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I Care Not What Others Say

To be honest Russia does not really care what other Nations may say about him. For to him either way he wins and the others lose.

By Waterrain

Russia was smiling innocently and he was firmly shaking America's hand. His body was purposely close to the slightly shorter Nation for he knew it makes America uncomfortable and Russia tilted his head to the side.

"How can you stand it?" America asked bluntly and he noticed Russia's confused look.

"What do you mean, America." Russia said calmly and his hands were behind his back.

"All of those rumors on top of rumors. I mean jeez there are so many of them. Plus it doesn't help you keep serects, Russia." America told him and he waved his hands around.

"Ah, my dear Comrade. You do not understand how I work at all." Russia commented smoothly and his lips curled up. America looked away from those violet eyes and he sighed deeply.

"Then explain it already." America muttered and his arms were crossed in annoyance.

"Rumors are rather good, da. They can either under estimate or over estimate me." Russia said calmly to him and he felt amusement at America's confusion.

"Huh?" America asked in confusion and he didn't understand.

"I would win, da. Before battle even begins for they might under or over think which causes them to make careless mistakes." Russia commented happily and then he brought his bottle of Vodka to his lips. "So very silly, right?"

"How can you drink Vodka at a time like this Russia." America snapped angrily and he was half tempted to knock the bottle out of Russia's hand.

"Why not?" Russia asked smoothly and he had another gulp of his Vodka.

"Because…What about those pirates they said-" America started to say, but then Russia glared at him.

"Sometimes I find myself thinking it would be best to just drop a nuke, da. Less drama and they wouldn't be able to do anymore harm plus be no longer here on earth. Why won't you drop one on them?" Russia said innocently and his violet eyes darkened. "They are rather naughty and bad for high jacking what belongs to me. I do not like it when others take what belongs to me."

"What? That's insane to even think about doing such a thing." America stuttered and his eyes were wide in shock. "I know your people do not think that at all."

"No, It is not insane my dear silly America. I'm merely tired of how they dare hijack and threaten my innocent people. I simply am looking out for my best interest along with my people's interest, da. Those pirates give me a headache and I do not want them inside of my prisons." Russia stated firmly and his smile was cold. "I do not want to risk them deciding to stay in my land."

"Who the hell would want to stay in or around your cold land. You have totally crazy ideas and it might be catching like some sort of sex disease. I mean jeez you had told me to nuke that oil spill and stuff. Crazy, but some of my people agree." America muttered to himself and he felt Russia's right hand gripping his cheek harshly. America had a tense smile and then grabbed Russia's hand.

"Now Russia. You know we have to play nice with each other." America told him happily and his smile was tense. "Don't want to piss off our bosses. Now do we?"

"Oh, but of course America. It is merely a habit of mine. No need to upset our bosses." Russia said cheerfully and he had his hands behind his back again. "I do not understand what you have against using nukes to help with the oil spill. It worked for me, da."


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Side Note Decades ago, the Soviet Union reportedly used nuclear blasts to successfully seal off runaway gas wells, inserting a bomb deep underground and letting its fiery heat melt the surrounding rock to shut off the flow.