Damn, how the hell did I get myself into this?

One minute, I save the love of my life. Only to have him shun me. And now this?

The cell was small, dark. The only light that came inside was one of the candles from the hallway.

It's funny that I get stuck in the same exact cell as said lover.

Then, faintly. I heard footsteps, then it stopped right infront of my cell.

I was currently facing the opposite way on my bunk bed.

"Didn't I say I didn't want visitors?"

The person didn't speak

I turned around to face them, and when I seen the figures. My eyes opened wide in surprise.

Then glared in anger.

"Leave" was all I said

"We came to see if your alright" the figures

"Im fine as hell, can't you see how great I'm doing"

Ok, so I sounded snobbish. I understand that. But hell, im pissed off and being sentence to death. Can you blame me?

My life is hell.

"I know you didn't do it. Your reckless yes, but you wouldn't kill anyone" Eddie mentioned

"Mind telling that to the entire court, see if they believe you" I said sarcastically, looking up at the moon from the small window I had in this dump.

"Rose please-..."

"Don't you 'Rose please' me Adrian, you've made your decision now leave!" I growled

"I wan't to help you" he shifted

"How bout doing me a favor. Don't." Wow, my voice came out really venemous. Cool. But right now wasn't the time to celebrate that.

Seeing as the man that left me because I can't help but love another. Dumped me.

"You told me you didn't want to be with me anymore. Well you were right. Because of the feelings you knew I didn't have for you!"

"Im sorry you feel that way" His words were empty now

"I'm not"

"Aside from your feelings for him, you shouldn't have to go through this!" Eddie was growing angsty, I noticed.

I wiped my hand through the air angrily

"I told you to leave!" I stood up and walked towards the back of the cell

"Not until you say your innocent" Eddie said clearly

"What do you care, how many times do I have to tell you to leave! I don't want to see you! I don't care for either of you" What irony.

"I know your angry at me Rose. But you can't let your hatred for me ruin your chances to live your life!" Adrian was now grabbing onto the rail

"Don't you get it! I don't care!,"

"What?" he breathed

"I don't care, I don't want to live anymore" I gulped

"How can you say that" Eddie's voice turned cold

"Theirs nothing for me, surely after trial they'll still execute me. Weither I plead Innocent or not. My life has been made. My story has ended. I've had a great seventeen years ," Another tear slid down," I knew what it was like to have a sister, to have the trust of friends, and even how to love. But hey, I guess that doesn't count right?"

I was completely sobbing up now

"R-Rose your not going to die" Adrian's voice was somewhat filled with anguish or was it guilt?

"No I'm not, but the situation remains the same doesn't it?" I said, like always in my stuck up mood. I had a right to do this, didn't I? I mean I was going to die anyways what did it matter.

"It doesn't have to be this way"

"Just leave me alone you guys please," I was filled with anguish now. I leaned myself against the wall with tears running down my face,"just let me die already"

"No" It was one word from the both of them. Never thought I'd see the day when these two teamed up. To bad I won't be alive to take on the rest of it.

"I will not let you kill yourself over something you didn't do"

I snorted," Why can't I give up over something I know I didn't do, but you can give up on me?"

"Because its different" He said stiffly

"Bullshit! and you know it. It's the same damn thing! You hurt me!, I guess I payed you back by killing your aunt. SATISSFIED!"

"No you didn't!" he hissed

"Your waisting your time Prince Ivashkov she won't change her mind," one of his guardians mentioned, "besides it's time to go"

Before leaving he looked back at me, "I will get you out" he whispered

"Do me a favor and stay out of my life!" I whispered harshly

Again, it was dark and cold,

"I will get you out"

Ringed in my head.


I will not let him do this. He will not risk his life for mine!