I was waiting for T.U.F.F. Puppy to get a Category to write this, This is the first T.U.F.F. Puppy M fic. This is set just after Puppy Love .

Chapter one: Snaptrap's Ray

It has been a week since Dudley's love Fifi was really The Chameleon in disguise, and Dudly was in a deep depression just sitting in the car hanging his head out of the window and Kitty was starting to get worried.

"Oh, come on Dudly. Don't you want a chew toy, or fight with me, you MORRON!" Kitty yeld trying to get Dudley to react, but with no luck when Keswick wlked in with a weild thing in his hand.

"So, h-h-here is he?" Keswick asked looking worried himself.

"Nope, he's just been sitting like that for a week now, and I don't thing he evan ate anything," Kitty said as she looked down and saw the device in Keswick hand and asked, " hey, whats that?"

"Oh, this is some thing i've been working on," Keswick said right before the chef.

"Snaptrap has escaped form jail and I want my best agents on it, so Katswell and Puppy get on it." the Chef said in his groph vice.

"We'll on it Chef." said Kitty as she jumped into the car and drove off to find Snaptrap. They drove done the road, but Kitty's eyes were on Dudly looking at her partner until she hit the D.O.O.M van and heared Snptrap's voce.

"Well, if it is, Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy." he said with a evil smile and pulled out a ray gun, "this is a special ray gun, and it destroy YOU." Snaptrap said as he ammed and fired the ray gun. Kitty easily got out of the way, but Dudley was not lucky and was shot fifty feet away and hit a wall hard.

"Dudley!" Kitty yeld as she turned and ran to her fallen partner. As she looked at her partner, Snaptrap walked up to her and ammed his gun to her.

"It's over Kitty." Snaptrap said but before he can shot the Chef and the police came and he gave up with out a fight. As Snaptrap was being taken away to jail, Dudley was being put in ambulance and was sent to the hospital.

"Chef, can I go with Dudley?" Kitty asked looking worried and the Chef nodded and said to keep him in the loop. Kitty hopped into thecar and spead after the ambulance.

Two hours a the jail.

Snaptrap was put in the cell with Larry.

"Well, did it work?" Larry asked.

"No Larry, your blue ray gun did not kill anybody." Snaptrap said looking away from Larry.

"Wait, Blue? I said red would kill, blue would."

To Be Continued.

What does the blue ray do? Is Dudley ok? And why was Kitty so worried about Dudley? All these and some smut with coming.