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Callie made her way to the locker room to change into her scrubs, trying to ignore the throbbing between her legs. Arizona was 'cock blocking!' Her own girlfriend was 'cock blocking her. This was not the way Callie rolled. She was a crazed sex goddess. She had enough of the game playing coming from the doctor of the tiny humans. As Callie put her purse into the locker, and went to grab a piece of gum she remember what her plan was and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The brunette took her phone and noticed that she had a message.

'Meet me in the cafe, we'll do lunch before my surgery -A xo'

Callie sent a quick reply and stood up from the bench stuffing her phone into the pocket of her lab coat. Making sure her purse was pushed into the far corner of her cubby she headed towards the door.

As she entered the cafe she saw the blonde sitting alone with two trays in front of her. As she got closer the blonde turned around and received a quick peck on the cheek as Callie made her way to the other side of the table to sit across from her girlfriend. Oh yes she had a plan.

"Hey, how's your day so far?" The perky surgeon asked as she poked at her food with a full blown smile that clearly showed her dimples.

"Ugh, boring, slow. No surgeries today so just charting." by the tone of Callie's voice Arizona knew how Callie's day was going. She was going insane from the built up tension. "How's yours."

Hmm..That's too bad, this is my first..uh surgery ttt..ddaay.." the blonde stumbled over her words as she felt a foot run up her between her legs. Her gazed landed on Callie's, as the brunette grinned while eating her chips.

"Is something wrong?" Callie said as her foot inched closer to Arizona's center, just as she was about to make contact her pager went off. "Ugh, MARK!" The blonde looked at her and nodded. Callie gave her a kiss filled with all the passion she could give, wanting to leave the blonde wanting more. "sorry babe, consult, kick ass in your surgery!" she left adding a little more hip into her walk feeling the blondes eyes watch her every move.

Callie saw Mark leaning up against the nurses' station right outside the main entrance of the cafeteria.

"What did you need Dr. Sloan?" she said with an annoyed voice.

"Nothing," he said with a devilish grin, "I saw how friendly you were getting with Robbins in there."

Callie punched him in the shoulder, "MARK! What the hell! I was hoping I could get something before her surgery and you page me with a fake consult to tell me what you saw! UNBELIEVABLE!"

"Wow tone it down Cal, What is your problem?"

Callie looked at Mark and said, "Arizona has been getting me fired up like something is going to happen, then she leaves me hanging, She's basically cock blocking me. Now your cock blocking me!"

"First of all you have to have a co...OW! Will you stop that" Mark started to vigorously rub his arm


"'d have to have a..."

"Mark! Enough! Is that all you wanted?" she said pissed off. This whole teasing thing was driving her insane. All she wanted to do was have dirty sex with her hot girlfriend!

"No." he smirked "I went to your cubby to get a piece of gum...and i ended up finding something else" Mark winked as Callie looked at him in shock.


"Yea I found something else, please tell me you plan on using that here. Because that is hot! Beyond hot actually, can I watch?"

"Oh My God Mark!" Callie said as she made her way to the attendings locker room, Mark following right behind her. Callie entered and quickly made her way to her cubby. But Mark beat her to it. Pulling the object out of her bag. "Mark I'm not someone to mess with right now, give it back."

"No, tell me your plan first. Please tell me you have a plan Cal, if I can't watch I should be subjected to some details." he begged.

"Listen Mark, I'm not happy right now, and I'm very on edge. You dangling that thing in my face is just making me think of Arizona. So please give it back!"

"Okay here..." he handed it back and she threw it in her cubby."...and no I don't have a plan." she gave Mark a smirk, and his face lit up.

"Good, that's where I come in." Callie looked at him as if he grew another head.

"What are you talking about Mark, I said you couldn't watch."

"Yea I know, but I have a plan! Put it on!" he said with a plan in his head he was going to help Callie get Arizona.

"No mark! Plus it was a stupid idea to bring it because Arizona has a 'no sex in the hospital' rule" she sighed not knowing what he was getting at.

"Well you have obviously forgotten who you're talking to, the master of con-ning people into sex. So put it on!" he gave her a look that said 'don't question me.'

"'re lucky i have nothing to do," Callie said as she dropped her scrub pants and slid the object up her toned tanned legs. Putting the object in place over her sexy black boy shorts. When she was done she pulled her Navy scrubs back up. Mark watched, and Callie heard him gulp. She could only imagine the images going through the plastic surgeons head. "Mark you can totally see it, people will know. I don't need that. I don't want Arizona to know. She probably would stop talking to me or...or...or Give up sex with me all together, bad idea Mark!"

Mark chuckled, "Hot Torres, really Hot." He moved closer to her and dropped his hands to her drawstring.

"Uh...Mark?" Callie said with worry in her voice.

"Relax Cal...I'm adjusting make it less the dark baggy scrubs help hide it." He adjusted the strings and tied them back up. "There...can't tell" he gave Callie a reinsuring pat on the shoulder.

Callie looked at Mark embarrassed, but she was comfortable around him. They have shared alot together. "Not a word to anyone Mark! Especially Arizona. If she finds out that you knew, and let alone helped me with this..Well let's say it won't be pretty. Plus if you keep your mouth shut... I may let you in on a few details"

Mark perched his lips together and took his hand with a fake key and locked his lips up. "I promise Cal. If I can't watch, I sure as hell don't want to miss out on details! Go get your girl! She should be out of surgery now."

Callie gave Mark her famous look, then looked at the clock and made her way to the peds floor. "Thanks Mark" she yelled over her shoulder.

Callie approached the nurses' station and asked where Arizona was.

"Um, Dr. Robbins got out of surgery about an hour ago, I believe she went to nap in the on-call room." The nurse told her.

"Perfect, Thank you!" She made her way down the Hallway stopping in front of the door. Nervous about what may or may not happen. But she was Horny on edge, and that made her do anything crazy.

Taking a deep breath, and looking down her body she smirked and opened the door quietly. Entering the quiet on-call room with the faint sound of snores coming from the blonde, Callie shut the door making sure to lock it. She kicked her shoes off and made her way over to the bed.

Arizona was lying on her side facing the wall. Callie slipped behind her, leaving some space in-between them so she wouldn't bump into Arizona.

Arizona felt the bed shift and smiled, she knew it was Callie. She reached behind her and grabbed her arm placing it over her body. Callie nuzzled her face into the warm crook of Arizona's neck.

"Hey, how was your surgery"

Arizona turned around in the Latina's arms and placed a kiss on the brunettes lips, "Awesome, just like me!" She smiled at Callie making sure her dimples were on display.

"Yes you are!" Callie said as she leaned into the blonde and kissed her with passion, this kiss was full of want and arousal. Callie couldn't hold back any longer. Arizona deepened the kiss right away. Still laying on their sides Callie began kissing Arizona's jaw line, stopping at her ear and whispering, "you're very awesome Arizona, in every way" she continued to kiss down their neck and stopping at the sensitive spot, that turned the peds surgeon on.

Arizona shivered has Callies breath tickled her ear. Then let out a moan when the horny Latina started to suck, nip, and lick the one area on her neck that made her lose control. She felt Callie's hands rest on the hem of her scrub top and felt the warm strong hand move up to cup her right breast.

Callie let out a moan as she felt the blonde's nipple harden to her touch, moving back up to capture Arizona's lips. Teeth clashed, tongues fought for control. Arizona captured Callie's bottom lip with her teeth, pulling it as she pulled away to catch her breath, "Wow" Arizona husked out between breaths.

Their chest heaving up and down heavily, starring into each other's lust filled eyes. Callie sat up on her knees pulling the blonde with her. Kneeling on the bed now lips barely inches apart. Arizona knew what was coming. She was probably as turned on as Callie was, but she wasn't sure about having sex in the hospital. She had never down it before, but she brought this on herself. She knew she would pay sooner or later. She looked Callie in the eye and nodded.

Callie smiled, she was surprised. Foreheads touching Callie let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding. "Are you sure?" Arizona just nodded and pulled her scrub top over her head. Revealing a light blue lace bra that brought out her ocean blue eyes.

The brunette pulled Arizona in for a fiery kiss, moving her hands to the clasp of the blonde's bra. Undoing the bra and throwing it across the room, she moved to take off her top and bra in one motion. They gazed at each other like it was their first time seeing each other naked.

Callie pushed the Blonde backwards on her back, never breaking the kiss. As there nipples brushed against each other Arizona let out a gasp allowing the fiery Latina to deepen the kiss. A moan escaped neither of them knowing who it came out of.

Arizona bucked her hips up, but the brunette pinned them down. Not wanting the beautiful blonde to know what she was hiding just yet. This was new for Arizona and exciting. Sex in a professional work place. She felt on fire. Callie moved her kisses down to the blondes chest and allowed her mouth to latch on to a painfully wanting nipple, and her hand twisting and pinching the other one. Biting and twisting as Arizona moaned and tangled her fingers into the raven beauty's locks. Tugging Callie up to make eye contacting.

Callie let go of the breast with a loud popping noise. She quickly kissed her way back up to Arizona's face. Looking into her now dark blue lust filled eyes, Callie started to trail her hand to play with the string of Arizona's pants.

"Please, Calliope!" The blonde panted as Callie's hand went into her girlfriends scrub pants, cupping her lace panties and feeling how wet the peds surgeon was. Arizona let out a moan as she watched Callie's pupils dilate in response to the heat and smell of her arousal.

"Ari, you're so wet. I want to fuck you senseless" The blonde bucked her hips as Callie started to talk dirty. The Latina knew that her lover could get off on her just talking. But without another word Callie inched her way down the bed taking the smaller woman's pants and lace thong all in one. Kicking her feet in an effort to help free her Arizona spread her legs.

Callie licked her lips as she starred at the glistening folds of her girlfriend. Arizona was so beautiful and sexy lying on her back, chest heaving, and thighs parted waiting for her release. Callie bent down and kissed down the blonde's stomach making her way to her center. Calle could smell her girlfriend's arousal and without hesitation she dipped her tongue in her folds moaning at the exotic taste that was her Arizona.

Licking up Arizona's pussy and finding her Clit with her tongue, making it a stiff point started to write her name with her tracing over the sensitive nub.

"mmm Calllliope yess." Callie knew Arizona was waiting for her release, so she smiled into her core and took her finger and teased it around Arizona's entrance as the blonde moaned again and raised her hips, grinding her center into the Latina's face. Letting her girlfriend know she wanted no, needed more.

Callie was having too much fun. Though she knew what was in her pants, knowing they both needed release as the throbbing grew unbarriable in between her thighs she was getting nervous. She knew they could both get off together if she just pulled her scrub bottoms down and went through with her plan.

Callie smirked and stopped all movments, hearing a frustrated maon from a wanting blonde she kissed her hard on the lips. Becoming more turned on as the blonde moaned and bucked her hips in response of tasting her juices.

The tall brunette distracted the blonde by moving her fingers down to play with her girlfriends clit. She watched Arizona throw her head back in pleasure in response and took the opprotunity to tear off her own pants. Watching the purple dildo spring out of her pants, she quickly removed her hand form the blondes center and hovered over the blonde not allowing the strap on to touch the petite surgeon.

Bending to leave a mark on the blondes neck and positioning her self so that the toy lined up with the blondes tight entrance. Callie bit down on Arizona's neck and lifted her head. Brown eyes meet blue as she thrusted into the blonde.

"OH! Calliopeee, that's feels so good" the blonde moaned in surprise. Callie smiled with half lidded eyes as she felt the new pressure added to her clit as rubbed against the harness.

"You like that baby" she husked as she pulled out of her and slowly entered her again.

"mmhmm, let's make this a little rougher" Arizona winked and threw her head back as Callie pulled back and entered her hard. Arizona was setting the pace now. Callie had no problem with this. She was satisfied that the blonde was okay that she brought her strap-on.

"Faster cal, faster!" Callie was thrusting in and out encouraged by the blondes directions and moans.

"Fucccck" The taller surgeon moaned as she placed her hands on both sides of the blonde to give her more support

"Deeper, fuck me fast deep and hard" Callie almost came right then and there as the foul words fell from the blondes mouth. That was the hottest thing she had ever heard. Stopping all movements, Callie pulled out and lifted each of the blonde's legs to rest on the brunettes shoulders. Callie smirked as she changed the position.

"Your flexibility is sexy" they both chuckled, which quickly turned into a load moan as Callie thrusted into her wet mound hard, and fast. The positioned that they were in allowed her to enter as deep as possible. The bed was shifting from the quick movements.

"I'm so close baby" Another moan escaped the blonde's lips, as she could feel the tingle in her toes. Both girls were glistening with sweat, and the only sounds you could hear were the moans they shared and the squeaky on-call room bed hitting the wall.

"Me too Ari, let go, cum for me" The pressure of the harness rubbing her clit just right, and the occasional connection she felt when she entered the blonde was making it hard to stay up right. "Cum for me" she breathed out between breaths. Callie could feel how close Arizona was.

Arizona had her hands on Callie's chest rolling the hard nipples between her fingers. As Callie thrusted hard and deep one last time she squeezed the brunettes nipples as she tumbled over the edge. "Coliiiioppppppeeeeeee"

As the blonde lost control and squeezed Callies nipples, that's all it took for her to cum along with her lover. "Arizonnnna" they both screamed each other's names at the same time. The brunette kissed the blonde slowly and as they both laid there limp and lifeless. As Callie rolled off the blonde she heard her moan from the loss of the strap on.

Both girls now on their backs, panting heavily, trying to form words from what they felt.

Arizona was the first to speak, "Wow...i have never..."

"Same here, wow Ari!" Both rolled to their sides to cuddle and gave light kisses to each other. The room fell silent once again. Callie stood up to remove the strap-on and put her clothes back on. Arizona watched her in awe.

"Calliope?" Callie squatted in front of the bed and kissed the blondes forehead, waiting for her to continue. "Did you wear that all day?"

Callie laughed and smiled, "No, I was nervous to actually use it here. I slipped it on before I came to get you. You didn't mind...did you?" she asked hesitivly.

"Oh my god calliope NO! That was amazing, and it was exciting and new. I was completely surprised." The blonde smiled

"Yes, yes it was... does that mean more public sex!" Callie was excited that the blonde was satisfied with what they had just done. "But your shift got done an hour ago, and I still have an hour left. You get dressed head home and wait for me. I am far from done with you." she winked at the blonde

"Okay, I'll be waiting for you, Go be bad ass." With one last passionate kiss Callie got up to leave. "Oh and Calliope...I am so up for more public sex"

The Orthopedic shivered at the blonde's words as she left with a smile on her face.

Arizona fell back on the bed, smiling as she thought of a way to re-pay her girlfriend tonight.

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