Hayate no Gotoku Fanfiction

Ch.1 – If everything stays the same.

It is December 3rd, 9 months since the day Hinagiku realized her true feelings for Hayate. Within those nine months, various events have occurred: A trip to the Shimoda Onsen, a visit to the gravesite of Nagi's mother's, White Day, Nagi started working, Sakuya's birthday, Hinagiku telling Ayumu about her feelings in regards to Hayate, trip to Greece, reunion of Hayate with Athena, Ayumu's birthday, Nagi attends Comiket, and so much more. Yes, 9 months have passed since Hinagiku realized her feelings for Hayate, yet Hinagiku has yet to transmit that feeling to Hayate. Christmas is around the corner, Hinagiku! What are you going to do?

Another boring day at school, and another messy day after school, thought an irritated Hinagiku. "God, big sis can be such a pain sometimes. Just because it is her day off today, doesn't mean she can just come to school drunk. On top of that, she even asked me for some money!" Does she do this on purpose to torture me, thought Hinagiku.

Hinagiku continues to walk down street with that thought heavily on her mind, that she was not paying attention to where she was walking nor who and what is in front of her.

Ouch, was the sound Hinagiku heard after bumping into someone.

"Watch where you are going you jer-" replied Hinagiku, however she didn't finish her sentence because who she realized she bumped into. She looked up. Hinagiku was a bit speechless.

"Hinagiku-san," says Hayate. "Are you okay? You are not hurt, are you?"

As Hayate said that, all Hinagiku could see were pink petals shooting from him towards her. Hayate was seen with a bishounen look through her eyes. She could only blush.

"H-H-Hayate," stuttered a flustered Hinagiku. "I am fine. But you should really pay attention when you are walking."

"Umm, actually Hinagiku-san," replied Hayate, "I tried to wave and say hi to you when I saw you, but seems like you didn't see or hear me. Then you suddenly just bumped into me. That was some fast walking you had there, as I couldn't get out in time."

"Ohh, really?" asked Hinagiku. "If that is the case, then I apologize about it. I am just a bit angered at my big sis about today. I have also been thinking a lot about the Christmas that is coming up. Sorry that I was lost in my thoughts, and wasn't paying attention. I guess I should pay attention a bit more."

"Don't worry about it," says Hayate, "As long as you are not hurt. Well I have to get going now. Lady Nagi will be pissed if I don't return home soon. See ya."

The two waved goodbye to each, as Hayate went his way and Hinagiku went her way. Hinagiku's face started to turn red after Hayate left. She was filled with embarrassment.

I bumped into Hayate, was what ran inside of her head. I touched him. In that instant where we bumped into each other, it felt like an eternity that we were holding each other.

Too bad for Hinagiku that she forgot she almost called Hayate a jerk. So much for the idea of an eternity of holding each other; it was nothing as romantic as you thought it to be.

Lost in her own thoughts, Hinagiku finally arrived at work. "Well then, time to start work."

Switch to Hayate.

"I'm back," say Hayate as he returned home.

"Welcome back," greeted Nagi. "How was your day today?"

"It was the same ol' same ol'," says Hayate. "Nothing happened. Oh, but Hinagiku did bump into me on my way home."

"What did you say?" asked an agitated Nagi.

"N-N-Nothing happened. I swear, but I think I made her mad again" replied a stuttering and intimidated Hayate.

"I guess you are right. Oh wells." Says Nagi.

Back to Hinagiku.

It has been a few hours since Hinagiku started working her part-time job. The restaurant is empty. There hasn't been a customer for at least an hour. In fact, there had been only 3 total customers all day since Hinagiku started working. Within the past hours where there were no customers, Hinagiku was busy reading thru magazines; most were about Christmas since today is December 3rd. The manager was well aware of what she was doing, but paid no attention to it. He knows that there are no customers. He knows that Christmas is around the corner. He did not mind one bit.

"Hinagiku-san?" asked the manager.

"Yes?" asked Hinagiku.

"Since there are no customers here, and I doubt there will be anymore customers today," says the manager. "Even if we do receive a customer or customers, it shouldn't be much; nothing that I can't handle. I also saw you looking at the magazines that past hour."

Hinagiku gasp in shock. She started to worry a bit. She is worried that she might get fired for slacking off despite no customers.

"What I am trying to say is," says the manager, "Why don't you take the day off? I know how important Christmas is to everyone. Don't worry, you are not in trouble. Even if it's not about Christmas, at least this gives you more time to study or take care of other businesses."

"Can I really?" asked an excited Hinagiku. She was given a yes, jumped up in joy, and then coughed to excuse her excitement. "Thank you. I'll be taking off then." Off goes Hinagiku.

Hinagiku is excited that she was able to leave early. There is ONE thing that she forgot that might crash her happiness. She just realized that she didn't know what to do, nor did she buy any gifts for anyone? She also just realized that she doesn't have much money. Most of the money she was carrying with her today was given to her drunken sister at school today. Needless to say, she never brought much money today because she sort of anticipated Yukiji-sensei to ask for money, therefore didn't really give much away. All the money that she does have is safely at home.

Since she did not feel like going home and then going to shop again, Hinagiku chooses to either just shop now or go shopping tomorrow or another day. She reached into her pocket to see just how much money she has. 1, 2, 20, 50; only enough to buy some taiyaki. "Only enough for ONE taiyaki?" questioned a disappointed Hinagiku. What to do? She has no money. If she knew, she would have continued to work, and let the manager leave early instead. She cannot go shopping. What should she do now? Her stomach growls loudly. Seems like taiyaki is not a bad choice after all if that was all she could afford on an empty stomach. Shopping will be placed on hold until tomorrow or another day.

Today has not been Hinagiku's day. One could say it was a bad day for her. But then again, she always have bad days despite her having good grades, excel in sports, is strong, beautiful, an admired by many of the students of Hakuō Academy. Nevertheless, she still has bad days. The day is not over yet. She still has a few more hours until the day ends, still a few minutes from home, still walking on an empty stomach looking for a taiyaki stand. Will the rest of the day be better for her, or will it continue to be bad? Only fate knows what is in store for her.

Hinagiku finally finds a taiyaki stand. She orders a red-bean taiyaki, and as she attempts to pay for the food, she gets bumped by an individual. Hinagiku falls to the ground.

"Are you alright?" asked the man who bumped into her.

"Honey," say the woman that was with him, "why don't you be more careful? How dare you bump into this beautiful young lady here? Where are your manners? Apologize right now."

"I'm sorry for bumping into you, Miss," says the man. "Sorry, it's just been so long since I came to Tokyo. Tokyo has changed too much for me that I need a map." The man then let out a chuckle for his mistake.

"Don't worry about it," replied Hinagiku. "Tokyo is a big city after all, and it is easy to get lost for anyone who hasn't been back here even that person used to live here. I am not hurt also. Huh?" Hinagiku just realized that she dropped and lost all the money she had, the money she needed to pay off the taiyaki. "Ahh, my money! I can't find my money! I guess I won't have my taiyaki anymore."

Both the man and the woman were worried and felt bad about what had happened to Hinagiku. To make it up to Hinagiku, both agreed to pay for the taiyaki. Hinagiku was hesitant to accept their offer, even though they DID cause her to lose her money. Hinagiku's stomach growled.

"Well then," says Hinagiku, "I guess I can accept it".

"You know what," says the man, "if you are not in a rush, how about we treat you to some dinner or dessert as an apology, since I don't think just paying for the taiyaki is enough."

Before Hinagiku could say anything, her stomach growled even louder. Everyone just chuckled a bit, and Hinagiku accepted the offer without having a chance to deny the offer.

The three decide to just go to a pastry shop and have some pastry/dessert. Each of the orders have been placed, and brought to each individual.

"I really appreciate it," says Hinagiku, "that you guys are treating me to this pastry."

"It's no worries," says the woman. "It is the fault of my husband from bumping into you, and causing you to lose your money. It is also my fault that I could have prevented it, if I too had been paying attention."

"So," says the man, "what might your name be?"

"Katsura," says Hinagiku.

"Katsura," says the man, "H-H-Hinagiku-san?"

Hinagiku was shocked, stupefied, or whatever synonym you can come up with. How did this man know her first name? How did this man who she just bumped into a few minutes know her first name? How did this man she never seen before know her name? Hinagiku is pretty sure she never mentioned her first name to either two. But just HOW? Is this man perhaps one of her elementary teacher, she thought. An old neighbor maybe? Perhaps he was a stalker and had been planning this event for a while. Just who IS this man in front of her?

"So you are," continued the man, "indeed Hinagiku, the younger sister of Yukiji."

Scared to say anything, Hinagiku let out a small breath of fear, and said "Yes. But how did you know my name? And how did you know Yukiji is my elder sister? Just who ARE you two?"

"Hinagiku-san," replied the woman instead. "There is a perfectly good reason for how we know both you and Yukiji."

"It's been a long time, Hinagiku," says the man.

"What do you mean, 'it's been a long time?'" asked Hinagiku. "Who are you two?"

"The truth is," replied the man. A long paused ensure after that statement.

"Hinagiku," says the woman. "We are your parents. We are your BLOOD parents."

~To be continued~