Recap. Dudley fought Malice in a epic fight and Malice is now six feet under. This is the last chapter of Getting Over Fifi and this is the first Kitty/Dudley Lemon.

Chapter six: It's Puppy Love.

"Oh come, how much longer dio I have to stay here?" cryed out dudley as he was sitting up in bed in the hospital. It had been two weeks since his fight with Malice and he was starting to get restless.

"I'm sorry Dudley, but you've stand a quite a few injurties." said a nurse as she looked at his chart and then she added, "A type two concosion, a dislocated wist, your throught was almost crushed, and a metal rod replaced one of your ribs." Suddenly the door openedand kitty walk in.

"Hey sweety." Kitty said as she went to dudley and kissed him on the lips. "so, how much longer are you going to be here?"

"I have no idea, but the doc should be here soon." Dudley said as he kissed her back when the doctor came in with Dudley's mother.

"Dudley, good doggies don't do that in public." said Peg Puppy.

"Sorry mom." Dudley said as he and Kitty let go of each other.

"Well mister Puppy, you seam to have healed quite will, so you can go home tonight." said the doctor with a smile as he saw Dudley nearly jump out of the bed in joy.

"Ohhh." Dudley said as he grabed his chest and very one luaghed at him.

"Will, I'll go get your release papers." said the doctor as he left the room, and Peg saw Dudley and Kitty hold hands and smile at each other.

This made Peg smile and say, "Kitty, can we talk in the hall?" Both Dudley and Kitty looked at each other, and Kitty walked out to talk to Peg.

"So, what's up." kitty said as she leaned agianst the wall.

"Kitty, you love my dudley, don't you." Peg said as she looked out the window seeing the city in afternoon light.

"Tes, I love him more then anything." Kitty said in a dreamy tone as she looked to the ceiling.

"I see. Kitty, can I ask you a favor?" Peg said as she looked away from the window and at Kitty.

"Yeah sure." Kitty said as she looked from the ceiling and to Peg.

Peg looked down as she said, "Just make Dudley happy because thats all I want for him. And if you make him happy, then that would make me happy."

"Of curse I would and his heart will never be broken by me." Kitty said as she gave Peg a hug and they both went back into Dudley's room. After a half an hour, Dudley signed his paper work and was able to leave the hospital. As they are leaveing, Kitty asked, "Hey Dudley, do you want to come over and help breaken my new apartment?" Dudley smiled and looked at his mother and all she did was nod. "Good, now come over at nine to night." and after she said that, she drove off in her spy car with a smile on her face.

At nine Dudley drove very carefully on his motorcycle to her new apartment building and went to the top were she was. He looked at the that said Kitty Katswell and knocked on it. When Kitty answered it, she was just wearing a robe and a big smile. "Well, come in sweaty, I'll be done in just a few minutes." And with that, Kitty walk to her room and Dudley walked in. He just sat on the couch and watched t. v. until Kitty came back out. Dudley's jaw fell to the floor when he saw Kitty, she was wereing a leasy blaack nighty, and a thong that left little to the imagination.

"So, do you like it? I bought it this afternoon, just for you." Kitty said with a smile on her face as she walked sexy, twards Dudley.

"Yeah, I really like it." Dudley said as Kitty sat on his lap and started to play with his ears.

"Dudley, do you know why I asked you to come here? Kitty said as she looked loving into his eyes.

"No," Dudley said lost in her eyes to pay attention.

"I want to show how much I love you and that I trust you," as Kitty was saying this, she got up and walked a few feet before turning and said, "Dudley, I want you to take my virginity."

Dudley was in shock when he heared that and all he could manege to say, "Kitty, I love you so much." And with that, Dudley got up from the couch, walked over to Kitty, and embress her in a kiss. She kissed back and then she wrapped her legs around Dudley's waist. He held her close as he carried he into her bedroom and laid her on the queen sized bed all while not breaking the kiss. After a few minutes of continuing kissing, they broke the kiss and Dudley looked down at Kitty as she smiled lustfully at him.

"Dudley, lets do this right." Kitty said as she sat up a little and unhooked her bra. It came off and she tosed it to the side. And there she was, with her b-cup breast out in the open. Dudley swallowed hard as he reached over and squeazed her right breast, which got him a purrr from Kitty. Dudley then placed his second hand on her other breast, and becan the squeazy and knead the them. Kitty was in enjoying what Dudley was doing to her, but out of no were he stopped and she looked down to see what's going on. She smiled as she saw Dudley with his hands on the stings of her thong and she lefted up her legs aowing him to slide them off.

"Oh My GOd." Dudley said as he leaned his head down and began to lick her pussy.

"Oh, yes. Eat my pussy!" Kitty cryed out as she dug her claws into her bed sheats. She was loving the way Dudley was pushing his tongue into her. He just pushed it it in and it was so long that was touching her hymen. With his wiggling his tongue in her and his hands started to play with her breasts agian, Kitty could not take it any more. She screamed out in plesure as she came and her juices pured all over Dudley's face, which he happy licked it off his face and cleaned her up as well. Kitty laied there for a moment to cauch her breath and then she sat up.

"Okay, Dudley your turn." Kitty said as she made Dudley to sit on the bed. Kitty pulled off his shirt and began to run her hands down his musculer chest. She finaly got to her prize. She looked at the shaft that held Dudley's dick, and it started to come out. Kitty got to her knees and began to rub it unutil it came out. Kitty looked in shock and joy, Dudleys doghood was at leasist eight inchs long. Kitty started to lick the base of the dick and slowly moved her way up to the head. Once there, she swaled her tongue all over it and then popped it in her mout as she sucked on it.

"Oh, Kitty." Dudley said as he was laying back, enjoying her treatment to his dick. He didn't know how much more he could take, when she just stapped and stood up.

"Not yet big boy, I don't want to wast a single drop of it." Kitty said as she cwaled across the bed and lifted her tail. "I want it this way, for my first."

Dudley placed his member at the opening, but before he did anything he had to ask, "Kitty, are you sure you want this?"

Kitty just smiled as she said, "Yes, I want it in me. Right NOW!" And with that, Dudley push his dickinto her and ripped through her hymen in one fell swoop. Kitty wenct in pain as a little blood came out and Dudley waited for her to ajust. After about fiveminute, Kitty gave Dudley the okay and he began to htrust in. He started out slow, but picked up the past and the pleasure builted for both of them. Kitty enjoying the feel of Dudley's dick in her , as did Dudley love the feeling of his dick in her. He was coming close to climax as his knot began to grow. Dudley began to thrust evan more and with one powerful thrust he sliped his knot into Kitty.

"Ahhhh." Kitty cryed out as she felt his knot push into her, but it was muffled when Dudley kissed her with passion as he began tom shoot his seed into her, and the feeling of this made Kitty go over the edge and came to. After their climaxis died down, Kitty was tryed as she and Dudley layed there for a while.

"Wow, that was fun." Dudley aid as he began to kiss her neck.

"Yeah it was, now what do we do?" Kitty asked with a yawen.

"Will, lets get some rest as we are both ttiered and we are tied together for about an hour." Dudley said as he got a blanket that was on the floor and covered them both with it. But before they both went to bed, Kitty relised something and smiled.

"Hey Dudley." Kitty said.

"Yeah." Dudley said half asleep.

"I just relised that I might get pregnant and I'm over joyed by that thought." Kitty said as she reached over her should and gave Dudley one last loving kiss before both went into a deep, and happy sleep.

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