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" Hayato...Don't leave me."

My feet froze.

I loved the beast.

There was no mistaking the rage, hurt and agonizing pain that soared through my veins like a cobra's poison.

I would save him, find the culprit for his pain.

The softest chuckle emitted through the alleyway.

My fist pounded against the oddly wet brick wall, ignoring the trickle of water that seeped under my torn sleeve. I gave the tiniest shake of my head.

His golden pupils widened, then contracted, and my stomach dropped.

" I'm going to find that bastard that did this to you, kill him if I have too!", I gritted fiercely through clench teeth. It felt like the pressure that crushed against my mouth, would shatter my teeth.

But then I heard it, the beast's voice had changed into an almost light yet suffocatingly deep echo.

" Look at me Gokudera."

" No, " I shook my head in denial. " I won't, I have something I need to do."

The sound of footsteps followed, easing behind my shadow. Judging by the pause between each painful footstep, the beast's weight had dramatically lessened. I felt smooth arms snake around my waist, inching its way to my heart. The lean body pressed against me, almost softly grinding velvet against my raspy shirt.

Yamamoto chuckled nervously, breathing sweet minty air along my neck. I could feel all resolve melting in my heart, a large wave or monsoon that soared away my anger and left loneliness in its path. The man rubbed a strand of silver hair against his finger, pushing his nose playfully yet gently against the nook of my neck. The beast's scent sent shivers down my spine, an intoxicatingly musky tone that mingled with my senses.

His eyes narrowed slightly, before he answered. " Gokudera...Gokudera..."

Every ounce of me, every cell belonged to him. Yet, I couldn't face the issue like a man. No, the only thing I could do was anything but see him in so much pain. It felt as if that intensity of his golden gaze pierced my soul, and in that instant I knew that I didn't care on his appearance- rather what he was on the inside. Finally I tilted my head towards him, surprising even the beast himself.

Our eyes met.

Turquoise storms of the greatest kinds clashed with the purest gold.

And that familiar smile that tore apart my insides, drumming my heart against my chest painfully.

As usual, I was in denial.

" B-beast?"

The so-called beast laughed, scratching his head with the back of his hand. His eyes flickered to the corner of the room, spraying sweet minty breath across my lips.

" Er, TA-DAH!"

My hands slammed against the imposter, leaning my face dangerously close to him.

" Where have you taken him?"

The imposter sighed, knocking his head with a clenched fist. " Baka- I'm the beast! For someone so smart, I can't believe you didn't guess right."

My eyes widened at his raucous laughter echoing through the castle, taking in his calm demeanor and rather naked appearance . His pants were torn, rather low and revealing a slice of tanned and chiseled hip.

I blushed, finally realizing how low my eyes traveled.

" Don't so low of me idiot."

" Ma-ma You love me right Gokudera?"

Our eyes met again, and this time I brought my body to his determinedly whilst nodding my head profoundly.

" Well, me too!"

He brought his lean finger on my lip, brushing his nose against mine. My face turned a darker shade of red, averting my eyes away from his passionate gaze. He was an epitomized being a god, a handsome chiseled young man. I pushed him away, my head hanging low and indifferent. Damn I was so bloody weak not to be able to handle these few moments of dripping agonizingly sweet moments.

" Gokudera, you saved me." He paused tilting his black locks against my forehead. " You see, I was cursed a few decades ago all because I was too playful and careless as prince. A seam stress despite me rejecting her many times and having failed her evil plots tried everything against me. That is, until she resolved to magic .She cursed me with some wizard, thinking that if she couldn't have me - no one could."

A flash of pain past his godly features, easing onto his lips.

" B-but," he sang lightly." It didn't, she died and I was cursed as a beast for along time until my destined came along to find me. "

" I'm so sorry."

" We were born at different times Gokudera, that is our curse."

I nodded my head solemnly.

" We should take a bath now!"

I lifted an eyebrow tiredly, punching him lightly against the arm.

" You're right, you do stink beast."

" You know where else I'm a beast?"

" How about we rest first, then...we could." I trailed off with another wave of dizziness.


He dragged his ring finger against the ring of blush along my startlingly pale cheeks.

" We have a lifetime together Gokudera, lots of time to make lots of love!"

He laughed, I blushed.


Yamamoto lifted me up despite me banging against his chest, to simply PUT ME DOWN. But he didn't, and somehow I found myself pushed against the door with his lips crashing against mine. Our kiss was so passionate, so needy with desire and coiling tongues . Yamamoto licked my lips, tugging pulling under it bruised a deep lusty red. I gasped as I felt him grinding his hot thick member in between my thighs, hissing as the impact caused me to slide down the cold slippery wall. He guided me down to the bath, kissing me fiercely with warm heaving breaths . The human beast's mouth escaped my lips, prodding his wet tongue on my right nipple in a circular motion, before stubbornly proceeding to the next. I moaned loudly, gasping in absolute bliss as he ran his tongue along the slight dip of muscle off my navel.

" H-m, does it feel good Gokudera?"

My replies were incoherent with pure pleasure, nevertheless he licked downwards until he reached his destination. Yamamoto's golden gaze lifted to mine for the first time since he tackled me onto the half-filled bath, following his heated stare down my pale chest towards my arching stomach. He smiled whole-heartedly, before swallowing my penis into his warm cavern.

" H-h-urry Yamamoto!"

Yamamoto continued sucking the tip, nipping and attempting to tug the hardened skin.

"H-ofkay." ( okay)

" I'm C-C-OMING!"

He clamped his mouth stubbornly around my member, applying the slightest bit of pressure that sent my brain to hay-wire.

" Nof leyt!" ( not yet!)

I flinched as I felt an uncomfortable pinch from my behind, piercing the tight rings of muscle. He sucked harder on the tip, adding a second finger that attempted a scissored motion . Yamamoto growled in an animalistic manner, rubbing his hardened rather large member against my pelvic bone. My lips parted for a loud moan, before it was silenced by a kiss. Still as well as cooling bath water sloshed against my naked skin, our deep moans vibrated through each other's chest.

" I'm so sorry Gokudera, perhaps you're tired and shocked after today."


I screamed his name as the prince's large tip entered the first loosened ring of muscle, before sliding past the following stages.

He thrust-ed in a constant in-out rhythm deep into my body and directly making contact with that bundle of nerves, ignoring my almost deafening screams.

We were making love, and that made me see more stars.

The prince licked my chest, before finally kissing my own. His hot semen filled my inside, dripping out my body and into the tub. I sighed tiredly against his chest, too exhausted to move.

"Such exalts from me prince, that was amazing."

Yamamoto grinned , " Thank you!."

My eyes shut, enjoying his lean arms supporting mine.

" What...what does that mean?"

" Just shut up."

I kissed him softly, before collapsing into his arms.

That night I realized something, it felt like the beast had ate my heart...as well as my soul. But I loved him, with everything I had.

And somewhere in the distance, an owl hooted and the wind rustled ...signifying that the odd turn out of events had finally ended.

Mukuro tapped his beak into his feathers with a familiar smirk, watching the two lovers sleep in each others arms. The rain had pounded against the windows, however loud and rattling it did not perturb the sleeping inhabitants in the castle. He was tempted to steal the silver beauty out of that fool's arms, however he had no power left to turn into his original human form. This was a way to preserve his powers, as well as freedom.

He smirked, ruffling his feathers habitually.

The owl remembered the evil intention seeping out the woman's eyes, demanding Yamamoto's love and hand in marriage despite their social statutes. So she sought his help, immediately regretting it at her early death. The young prince had suffered a lot, and for Mukuro felt the slightest pang of admiration.

For now, he'd leave them in peace.

Ku-fufu, however he never guaranteed anything.



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