A/N: Very short chapter again. These bits like are pieces of a puzzle.


Edward Masen had taken Aro's most prized girl from him. She'd defied him, ran away to be with the bronze heartthrob. She ran to hide, hide from the drugged empire he built. It was all open for her, all there to take. All there so they can prosper together. But she chose him. She stole before she left and doesn't go down too well with him either. Tanya's three kilos of coke didn't let Aro loose much, but the act was a brutal blow to his reputation. Estranged exes fucking with business is never a good thing.

After all her gave to her, he expected her devotion in return. Take thousands of dollars, go ahead. Don't take his heart, for God's sake.

He sits up from his desk and straightens out his suit. "We're all done here?" he asks his companions.

"Yessir," Demetri's sniveling voice is abrupt. Always trying to please.

"Here's her workplace's address. I expect this to be quiet." Aro nods at the duo. Felix's bulk doesn't faze him. He's a follower not like Aro, the leader. He'd just about agree to any order, the only exception is children. The whore isn't a child. She's a thieving adult, adult enough to degrade herself by working at a rundown strip club.

The two men get up and the door is opened for Aro. He leaves without looking back. He passes through the waiting room at in his firm. Gianna, the ditzy redhead gives him a glance and bows her head out of shyness, possibly fear. "Come," he tells her. She gets up, tripping over her own feet and follows the tall, dark-headed man to the back.

Gianna is the perfect victim. She's small, needy. Just like Tanya when he took her in. Almost exactly like Tanya. The same hair, body type. It's uncanny. She's also the perfect hook with those similarities. Gianna will be strong, he thinks. He attitude resembles her's.

This will help her grow as a dealer as well. His way of training will work, just as it worked so well with Heidi. Now she's a perfect example of the ideal dealer. Secretive and sly, she is. Tanya left strong, a success like Heidi. But she left, that was the problem. How could she lure without being here to do the job? How can she please him when absent?

He grabs her hand and pulls her into the filing room. The lights turn on automatically by some sensor Alec invested in. Her breathing is rapid. She's scared, he can feel it. He draws in the fear from her, building up his own strength. She's pressed between a filing cabinet and his body. He can feel her silk blouse but can't see it. They are talking with their eyes.

He's the first to speak up. "Why are you so scared, baby?" He likes talking to her innocently when it's known that, taking from last night, she is not innocent. Not at all. It was just a fling to test her out. It worked out well. She'll definitely fuck with his head.

"I'm not." She gains confidence and jerks her chin up.

"Good. Then do as I say."