu to go to school. A few hours was one hell of a long time to be separated for– it made so much sense to give a good and lasting farewell by creaming each other was a sloppy, ultra wet kiss!


"Quit furrowing your brows, brat," the stubborn old man grumbled, poking the annoyed teen's creases with two fingers. "You're going to develop early wrinkles at such a young age. You need to learn to smile~!"

Miyagi grinned sexily for emphasis.

"Instead of acting bratty and constantly pissy, try being bubbly and cheerful... might be good for you."

Shinobu slapped the man's hand away from his face, pissed. "Bubbly my ass."

Miyagi slouched in his seat, laying his hands over the steering wheel. "That's a terrible attitude."

"What's terrible is that you're refusing to kiss me! You know, if I leave for school and something bad happens to everyone in the building, you'll regret that you kept on rejecting me! You'll cry and weep and chant things like, 'I was so wrong for not listening to Shinobu-sama. I should have made out with him much more often!' and then you'll feel lonely and guilty for the rest of your life."

Miyagi snickered; he didn't seem to be taking Shinobu's predictions very seriously. "Oh really? Now what would possibly happen in the Uni that would affect the students so dramatically?"

"A bomb."

"A bomb?"

"Yes. From the science classes."

"Any science student smart enough to make it into this university wouldn't be so stupid to blow the whole school up."

"Then..." Shinobu pondered for a possible theory– anything to get that man's tongue in his mouth. "... Then terrorists! Throwing bombs from the sky!"

Miyagi turned his head toward the teen, smirking. "Terrorists, hm?"

"Yes. Terrorist attack."

"I think I may be under a Terrorist attack right now..."

Shinobu blinked. "What?"

"Nah, it's nothing." Miyagi waved the matter off.

Shinobu huffed, folding his arms. He wasn't sure what Miyagi was implying... perhaps the old man was starting to lose it.

"Your class starts in a few minutes... I really encourage you to go right now, Shinobu-chin.

"Kiss me first," Shinobu muttered stubbornly.

He heard Miyagi groan. "... Then turn around and face me, brat," the man ordered.

Shinobu snapped his face toward the man, a light blush landing onto his cheeks. "Really?

"If it'll make you go to school," he grumbled. "What kind of genius-filled university accepts a bratty kid who puts trivial things like kissing before their studies? Makes no sense."

"Quit rambling and do it before you make me late for class!"

"Me make you late?"

"Yes, you!"

Miyagi slumped back, huffed, and folded his arms. "You know, you've just bitched yourself out of a goodbye kiss."

Shinobu's jaw fell. And Miyagi was calling him childish? Hypocrite!

"Now move along, kid, you don't have much time now."

"Miyagiiiii...!" Shinobu reached over and his hand clawed onto the front of Miyagi black sweater– which Shinobu swore, looked soooooo damn good on the man... highlighted his masculinity too perfectly well...

"What do you want?" Miyagi complained, grabbing the grabby hand's wrist.

"You already know what! Now do it before I'm late!"

"You have about thirty seconds to get to class–"

"...!" At this rate, they would only have time for a two-second peck on the lips! The now slightly frazzled boy grabbed the side of Miyagi's face, forcing the cop to face him. "Hurry up! I don't want to deal with my stupid law professor's damn rants about why it's bad to be late and shit!"

"Having that kind of lecture might be good for a rebellious teenage brat." Miyagi's hand crept up behind Shinobu's blonde head and gently began to lace blonde strands with his fingers. Shinobu wasn't wooed by the affection– it could have just been another ploy to tease, gather the boy's hopes, and give nothing more.

As Miyagi's other hand began to stroke the teen's cheek, Shinobu figured that maybe it was time for a different approach.

Without a spoken word, the boy stuck out his luscious pink tongue, tilted into Miyagi's large hand, and licked. The last thing Shinobu saw before closing his eyes was his man's confused blink as he glided his tongue over the palm and up along a tall finger.

"... What..."

Shinobu peeked a look and saw the man smiling awkwardly.

Miyagi continued, "... What is this?"

"My tongue," the boy responded. "On you. It's warm, right?"

Miyagi wasn't sure how to react as the boy began to fume.

"It feels warm, wet and good, doesn't it? Don't you feel me, Miyagi?"

"Feel you...?"

"Yes." Shinobu suckled the tip of Miyagi's middle finger, glaring while the man glanced away. Shinobu noticed the slight flush on Miyagi– damn pervert must have been exhibiting dirty thoughts.

"... I still don't get why you're licking me."

"Because you'd rather have my tongue in your mouth."


"You're so dumb!" he snapped, pulling away from the man's slick hand in a huff.

The look on Miyagi's face indicated that he had absolutely no idea why the boy began sucking on him just now. But Shinobu was positive that Miyagi liked it... he must have.

"Uh huh." Miyagi stared at the shiny saliva on his finger. Beginning to grin, he asked, "You want a kiss?"

The boy looked at the man again, with interest.

Miyagi smiled, taking the saliva-coated tip of his finger into his mouth, mimicking the teen's sucking movements.

Shinobu flushed brightly and snapped his head away. "What the hell?"

"Indirect kiss," Miyagi said smugly.

"That's gross."

"How's it gross?"

"..." Shinobu almost went silent. "... Because it just is! It's implying that you enjoy indirect kissing more than real ones... That's gross."

He heard Miyagi's gentle snicker. "It's still our spit rubbing again each others."

Shinobu slumped against the car seat, annoyed and slightly irked. "The way you describe it makes it sound even more gross." He blinked when Miyagi's non slicked hand came up and landed on his cheek.

"Come here," the man said huskily.

Shinobu glanced over, but soon shut his eyes when Miyagi leaned further enough to reach and connect to Shinobu's lips. At long last he was enabled to indulge in Miyagi's talented tongue swiveling along his own– he would be certain to savour this. It was the only thing that would help Shinobu get through his school day.

The boy leaned into Miyagi, clutching his hair through his loose fingers. He wasn't sure why Miyagi decided to kiss him now instead of so much sooner, but not a whole lot mattered to him anymore. His other hand weakly gripped onto the older man's shoulder, ignoring the weird car position and absorbing as much of this as he could.

An adventurous hand landed on Shinobu's thigh, which caused the blonde's brow to raise. Focusing on trying to be a good kisser, it was difficult to concentrate on all of Miyagi's actions. The man's grabby paw rubbed against him while it traveled higher, until the red-faced boy felt sensual fingers crawl over his clothed chest.

In a thick daze, the teen muffled a pleasured moan as his head tilted away from the man. "... Miya..." The very corner of his mouth got kissed tenderly, his soft hair getting mussed in the back due to the elder's crafty digits tangling through. He was meaning to question the sexy man; ask why he was placing his hands onto Shinobu's body.

The inquiry was stalled, and once the boy felt a hand find its way under his shirt, it was wholly knocked from his mind. Shinobu locked his arms around the man's neck, reconnecting their tongues in a series of hot but passionate car kissing.

A thumb or something brushed too gently over Shinobu's unexposed nipple– the teen didn't think he would be very sensitive there, until he caught himself producing some sort of satisfied, squeaky moaning voice. The idea of him and his body reacting girl-like when nipples, of all places, were being touched didn't please Shinobu at all.

By the time Miyagi finally pulled slightly away from his Terrorist, his breathing had fallen heavier while the less experienced kid was almost panting. Shinobu wanted to continue, but he did like to be able to breathe again... though it was a little unnerving in their current state, Miyagi being closer than ever while observing his face and every move.

Miyagi's dark eyes were intense. They always were, but this close up was much more so. Shinobu's cheeks went darker, suddenly feeling embarrassed. He was still not good at this stuff; it worried him that he'd do something weird... like making a strange sound or not preforming to Miyagi's expectations.

The man's hand was still underneath Shinobu's sweater; the blonde could clearly feel the paw roaming around in the constricted space, feeling his waist, chest, and very occasionally tempt a nipple.

Under all the pressure of his bodyguard, Shinobu had no idea what to do next. He tried tightening his arms around him, in the sense of hinting they should make out some more.

Miyagi let up an amused smirk, but only gave the boy a quick smooch on the lips before pulling back right after. "We'll stop here," the man said, slipping his hand away from the teen's torso. Shinobu was still feeling a bit weak, as well as his breathing being heavy. He did nothing more than watch the older man sit back up straight, and smooth his hair out where Shinobu was momentarily grabbing at.

"... I'm late..." Shinobu glanced down at himself, noting on how ruffled his sweater was. He immediately tried straightening it out again.

"I lied," Miyagi mentioned. "You still have about seven minutes left."

"But you said...! You're an ass," the boy grumbled. Maybe it was about time he stop getting Miyagi to keep track of time for him.

"It's not my fault you're too gullible... Oh, you actually have ten minutes-ish. Even better," he noted, grinning at his shiny watch.

"I'm not gullible."

Miyagi ignored him. "Plus my watch is a little bit ahead, so you actually have at least eleven minutes."

"Why don't you fix it?"

"I never know what the real time is, or exactly how far ahead my watch is."

Shinobu groaned, quickly holding his wrist out in front of Miyagi to see.

"Wow, three minutes ahead. That means you have thirteen minutes to get to class... probably twelve now..."

While Miyagi adjusted his time-keeping accessory, Shinobu crossed his arms. "The way you keep such close track of time makes you look like a total geek."

"You don't seem at all bothered by that. Which makes me fine with it."

"... Do my lips look swollen?"

Miyagi quickly touched his own pair of lips. "Are mine?"

"No... but mine feel a bit puffy." Soon, the boy felt violet eyes being placing on him.

"... Looks great to me."

Shinobu scowled, unsure what to think of that opinion.

"But your cheeks are kind of red."

"I didn't ask about that," Shinobu huffed.

"Also, I messed your pretty hair up quite a bit."

The teen's hands slapped onto his scalp, frantically trying to groom it neater.

"Ahaha... kids these days really are too self-conscious of their looks."

"Shut up. You're the one who messed it up."

Shinobu was much more worried about having a bad appearance in front of Miyagi than any of his schoolmates. He really couldn't have cared less about the way they would view him. His hands fell back to his lap once he felt he'd groomed himself enough.

Glancing at the older man, he suggested, "Since I have so much time left until I have to be in... can't we do more...?"

"Nope." Miyagi reached into his pocket, and to Shinobu's disgust, out came a pack of good ol' cigarettes and a damn lighter. "You don't have that much time, kid. Might as well go early."

"But I only need like two minutes to get to class and we have ten-ish minutes now."

Miyagi's window rolled down once the cig was lit and placed between his lips. "You know, we argue about this pretty much every time you have to go inside and it always results in the same thing. You might as well spare the waste of time and go to school."

"Fine," Shinobu huffed, opening the door and jumping out. Before he slammed it again. He faced Miyagi and warned, "You'll definitely wish some day that you had chosen to spend more time with me."

Miyagi exhaled a cloud of smelly smoke from his mouth. "I already spend hell of a lot of time with you."

"Not enough," the boy huffed annoyed.

Miyagi threw his smoke stick out the window. "I'll see you later, Shinobu-chin."

Shinobu hated how easily Miyagi was able to end a small argument, still looking cool about it. Casting the cop one last final scowl, he slammed his door shut and ran inside the building, while Miyagi took off wherever.

Class was finally over for the day and Shinobu was packing up his things. It had been quite a dull lesson, just like every other lesson. Just listening to his professor speak made him tired out of his mind.



His friend grinned widely at him, as he often did. "Are you doing anything today?" Teru asked.

"Not really..."

"You wanna do something then?" his classmate asked almost excitedly, while Shinobu yawned in his sleeve.

"Mm... huh?" Shinobu stared at Teru, wearing a dopey face, then blinked himself awake when his mind replayed their current conversation.

'Shit... Did I just say I'm free?' he wondered. 'Idiot... I have Miyagi to get home to.'

"I don't think I can come today..." he said, standing out of his seat to sling his bag around him.

"Why not?" Teru also stood after Shinobu had.

"Well, um..." Shinobu pondered for some sort of excuse to turn down Teru, but saw Aki head toward them, hoping that with any luck she would distract them.

"Takatsuki," she said, stopping in front of their table.

"Hi, Aki," Teru greeted like the gentleman he was.

Aki smiled politely at the teenager and greeted him back, before turning to Shinobu again. "I wanted to ask you about the tutoring stuff my brother asked you to do."

"Tutoring?" Teru echoed nosily.

"I agreed to help Aki with our studies," Shinobu said to his uninformed schoolmate.

"Really? From a boyfriend to a tutor." Teru shook his head. "You strange people."

Aki said, "I just wanted to know which days you want to do it."

Shinobu shrugged. "Any day when you don't understand the lecture, I guess."

"Oh... okay." Aki paused, as though she had something to say. "Then... today...?"

Teru laughed. "Today? Today's lecture was so simple."

"Today...?" Shinobu thought about Miyagi... that old guy probably wouldn't be expecting him to bring home someone. But he probably wouldn't mind either... it was Shinobu's apartment after all. "Today's probably fine."

"Really? If you can't, that's alright too."

"No, it's fine," Shinobu confirmed.

"Hm..." Teru looked back and forth the boy and girl. "I bet I'd be able to help. I'm smart."

"But you get a few B's, not all A's like Takatsuki," Aki said.

"At least that's better than a C," Teru grumbled in defense of himself.

"That was only one time, and I fixed it later," Aki huffed.

"Besides," Teru began. "This way I can hang out with Shinobu again. We never do that anymore."

Shinobu didn't care too much either way... as long as he would be able to be alone with his Miyagi right afterward. "I don't mind if Teru wants to come," he said.

"Thank you." Teru grinned.

"Alright. But my brother can only pay Takatsuki for this," Aki mentioned.

"I probably won't even do much anyway," Teru said. "Because Shinobu's so smart."

Their constantly grumpy professor suddenly came up to them, his brows furrowing and corners of his mouth curled downward. "Get out of the room– class is over already!" he snapped, pointing to the door.

"Where is that kid?" Miyagi wondered aloud, leaning against the side of his car. He brought his cigarette to his mouth and took a deep drag from it. The man quirked a brow, seeing Shinobu finally approach with two other figures as he exhaled this smokey drug into the air. "Hey, Shinobu-chin," he said, tossing the smoke onto the cement.

Shinobu and the two foreign others came to a halt in front of cop as he stomped over the half-smoked piece of badness. His dark eyes drifted from the unknown boy to the girl, who he vaguely felt was a bit familiar.

"Who's your friends?"

"Teru and Aki," Shinobu responded dully. "They're coming to my apartment for a while."

"Ah..." Miyagi eyed the girl sceptically, and if memory served him correct, he was certain this chick had formerly been Shinobu's so-called girlfriend. He knew none of it meant a thing on both sides, though he didn't feel a whole lot comfortable seeing Shinobu's first "partner" still standing next to his boy.

The Teru person sparked nothing from Miyagi's recollection however.

"I'm Miyagi," he introduced, as not to be rude. "Nice to meet you."

"You too," the chick said. From the look on her face, Miyagi was certain that she probably remembered him from the one time he had interrupted her and Shinobu's "going out" to a little café.

Teru however leaned into Shinobu's ear and whispered something... though the guy had a pretty loud whispering voice. Miyagi was clearly able to hear his voice.

"Shinobu, who is he?" the tallest teen asked.

"He's my loyal servant," the smug brat responded. "He does things for me, at any time and any place, even if it's an inconvenience for him."

Miyagi arched a brow, placing his hands on his hip. "Is that what I am to you, Shinobu-chin?"

"Yes." Shinobu sent him an unfriendly grimace. "Because otherwise, you can get fired."

'Gee, what happened to 'love' and 'destiny', you little shit?' Miyagi wondered internally. If it weren't for the two other teenage kids curiously observing, Miyagi definitely would have said it aloud.

"Brat," he scoffed instead. "You know perfectly well that that's not the real reason why I bother with you."

Shinobu scowled away. Was he still upset about the tiny little squabble they had about kissing and spending time together? Overly sensitive little kid.

"So, why are these two going to your apartment? Gonna have a tea party?" the man teased.

Teru snorted, bringing people's eyes on him. He snickered behind his hand. "Hehe... tea party..."

"Don't laugh at his lame jokes. You'll only encourage him," Shinobu huffed to his friend.

Teru tried clearing his throat to get the giggles out of his system. "Er... sorry."

Miyagi huffed, "Don't scold your buddy for laughing at my humour. It wasn't that bad."

"Yeah." Teru nodded.

"It was terrible," Shinobu muttered.

"Don't be such a sour face," Miyagi said.

"I'm not being a sour face, I'm saying the truth."

"Maybe it's true to you, but to everyone else it's false."

"You and Teru don't represent everyone else."

"Hell yeah we do."

"What do you think, Aki?" Teru suddenly inquired, bringing every man's eyes onto her.

Aki batted her lashes at suddenly being put on the spot. "Huh?"

"What do you think?" Miyagi repeated.

She stared at the three, and cleared her throat. "Well... I'm just wondering why you guys are making such a big deal out of it, to be honest."

"Men are very competent people," Teru said simultaneously.

"That's what you call being competent?" the female asked, seemingly unimpressed.

Shinobu approached the car. "Let's just go. We're supposed to be tutoring Aki," he muttered, yanking at the locked door handle.

"This is funner," Teru said under his breath.

Miyagi unlocked the doors to his vehicle, letting the youngest teenage brat get inside. "Studying is more important. So make sure you students don't slack off when we reach Shinobu's place," he ordered.

'Holy fucking geez,' Miyagi thought, twirling a pen between his fingers. 'I'm so damn bored.'

The sky blue pen dropped out of his hand and onto the tablecloth once again. The cop groaned tiredly and ran his twitchy fingers through his ebony hair. He heard another round of laughter arise out of those brats from around the corner of the wall. But of course, the laughing were only voices from a guy and girl who sounded much too uppity and childish-boy-like to have been Shinobu.

That brat was too stiff, even around his friends. But from all the laughter emitting from those people, Miyagi couldn't determine whether or not any work was getting accomplished on their part. He didn't want to go check though; he wasn't Shinobu's parent and they didn't need an adult pestering them to get on track. Being in university as they were, they had the maturity to do things without supervision.

But that was also why Miyagi was so damn bored! He was a fucking police officer– he needed some goddamn excitement in his middle-aged life! It wasn't in his favour to sit a the table with a crumby, neglected newspaper while he counted the seconds until Teru and Aki could get the hell out so he could start squeezing some entertainment out of his brat.

He was almost tempted to shoot down Teru and Aki so he could scoop up and snatch Shinobu all for himself– he was that bored out of his fucking mind... or maybe he was just that addicted to being the first and foremost person to take pleasure in hogging all of Shinobu's attention?

Nahh, he was just bored.

Slipping his rough hand into his pants pocket, he lured out his cellphone. AKA, a device frequently used to connect with (or abuse) his most bestie of bestest friends ever, Hiroki.

Hey, my sweet strawberry jam! Miyagi sent the text and sat back while he anxiously awaited the reply.

When he received a response, the old man's face lit up and immediately opened the message: Wtf?

Such a short and boring reply... just like the person who sent it. Miyagi's fingers swiftly worked to create the message: What's "wtf"?

Seconds later, he received: Strawberry jam? Have you lost it?

Miyagi glared at the message for awhile, and just before he was going to respond, another text message was displayed.

Oh wait, you've already lost it.

Miyagi began to fume and texted: Did not! You said you didn't like being called honey, so it should be strawberry jam!

The older man glared when he saw a response: Strawberry jam is just as stupid. Now please stop texting me during work hours. I don't want to hear about whatever problems you're having with that kid of yours.

You're the one who's texting back, my bitter octopus. And FYI, Shinobu and I are more happy than ever.

Then why are you texting me?

I'm bored.

Miyagi slouched forward as he awaited Hiroki's reply. As seconds ticked, the man began to wonder if Hiroki had ditched the conversation, but soon found a picture was sent to him. He soon viewed it, and a big middle finger was displayed on his screen.

'You think you're so damn funny...' Miyagi thought, brow twitching at the little prank.

The man had a quick recovery and sent the text: If you're going to be so mean, I'm not going to talk to you anymore D:

He received the single word: Good.

Thus came the conclusion of their little argument. It was certainly the last time Miyagi was going to text him for fun again... it seemed like that brunette was getting meaner and meaner by the second.

After he was finished grimacing at his most recently sent text, he couldn't help but glance up when he heard footsteps approach the table. He was met with a smiling Teru.

"Hey," Miyagi greeted, his phone's screen still aimed at him. "Studying hard?"

The teen came closer, and pulled a seat out across from Miyagi so he could join him. "Not exactly..." he confessed. "We were more like making fun of our professors and saying stupid stuff. Shinobu only just now proposed that we start working."

They spent twenty minutes doing nothing, while Miyagi was reaching his boredom breaking point? Miyagi wanted to strangle this kid just for letting him know about it. "You guys are going to start working now? Is that why you left them just now?"

"Well I don't want to work," Teru mumbled lazily. "Besides, Shinobu's probably a much better tutor than I am."

"That's not a good attitude," Miyagi said.

The person didn't say anything for awhile, until his large eyes happened to flick over and note on Miyagi's phone still pointed at him. "You doing something on your phone?"

"Oh, no... I was just sending texts to a... friend or something." Miyagi shut the cellular device seconds after glancing at the screen again. "Geez, what kind of cop sends innocent people pictures of middle fingers? Jerk should get fired or something," he grumbled mainly to himself, stuffing the black phone back into his pants.

"Hm?" Teru's eyes seemed to sparkle... or something happened to perk within the teenager. "A cop? You're friends with a police officer?"

"Well, I consider myself to be his friend. This guy's just an overgrown bully," Miyagi responded.

"But you speak with the guy, don't you?"

"Yeah." Though Miyagi knew Hiroki wasn't too keen on it, especially during working hours. "I guess so."

"Wow..." Teru slouched back. "Police officers are so cool."

"Oh?" Miyagi smirked; the kid's words were just an ego booster for him.

"Mm hm. I plan to be one once I finish university."

"That's a good path to take." Of course it was a good path– it was Miyagi's career choice after all.

"Then I can help people, gain authority, and adopt twenty starving children from Africa who have no homes..." The big-dreaming boy soon seemed to be getting lost in his own thoughts. "... Perhaps another ten from China, if I manage to find a wife along the way..."

"You want to adopt thirty kids while maintaining a job as a police officer?" Miyagi inquired, raising a brow at the seemingly impossible goals.

"Yup." Teru's smile never wavered. "Gotta be able to bring home some salary to feed them, don't I? And cops are just so cool, so it works out."

Miyagi didn't know what else to say but, "Good luck."

Teru grinned wider, as though Miyagi's two words had just done so much for him. "Thanks. Are you really Shinobu's servant?"





Miyagi sighed. "As much as that kid might think I am, I'm nobody's tool," Miyagi said sternly.

"Then... is Shinobu your servant?"

"No." Although, Miyagi did grin at the thought. Oh, the things he'd make that brat do for his own sadistic pleasure... "I just work for Shinobu-chin's father. This isn't my real job, but right now I'm just babysitting," the man explained. It wasn't entirely a lie, since half the time Miyagi felt it was damn close to babysitting a little kid... aside from the heated make out sessions they've been having lately.

But they weren't Miyagi's fault; they were Shinobu's for provoking the man and somehow making him want to touch and hold and kiss and other stuff with the boy.

"Are you bored?" Teru inquired, looking pretty bored himself now.

"Hell yeah."

"You can join us," the teen offered.

"No thanks. I've taken those classes before and sure as hell don't want to relive those moments of a student again," the man huffed.

"You've taken law?"

"Er, yeah."

"Are you a lawyer?"

"No..." Miyagi paused for a moment, figuring there wouldn't be any harm in revealing his occupation for this ambitious young man. "I'm an officer."

The second Miyagi offered those words, Teru emitted a shrill squeal– which Miyagi swore was the most girly, high-pitched, and ear-breaking breath he had ever seen from a man. Teru was now on the edge of his seat, staring at Miyagi through the bug-eyes of a fanboy. "You're a cop?"

"Uh... yeah..." Miyagi let up a stiff smile, not used to the sudden, awkward attention like this.

"I didn't know that– you should have told me."

"Well, it's not entirely important."

"Do you like your job?" Teru asked.

"Mm hm."

"Does it pay you well?"

"Enough to keep me alive."

"What's the coolest thing you've ever had to do?"

"Is this an interview?" Miyagi asked, breaking the teen's chain of consistent questions.

"No... I'm just curious," Teru said. "Because I want to be one someday, too."

"Then you should go back to Shinobu-chin and Aki to study with them," Miyagi grumbled.

"You should come," Teru offered once again.

"No, I'd obviously be a distraction. I'm quite aware of how easily kids your age get off topic."

Teru shook his head in denial. "I'm always on topic though."

"Then how come no work has gotten done during the last twenty minutes?" Miyagi challenged.

"Uh..." For the first time, the teen lost his perpetual, glowing smile. "Because Aki and Shinobu were the ones who were laughing and picking on our professor... or at least Aki was laughing a lot. Shinobu wasn't really," he said.

"Figures. Shinobu-chin never does anything but scowl," the man huffed.

"Hm?" Teru blinked, like a naive child would. "I've seen Shinobu smile before."

Miyagi almost choked on his own spit. "... What?"

"Actually..." Teru stroked his pointy little chin. "Shinobu laughed with me before. He has a nice one."

"Hah?" Miyagi's jaw was hanging low. "That brat has one? What the hell, I never knew something like that."

"I think everyone does... even him." Teru smiled again, maybe thinking back on the angelic face, which Miyagi had never had the privilege of seeing before.

"But Shinobu-chin is more rock than he is human," Miyagi grumbled unintelligibly.

Teru began snickering behind his hand– why couldn't Shinobu display happy emotions as freely as this guy?

"Perhaps that brat's too embarrassed to do it in front of me," he muttered, partly directed to Teru but more so to himself.

"Hm... I don't see any reason why he would be. He's... I don't know, I guess really radiant when he does it." Teru shrugged.

The old police officer had a pang of jealousy throbbing somewhere inside of him. Miyagi also wanted to witness it...

That night, hours after Aki and Teru had left, Shinobu was shooting Miyagi yet another venomous glare after receiving a remark about his cooking.

"Shinobu-chin... don't be like that," Miyagi said, feeling the pressure of that scary look. "I meant to be constructive about the dish."

"'This sucks donkey ass' isn't constructive, damn cunt," the boy snapped furiously. "It's not my fault that I'm not good at cooking cabbage yet." The blonde stormed out of the kitchen, into the living room.

"Wait, Shinobu-chin," Miyagi said, catching him by the wrist when they've reached the front of the couch.

Shinobu scowled over his shoulder. "What."

"Quit being pissed! You've been acting angry all day... this old man can't take anymore coldness, Shinobu-chin." His voice softened, pulling the utterly stiff boy up to his chest and within his arms. He placed a gentle kiss on top of some blonde hair, drawing out the adorable crimson blush he was looking for.

The stubborn teenager tried to slip out of the man's arms. "... I'm going to bed," he muttered.

Miyagi let out a sullen sigh, allowing his arms to drop back to his sides. "I suppose I will too, then," he said, turning to the couch to grab the neatly rolled-up blanket sitting at the edge of it.

Arms folded over his chest, Shinobu asked, "What are you doing?" as Miyagi began to unravel the fluffy cover.

"Getting my bed ready, of course."

"Stop that!" Shinobu roughly grabbed onto one of Miyagi's strong arms, attempting to yank the bigger man away.


"You sleep in my bed now with ME!" the huffy brat shouted, kicking his door open once they've reached the bedroom. "We've already slept here together before, so I forbid you from touching the couch during nighttime," he said strictly.

He let go of Miyagi's arm once they stepped inside and Shinobu went straight to his dresser to randomly toss out a pair of unmatched pyjama top and bottom pants.

Miyagi hesitantly sat on top of the bed, his eyes fixated as the boy tossed his sweater off his body and onto the ground.

"... Do you want me to step out while you change?" he asked while Shinobu lifted his plain undershirt up and over his head, showing his perfectly shaped but scrawny torso to Miyagi's greedy eyes.

"Why would I? I'm not ashamed of my own body. I don't care if you see it."

"Yeah, but we've never had sex yet." The man instantly regretted his choice of words the moment he let them out. He covered his mouth and looked away.

'You fucking idiot! What the hell does sex have to do with anything? And why'd you have to say 'yet' at the end of it, implying that we're even going to be fucking in the future? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!'

The pink-faced man risked a peek at the young boy, who had froze in his actions. Shinobu was staring at the floor, his face redder than Miyagi had ever seen it before. "S-Sex?" he stammered quietly. "You mean you want us to... we're g-gonna–"

"I, uh, I-I didn't quite mean it so... I mean, we're not... never mind! Forget everything I said 'cause I didn't mean it like that!" he snapped in brutally poor defense of himself. He snapped his raven head away again, refusing to look at the half-naked boy in the eye.

"Well how else did you mean it then?" Shinobu whined, holding his pyjama shirt in front of his bare chest. He appeared much too cute, vulnerable, seductive– yet another reason why the man couldn't look at him. "What else could you have meant by us not having sex yet? Miyagi! Answer me!"

"Forget it, brat," the man huffed, still wanting to stab himself for letting something so stupid slip out of him. "It's late, we're both tired, let's just go to bed."

"..." Unexpectedly, Shinobu didn't throw much of a fuss over it. "... Fine then."

"Good. You can resume changing again," Miyagi said, rolling his temples. He was able to see the boy's figure from the corner of his violet eyes.

"I know, old man," Shinobu grumbled, slipping his two skinny arms into the loose sleeves of his shirt. The lithe fingers of his hand held the first button to the narrow hole, but his hands were trembling. Miyagi looked up to his face, which was still beet red.

Unfortunately, the more Shinobu tried to do up the first button, the more shaky his hands would get. Two grey eyes trailed to Miyagi's direction, and finding that the man was staring at him, his nervousness, and his body, he blushed and glared harder. It only seemed to intensify his felt pressure, so the teen ditched his buttons, leaving his shirt wide open, and went for the button and zip of his pants instead.

He managed to get his fly undone much easier than Miyagi suspected, and he watched those pants get pulled off those two pale legs, and stepped out of.

And there stood Shinobu. Face enticingly flushed, open-shirt, and pants-less. Miyagi couldn't look away, not that he wanted to, especially with the small bulge in the teen's lovely, grey undies. Temptation was almost overwhelming.

Shinobu seemed to avoid Miyagi's gaze. He got his socks off, using only his feet, and then kicked the messy clump of pants and socks further away from him. The blonde's shirt was obviously too huge on him, and in the action of kicking, one side fell off of Shinobu's shoulders.

With every single fucking movement, it was getting harder and harder for Miyagi to keep still and seated. The boy was getting even more sexually enthralling than a damn hardcore porn itself... almost.

Instinctively, the old man stood up which had grabbed the somewhat nude teen's attention.

Shinobu shivered when Miyagi approached. "W-What...?" he asked shakily.

Miyagi growled angrily, faintly. His body wanted this boy, which was all Shinobu's fault for presenting himself so easy to take and alluring. Even worse, Shinobu merely stood and stared when Miyagi came too close to him, instead of backing away as any level-headed person would.

The man stared down at the clearly fuckable person before him, and no words were exchanged, until his hands spontaneously crept up to touch Shinobu's raw waist.

"Ah–!" the boy yelped, unable to jump back due to the cop's secure and unbreakable hold. "M-Miyagi! Your hands are freezing!" he protested, head ducking, shoulders shrugging, and loose fingers tangling in the fabric over Miyagi's chest.

The raven haired man clenched his teeth at the sensitive, too innocent little outburst. It was early winter time, of course he would have cold hands... but as they roamed over Shinobu's tense upper body, he could feel the teen's whole body was radiating warmth and heat.

'... He'd probably be even hotter... inside of him...'

At last, Miyagi peeled away from the delectable piece of young virgin, with a couple of large steps back. His mind was getting poisoned. His last thought proved it.

The man turned away, this time being absolutely certain not to take another peek at Shinobu. There weren't words to describe how close Miyagi was to slipping up. And knowing how crazy this brat was, Shinobu wouldn't have done anything but lay back to take anything and everything.

"Miyagi?" Shinobu asked gently. His voice was soft and pure, having enough influence to draw the man back to him. Miyagi had to get out... at least until this boy was well dressed.

The cop headed toward the bedroom door without another glance back. "I'm going to change in the living room."


Miyagi cringed at the sound of his voice requesting the worst possible thing. "Get dressed, brush your teeth, wash your face, take a piss, and go to sleep, Shinobu-chin," he ordered responsibly.

"Miyagi! You're forbidden from touching the couch at night... you have to come back here. After."

Miyagi twisted the knob and stepped out. He said, "I'll meet you back in bed then, you brat," then closed the door behind him.

When he dug into his big-ass bag on the floor beside the couch and changed into some comfortable clothes from there, his mind was blank. Sometime while he was changing his garments, he heard that boy go from the bedroom to the bathroom.

After a while, the man stopped to take a couple of breaths to relax himself, and he went back and stood in front of the bathroom. He didn't hear anything from inside, so the man knocked a couple of times. "Shinobu-chin?"

"W-What?" The boy sounded startled... which had Miyagi blinking.

"You almost done?"

"..." The silence was annoying. "... Um..."

"I have to use the bathroom too, you know. It doesn't normally take you thing long," the man huffed.

"I, uh..." More annoying silence. "... T-This is my bathroom! Don't tell me when or when not to get out!" he suddenly snapped, although shakily. God, this brat aggravated Miyagi.

"I wasn't telling you to get out, I was saying to hurry up," he said, leaning against the wall.

"Fine then!" Shinobu yapped back, slamming the door open. His face was incredibly flushed... Miyagi thought the colour of Shinobu's face would have neutralized by now. "It's all yours, old man." The boy hurriedly scrambled from bathroom to bedroom, in a second's flash.

Miyagi sighed and decided not to give him any notice. Probably just some more of that brat's weirdness. He soon brushed his teeth, used the toilet, and did any other duties he had to do in there, before coming out and entering the bedroom again.

He found Shinobu already lying down in bed, cuddling with his own covers, which was a big relief to Miyagi. The man switched off the light and closed the door, allowing full darkness to engulf the two.

He heard something on the bed move a little bit as he crept closer, and realized that Shinobu had scooted closer to the wall on his side. Miyagi sighed loudly to let Shinobu know it wasn't ideal for him to move too far away, and slipped under the sheets with him.

"Good night, Shinobu-chin," the man muttered, facing away from the boy. He stuffed his nose into the pillow... he loved the scent– Shinobu's scent...

"G'night..." Shinobu echoed back.

The room was then absolutely stiff and quiet. Miyagi turned over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. He tried to make himself believe that this sort of atmosphere was normal for anyone trying to sleep... but it felt too tense and... silent. He turned his head to steal a glance at the one next to him. Shinobu was all huddled to himself, too closed off and faced away.

'So he's the one making the atmosphere all uncomfortable!' the cop automatically accused. He reached across and touched that blonde head of his.

The boy flinched, tensed, then growled. "What?" he snapped.

"You're making it hard for me to sleep."

"I'm not even doing anything!" Shinobu's back seemed to pull tighter.

"Yes you are, you're being all unnatural and scooting away. What's your problem?"

"I don't have a problem! That... concerns you..." Shinobu muffled that last part.

"Would you feel better if I were to sleep somewhere else?"

"No!" Shinobu blindly whipped his hand out behind him and clutched onto Miyagi's shirt. "You're forbidden!"

Miyagi turned his body toward the difficult blonde. He put a hand on Shinobu's shoulder and rubbed tenderly. "Then what's the matter?" His arm slipped around the teen's chest to hold him. "You want to snuggle like an old, married couple?" he asked.

"Stop trying to tease me, old man," Shinobu huffed, not doing anything to remove the man's arm away.

"Well then which do you want? Snuggle or no snuggle? Yes or no?" Miyagi shifted closer, pressed the blonde's back to his chest. He himself wanted to snuggle– Shinobu provided a lot of warmth whenever they did.

"Yes... no..."

Miyagi smiled and kissed Shinobu's head, feeling the boy shudder. "You're the one who's teasing me, Shinobu-chin," he muttered.

"It's not my fault," Shinobu huffed. "I have a... um..."

"A what?"

"A... uh... N-Nothing to do with you." Shinobu roughly tried to shrug Miyagi off, but the most it did was loosen the man's grip only slightly.

The cop sighed. "Shinobu-chin, you're annoying me," he said bluntly.

"It's too embarrassing." He sounded nothing more than a squeaky little thing.

"Don't worry, I won't judge."

"Yes you will. Now go to sleep, Miyagi. Old men need their rest," the blonde huffed.

"So do growing boys... but I'm not going to let you if there's something wrong."

Shinobu said nothing.

After a moment of silence and pondering, the cop decided to lean in and kiss the boy's ear. He nipped the lobe, then licked Shinobu jawline. The teen's rapidly reddening skin was littered with the man's warm, affectionate kisses. If this wouldn't get Shinobu to speak, he didn't know what the hell would.

Miyagi victoriously managed to make the fluffed brat turn his head and upper body to roll over more toward him. The kid obviously just wanted more smooches.

"Mm... Shinobu-chin..." The man traced his wet tongue along Shinobu's lips. "You taste good," he said, licking his own lips in front of the teen's two half-opened eyes.

The blonde looked away, evidently feeling some sort of embarrassment sink in. Unusually timid, Shinobu asked him, "... What are you doing? You usually... don't like doing that with me."

Miyagi quirked a brow at that last statement, but decided to ignore it for the time being as he had other objectives. "Brat, I'm trying to see why you're acting weird... well, weirder than normal since you're always pretty weird." Miyagi smirked at the blonde's adorable denial face.

Shinobu didn't say anything at first, then an arm came out to gently push the older man away. His other arm tried to support his weight and picked himself up, only a slight bit away from the mattress.

Miyagi narrowed his eyes, getting prepared to stop this little shit from trying to run away. He'd leap on him and bind him up if he had to.

"I'm just going to go do something really quick... stay here," Shinobu said too innocently. He tried getting up, but Miyagi planted a large hand on his small chest and pushed him right back down against the bed. He kept his hand there, just so the kid wouldn't feel a chance to get past.

"I don't think so," the man said, smiling adoringly at Shinobu's annoyed scowl. He was just so cute when he couldn't get his own way.

"Move, jerk," the boy grumbled, wearing his dark blush.

"Alright." Miyagi moved over on top of the boy, resting a knee between the blonde's two legs. The cop snickered at the flustered expression the boy soon took on.

Miyagi's hands moved flat onto either side of Shinobu's head. Perhaps in a moment the older man would move aside to stop teasing the poor soul, but this was very amusing to him. And Shinobu didn't show any genuine signs of anger or annoyance... he was just looking like a blushing little fool.

"M-Miyagi..." Shinobu stared with his bug-eyes into Miyagi's confident ones. His breathing was heavier, maybe due to nervousness. The concept of Shinobu being nervous about basically anything was a bit farfetched... but Miyagi enjoyed the feeling of being able to control the boy's fragile emotions.

The man smiled bigger and said, "Calm down, brat." He moved slightly closer and brought his knee up, which gently hit something... something hard.

Shinobu winced at that exact moment, then shivered embarrassingly, as he looked away. "..."

"What the...?" Judging from the knee's location, betwixt Shinobu's legs, he knew which part of the boy it had touched... but the stiffness threw the man off guard...


"Shinobu-chin..." Miyagi gulped, already feeling awkward before he had even asked him, "... Is this making you horny?"

The boy hesitantly looked back up at Miyagi. "No... well... yes..." he admitted bashfully. "It is..."

"... Oh..." Miyagi didn't know what to say. Was he supposed to apologize in this situation? He didn't know. "You're, uh... pretty hard. Sorry...?"

"Are you hard, too?" the blonde inquired, his ears going scarlet.

"Er..." Such an awkward question! "Well, no, not exactly. I-I mean, I was just trying to tease you... and stuff..."

"... This isn't what started this... it was before," the boy began, staring unblinkingly into those violet eyes. "When I was stripping... and you were staring at me... looking really interested." It was only then that Shinobu glanced away again. "T-Then you came closer and touched my bare body..."

"Ah..." It was one of those moments when Miyagi felt like the dumbest person in existence.

"Plus it was all right after you brought up s-sex..." The boy trailed off, staring at Miyagi's bewildered eyes. "... So sex was probably on your mind..."

"Listen, kid–"

"Were you thinking of fucking me?" Shinobu asked shamelessly.

Miyagi almost forgot how to breathe properly right after that question. "Hah?" This was the reason why Miyagi didn't like dealing with horny little teenage bastards...

Shinobu glowered at the reaction, seeming to take it as an insult. "That's why I wanted to take care of it myself in the bathroom... I wanked on my erection until it got really big and hard, but then you interrupted before I was even finished..."

"Uh..." Perhaps now was the time to apologize. "... Sorry...?" It sounded sort of lame... but it did indeed seem to be entirely his own fault for starting this chaos.

Shinobu then wore a pout on his attractive face, which made Miyagi feel pretty bad. The blonde muttered, "Um... I'll go to the bathroom now... to fix it..."

Miyagi made no attempt to get off. Then when Shinobu tried to lift himself up, Miyagi did something even he wasn't expecting himself to do.

"A-Ah–!" Shinobu yelped out, spreading his legs out more, whether within his own conscious or not.

Outside the thin fabric, Miyagi fondled Shinobu's manhood. He had an iron grip, which Shinobu seemed to take great pleasure in, judging from the shrill reaction.

"M-Miyagi...!" The unconditional lust lingering with the teen's voice, along with that surprised, pleasured expression on the boy's face had Miyagi's own dick started a bit. Those two glossy eyes slowly opened. "W-What...?"

"Shinobu-chin..." Miyagi's thumb stroked agonizingly gentle over the bulge, causing the boy to grasp onto the mattress beneath him.

He was enjoying watching the brat; it was the first time viewing a horny, more sexual angle of him. It was fun seeing the boy try to fight off his own libido, even though he was evidently turned on from just Miyagi's simple, indirect stroking. This was probably the very first time Shinobu was getting touched inappropriately by anyone other than himself.

The boy's soft moans, which the brat had been attempting to suppress, had stopped once Miyagi's skillful hands had abandoned his crotch area a moment after rubbing it.

His two desirous eyes opened halfway, gazing confused at the older man. "... Miyagi?"

"One second," he responded, shifting backward a bit.

The blanket fell off him as he sat up straighter, and to yet another surprise for Shinobu, the man's thumbs slipped inside the waistband of both his pants and boxers.

"Lift your hips," Miyagi ordered, his voice deep and almost intimidating.

The man was pleased to see the adorably nervous teen unable to do anything but comply. Those slender hips came up and Miyagi peeled down the annoying clothing, enough for the boy's erection to become exposed.

Miyagi's violet eyes roamed from the blonde's revealed cock to Shinobu's seductive face. His breathing was still heavy, and he was self-consciously looking to the side, providing Miyagi with his body.

The cop's cold hand rested on Shinobu's hip, bringing himself closer. The blonde shivered at the contact, with his legs spread and Miyagi between.

"M-Miyagi," he finally spoke. "What are you... going to do...?"

Instead of providing a verbal answer, Miyagi's free hand wrapped around the sensitive length.

"... Ah..." Shinobu's shoulders tensed, and Miyagi saw his fingers twist along with the sheets. "I-I was... going to take care of it by myself... in the b-bathroom..." His body writhed a bit when Miyagi's thumb rubbed the tip– the cop felt a warm, sticky substance start to come out already.

"Shinobu-chin, it was probably my fault that you've become like this... I should have seen it coming since you're a teenager. Teenagers always turn into such horny bastards sooner or later."

The boy voicelessly cried out when Miyagi solidly jerked him. Shinobu's hand found its way to his blonde hair and ran his fingers through it, having the most aroused and arousing expression on his face. "Hah... Miyagi..." he groaned.

"Since I caused your erection, I guess I'll be the one to get rid of it... to make sure you don't nag me about it later on..." He slowly began to pump the teen steadily.

Somewhere in his mind, Miyagi knew that it wasn't entirely necessary for him to be doing this... but there was something that prevented him from wanting to stop. He was getting really turned on by merely staring at this brat's face...

Miyagi licked his lips and said, "Lay back and enjoy this, Shinobu-chin... I'll make you feel good..."

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