Piccolo watched as a disheartened Son Goku knelt on the sand of the small beach clutching his ribs.

"Goku, you're in no shape to go off and fight this guy." the small bald student of Muten Roshi said as Son Goku struggled to lift himself from the sand.

"I-it's just a couple of cracked ribs, and I have to. I have to get my son back." Son Goku gasped as he finally rose to his feet.

"I've got it!" Bulma Briefs said.

"Got what?" Muten Roshi asked.

"How Goku could get his son back without fighting that Raditz guy." Bulma Briefs replied.

"How?" Muten Roshi's bald student asked.

"You know how he said that he wanted 100 dead bodies piled up here by noon?" Bulma Briefs said.

"I'm not going to kill a hundred innocent people!" Son Goku yelled.

"Who said anything about innocent?" Bulma Briefs shot back.


Emperor Pilaf swallowed and moved towards the nightstand where he kept his weapon. He had awakened to find the bane of his existence Son Goku in his room looking at him in a guilty and almost sick manner.

"I'm sorry Mr. Pilaf, but you're the 100th most evil person on the planet." the brat who was now a man said.

There was a flash of light, utter darkness, then he found himself standing in a line between a pair of fluffy white clouds.