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Life In Letters

A – Ailment

Tony watched his wife Ellie talked to her mother for a while and then talk to her father and then put the phone down. He smiled at her as she turned to him. Her mother had Cancer and was getting Chemotherapy.

"How's your Mom?" Asked Tony. He loved Ellie's parents. They were such a nice family and nothing like his at all. He had always wished that he had grown up with a family like that.

"She is doing good. The cancer looks like it's going away which means it's doing its job."

"That's good news." Tony smiled at his wife. He really was glad for Ellie and her parents.

"It is." She smiled and hugged her husband. She knew that he didn't have a good family life from what he said about his past. She knew that he loved her family like his own and her parents loved him too and for that she was glad. She had heard from her friends and others that sometimes their parents hated their husbands.

They cuddled on the couch for a couple of minutes and then she got up to make dinner for the both of them. She was so happy that the chemo was working for her Mom.

She was cutting their dinner up and Tony helped. They quickly put together their meal and made their way towards the table. She smiled at him and they both dug into their dinner. After dinner they put in a movie into the DVD player and watched it. Tony made popcorn and they both munched it as they watched the movie. After the movie they both cleaned up and then went to bed. Tomorrow was a workday for both of them and so they had to go to bed early.

The End