"shh! Please, do not speak, hide in here… do not come out no matter what you hear, Ciel." A blonde woman with blue eyes said, panic evident in her voice.

"But mo-"

"Please, Ciel… Please do not speak. Stay here." She said, tears visible in her eyes.

Ciel nodded, "…. I'll wait for you, mommy…" the young ten year old boy said as he was placed deep into the closet behind pile of clothes. Their house was on fire, several people had broke in.


Three gunshots sounded off. Making Ciel's mother jerk. They were downstairs… and now foot steps were heard cming from the stairway. It wasn't long before a man in black with a black mask over his face appeared, a gun in his jhand.

"Trying to hide? … You can't hide from us lady."

"Please, stop!" she pleaded, a window broke out from the fire that was rapidly growing, "Please!"



Ciel watched from a gap behind the pile of clothes as his mother was shot in the head. Blood… so much blood. That's what he remembered… His mother's pale form laying on the ground and then the man left… Ciel escaped, and authorities appeared.

Both his parents and his dog, everything he had was lost in just one night. His shivering form sitting outside in front of the burning house, nothing but pain, sadness, and shock visible in his eyes. He heard the sirens… the all too familiar sirens. Someone grabbed him, picking him up. His eyes widened in alarm, and he began thrashing around.

"NO! PUT ME DOWN!" he screamed, "DON'T KILL ME!"

"Son, calm down! We're here to help you!" a cop said, "Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you!"

After hearing that a few times, he began to calm down. However that did not stop his frail pale body from shaking so violently.

"It's alright.." the cop said, "… It's alright."

Ciel, slowly beginning to lose consciousness saw as his house was enveloped by both flamed and darkness. Soon, it all went black, and he was immune to sound and touch, however… It was only temporary.

A white room, a bed… Ciel realized it had to be a hospital. Groggily opening his eyes, he saw someone sitting in the room. A men dressed in black… and his eyes… they were red. He saw him smile, and slowly began losing consciousness again. He drifted back into aslumber… why did he suddenly feel safe? … whoever that person was, he remembered thinking, "… don't leave my side." And then it was all black once again.