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"Can you manage to stand?" Sebastian asked, he had walked into the room with a measuring tape. He was standing at the bedside of the young boy, "… hmm. Perhaps it would be better if you just stretched out on the bed?"

Ciel nodded, his large blue eyes looking up at the tall raven-haired man beside him, liking the second idea the best. He did not feel like getting out of bed. He had his shorts on, but no shirt, which would make it easier for more accurate measurements for clothes, "I'll just stay on the bed." Ciel said, his voice slightly weak.

"Understood. Please stretch out with your arms spread away from your sides."

Ciel nodded, crawling out from under the thick bed sheets after putting the empty soup bowl to the side so it would not get in the way. Laying flat on the bed, with his legs and arms outstretched, he let Sebastian measure him. He noticed the gentle smile playing at Sebastian's lips the entire time. There was something about that smile… it was familiar. It made him feel safe, and it was reassuring in a way. Several minutes passed and Sebastian finished the measurements.

"I've finished the measurements." He said, "You may return to the way you were." That gentle smile, once again, playing at his lips. Ciel looked up at the tall man, and just stared at him. Why? Why was this man… so familiar? He was sure he'd met him somewhere before… he just couldn't remember. Sebastian, realizing that the blue-grey haired boy was staring at him, and cocked his head ever so slightly, "… is something wrong?"

Feeling a slight blush across his face, Ciel realizied he had been staring. He quickly looked away and shook his head, "No… It's nothing." The boy responded.

"I see… are you sure?"


"If you insist." Sebastian responded, ".. How are your wounds feeling? Any better?"

"Yes… much better. They don't hurt as much… though, they do sting when I move a lot."

"hmm… I will help you clean up later then, is that alright?"

"Help me… clean up?" Ciel asked, suddenly feeling a bit alarmed, a grown man, wanting to help bathe him to clean his wounds? That wasn't just strange… that was beyond strange. No.. AWKWARD. "…"

"There are quite a few wounds on your back side that you wont be able to reach on your own. If you'd allow me, then I w-" cut off.


"… no?"

"Yes. The answer is no. I can bathe myself just fine…"

"…" that smile appeared on his face again, "If you insist. I shall be back later." Sebastian said, "I'm off to buy clothes for you, after all, you cannot just run around in rags while you live here."


"Yes?" Sebastian asked, looking at the boy, feeling the slightest bit happy that he had finally used his name. That was a good sign.

"…. I don't like the color red… Just blue, green and black… or some other dark colors. Nothing too bright."

"Ah.. aren't we picky." Sebastian joked, "I'll do my best shopping for you. I want you to stay here and rest. It is in your best interest that you do not move around much just yet,"


"Good. I will be back within the hour. The phone is right beside you, along with my number. If you need me at all while I'm out, don't be afraid to call. I will be right there as fast as I can."

"…" Ciel nodded.

Sebastian, once again, smiled. The smile that gave Ciel that warm feeling.. that loved sort of feeling that a mother gives. A mother… It's been so long since that tragic accident. Ciel watched Sebastian walk out the door, and right before he left the room, Ciel whispered the words, "Thank you…"


Half an hour went by… no Sebastian. Ciel waited impatiently in bed. He knew that if he slept, time would pass by so much faster, but he couldn't sleep. He was hugging the thick warm blankets. His cuts were bothering him, especially the large ones on his backside. Wincing, he slowly sat up, "…. Maybe.. Sebastian helping me wouldn't be such a bad idea." He said. He slowly stood up out of the bed and walked out of the room. He had practically engraved Sebastian's number in his head from boredom just sitting there for thirty minutes. What else was he supposed to do when he couldn't sleep? The wounds on Ciel's back side were rather red looking, probably from the sweat that seeped into the cuts. Walking down the hall, he came to a flight of stairs that lead to the second floor. He took a step, and then another, slowly walking down the stairs, being careful not to trip or fall. Once at the bottom, he turned the corner and found himself in the kitchen. The whole house smelled wonderful… so clean.

"… He must spend a lot of time cleaning." Ciel told himself, "This place is spotless."

Ciel noticed a black coat draped over the back of the chair that sat silently, pushed in neatly to the table. Walking over, he grabbed it and put it on. He was a bit chilly without his shirt, and that jacket was just calling out to him. It had a nice fragrance, just like the house. Five minutes had passed since he walked to the second floor of the spacious house. "… I guess he's buying a lot." Ciel said with a sigh, his back side still bothering him. He was about to take a seat at the table for a bit when he heard the doorbell ring. He head turned to look towards the door down the hall by the stair way, "…. Why would he ring? He lives here." Ciel said, "… Maybe he can't get the door open because he bought a lot… or maybe he- … no. He would have told me if he was having anyone over, right?" Ciel silently spoke to himself. Shrugging, he walked over to the door and saw a tall man clad in black through the designed window. He couldn't see the person clearly, but figured it must be Sebastian. Unlocking the wooden door and opening it, he looked up…. Whomever it was that stood in the door way was not Sebastian, but a man dressed in black. Looking into his eyes, his own widened. Fear waved through his body, he remembered those eyes… two years ago. Two years ago, that tragic 'accident' occurred… Those beady eyes he could never forget. How? How did this man find him? And why? … was he supposed to be killed too? But why? Ciel only wished Sebastian was there now. Sebastian would protect him if he was there… right? The phone… Quickly, Ciel turned around and made a run for the phone that was hanging on the wall. However, he was stopped… a hand wrapped around his face, and in that hand was a cloth with a strange smelling liquid, most likely a sedative. His eyes widened, as he tried to struggle free. He was terrified; he wanted all this to be a nightmare. Just a nightmare that he would soon wake up from… but he knew. Deep down inside, he knew this was no nightmare… but reality.

"S-Sebastian!" Ciel tried to yell. He began to feel funny as the sedative was kicking, his vision blurring, and all of his senses began to dull. Soon, it all went black and the last thing he heard was "Hurry up! Let's get him out of here!"

Twenty minutes passed since Ciel's abduction. In those twenty minutes, Sebastian returned. He carried several bags of clothes in his left hand. Walking towards the door, he turned the knob and opened it inwards. He looked around, suddenly getting a strange feeling in his stomach. Looking around, he noticed his black coat was gone. "… Children are children." He said with a slight smile, "They really do have a mind of their own."

Sebastian began his journey to the upstairs, walking up the steps and down the hall to Ciel's room. Slipping through the cracked door, he set the bags on the floor. "Ciel, I'm ba-" Looking towards the bed, he saw Ciel was not there. He narrowed his eyes, "…Ciel?" he asked, walking out of the room. He looked in the bathrooms, all three of them, he looked in the dining room, the pantry, living room, kitchen, and all the other rooms that were left. "… This cannot be good." He said calmly, a slight glare in his eyes. Walking over to the door and opening, he kneeled down on the concrete step. He noticed several scuff marks. There was obviously a struggle. Sebastian's brow furrowed in ager, "…." Standing up, he shut the door and walked off. His eyes gave off an aura, a demon, evil aura that mad his eyes glow bright.

Cold metal. Chains. That's what he felt when he began to come to. His eyes groggily opened, he felt light headed and slightly dizzy. "… where am… I…" he spoke weakly, trying to sit up, only to find that he couldn't budge. The room was dark, with one very dull light in the center of the room. Behind the light Ciel could make out silhouettes of two people.

"Ciel Phantomhive." A voice spoke as foot steps sounded, reaching closer and closer to Ciel side. Ciel felt a hand caress his cheek, and then a sharp pain in his shoulder. It hurt so bad, tears welled up in his eyes. Gritting his teeth together he whimpered. Where was he? The room he was in smelled of blood… and death.

"Ciel Phantomhive." The voice spoke again, "It's good to see you." The voice was male. A light was suddenly turned on, lighting the whole room. What Ciel saw before him made him cringe and want to vomit. The floor was painted with red liquid… and several dead bodies laid around. He shook terribly, "L-let me go." Ciel pleaded, "Let me go! Don't hurt me!"

"You were supposed to die two years ago, Ciel Phantomhive." The man said. He had light blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was thin, and hardly attractive. His cheeks were bony and sunk in, his forehead was broad and it stuck out. His nose was long, and his hair was messy, his hands were also covered in blood. His bare, long and thing bony fingers. Ciel was frightened, so very frightened, "We can't allow you to get away this time, Ciel Phantomhive."

"Why! Why are you doing this!" Ciel pleaded.

"Why? … we were ordered to take out the Phantomhive family, but a certain little brat managed to escape. However, we pinpointed your exact location… and now you're here with us. Stay and have some fun, we'll make sure you don't leave disappointed." The man said with a grin. He pulled out a small knife and held it above Ciel's chest, away from any vital areas.

Ciel stared wide eyes at the knife, tears beginning to fall, "Stop… don't… don't!" Ciel pleaded, but that did not stop the man. The knife was hurriedly pushed into Ciel's flesh. Ciel's eyes widened even wider than before. He screamed, a blood curdling scream. The pain was excruciating, it was unbearable. Worse than the pain he underwent at the orphanage. Ciel thrashed around, but to no avail. He was tightly chained to the table, the shackled cutting into his ankles and wrists, bruising his delicate skin. He was panting now, the knife still in his chest. He felt liquid drip down his chest and stomach. Blood, fresh blood from the wound on his chest was flowing out continuously.

"S.. Sebastian…. Sebastian!" Ciel cried, though he was feeling weak and his shouting wasn't very loud anymore.

The man chuckled, "Sebastian? … A friend of yours? Or perhaps… the man that adopted you from that orphanage."

"H-how do you…. Know about that….?" Ciel asked, still panting.

"We know more than you think…" the man responded, quickly jerking out the knife and slicing a deep wound into Ciel's left shoulder. Ciel bit down and screamed while gritting his teeth. He pleaded for them to stop, even know pleading would do nothing. He knew that, aswell… He was going to die. After he finally found a good home, someone that was willing to protect him, he was going to die. Hot tears poured down his cheeks as pain quaked through his body, and it wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

Another man walked over holding a knife aswell. This man was more attractive than the man with messy hair. He appeared younger, mid twenties. His hair was blonde and his eyes were dark brown. He had a rounded face and a small nose. Ciel felt another knife stick into him under his ribs. He shook violently, trembled as the sharp blade penetrated his skin, allowing fresh blood to ooze out freely and drip to the floor.

"S…. S-Sebastian…. Help me….. Please…" Ciel said weakly. He was losing too much blood, and was starting to feel light headed, "s-save me…. You said…. You would protect me." He whimpered, more tears poured down his face.

It was in that instant that something knocked the door down, letting in a ray of light, and fresh air. There, in the door way, stood the all too familiar man clad in black. The man with scarlet eyes. Looking over at the men with glowing eyes filled with rage, he began to walk over slowly… His stride was haunting, and a dark aura swirled around him. Ciel was not afraid… any other person would be terrified, but Ciel was not afraid. It was Sebastian, his savior.

"S… Sebastian.." Ciel said weakly, he was wearing the black coat still.

"… Close your eyes, Ciel.." Sebastian said as he walked closer, "… I will finish this in five seconds, can you count to five for me?"

"Yes…" Ciel said, his eyes closing. He began to count.


He heard the men begin to back away, pleaded that Sebastian have mercy on their souls.


Panic filled the air as the men began to run, but a rip and then a scream was heard. Blood dripped heavily to the ground.


"I will not show mercy on the souls of those who dare to hurt the ones I've sworn to protect." Sebastian hissed. There was another scream, and a splatter.


Something hit the ground, there was a heavy thud and a splatter as it splashed into the blood drenched floor.


One last scream, and then another thud. Footsteps closed in on Ciel, the stride belonged to Sebastian.

"Open your eyes, Ciel." Sebastian said, his voice gentle, but filled with worry. The chains on Ciel's limbs snapped off with ease, and he limply fell into Sebastian's arms. His deep wounds still heavily bleeding, "Can you live for much longer?" Sebastian asked, looking at Ciel's pale face. He could barely keep his eyes open. He saw a weak nod from the injured boy in his arms and quickly walked off out of the abandoned warehouse.

"Sebas… tian." Ciel said weakly, "how did.. you find me?" Ciel asked.

"I've sworn to protect you… Whatever would we do if someone stole you away and I allowed them to take your life?"

Ciel smiled ever so slightly, still feeling light headed. He wanted to sleep. He looked at Sebastian's face, seeing that his eyes did not look human.

"Ciel, you need to sta awake. If you fall asleep, then there is no guarantee that you will wake up again." Sebastian said, his eyes were filled with concern, "I will get you home quickly and clean you up."

Ciel responded with a nod, trying his best not to drift off into a deep, and possibly, everlasting sleep. He was shivering, feeling chilled to the bone. He was sure Sebastian had noticed because he had started into a quick run. It was unbelievably fast, and it was only a matter of minutes until he reached the house and quickly ran inside and up the stairs into the bathroom. Sebastian set Ciel on the floor gently and turned on the bath on. He ran out of the room and down the stairs into the kitchen. It wasn't long before he returned, carrying a large can of salt. Dumping the salt into the warm bathwater. Sebastian, quickly picking up the young and bleeding boy, rushed to the tub and placed him into the half filled tub. As soon as Ciel's injuries made contact with the saly water, he started to thrash, it was painful. His wounds were on fire, and it stung.

"Ciel! Calm down! This will stop the bleeding! … You need to relax and lay here for a few minutes or more." Sebastian said, holding the boy down the best he was able to, "You mustn't move too much, you will only make things worse!"

Ciel looked up at Sebastian, his face soaked with tears and his eyes wide and filled with fear, "it hurts…" he said, "…. I-it hurts.."

"Bear with it a bit longer, Ciel…" Sebastian said, "It'll end soon.. .. and I do not lie."

Ciel, still looking up at Sebastian, gazing into his eyes, he started to calm down and gave a weak nod. His vision blurring again, he did his best to stay conscious. Several minutes in the salt water, and Sebastian adding more salt ever couple of minutes, Ciel's bleeding began to die down. The water was red with Ciel's blood, and he had lost quite a lot of it. He had lost so much blood, his face was extremely pale. Sebastian had saved him just in time, any later and may have been too late for the poor boy.

Sebastian looked down at the boy, a slight smile playing at his lips once again. He unplugged the drain and grabbed a towel. Waiting for all the water to drain out, he wrapped the towel around the half-unconscious boy and lifted him out of the tub and onto the carpet on the floor. Under the sink were cabinets and Sebastian opened one of them, pulling out a medical kit. Inside the medical kit was bandages and medicine galore. Taking a tube of medicine and bandages, he began wrapping them, after applying the medicine, around Ciel's shoulder. The next part that was bandaged was Ciel's chest, and afterwards, around his abdomen.

"Ciel..?" Sebastian asked, placing his hand against the young boy's cheek, "Ciel… can you hear me?" he asked, tilting the boys head to face his head towards his face. The boy gave a weak groan, his eyes were closed. Sebastian gave a relieved smile, and lifted him up after drying him off with the towel. He carried the boy over to the bed and placed the thick bed sheets over him. "How troublesome this is, though… It seems you will be bedridden for a while longer." He watched as Ciel's chest rose and lowered with each breath. His breathing seemed a bit shallow, but that was to be expected from the amount of blood that he lost. "… I've sworn to protect you, Ciel… Do not worry. I will not let a soul harm you for as long as I am by your side." And with that, he left the room. Stopping at the stair way, he placed his hand on his chin, "…. It worries me though. Those people, there is no doubt that they will come after him again. I will have to be more cautious." A smirk forming on his face. He grinned, showing off large canines.

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