Pairing: Alex/Olivia and Serena/Abbie

Spoilers: SVU through Season-12 (including Trophies). Some things, like the season (it's winter, not fall) and the fact that Olivia is living in Alex's apartment instead of 4D, are slightly different than canon.

AN: For my Mistress and all the reviewers of Magnetic Resistance (esp. clomle44 and 1821). Here is the sequel you have been waiting for!


Alternating Currents:

By: Rae D. Magdon


Part One

Chapter One:

"You can't go tomorrow, Alex," Olivia protested, fumbling through the items on the crowded shelf that housed their bathroom supplies. Most of them belonged to Alex, but some of Olivia's shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a cheerful yellow loofah had migrated to the attorney's shower over the past few weeks. "Aha, there it is! Gotcha..." She held up her razor, striking a triumphant pose. The curtain between them was a light tan color, and Olivia suspected that her lover could make out part of her silhouette.

Alex, who was brushing her teeth over the sink while Olivia showered, did not seem impressed. "Enlighten me, Olivia. Why can't I go to the Congo this time?" Over the past few days, the normal reasons that Olivia gave for wanting Alex to stay at home ('I'll miss you', 'you could get hurt', and 'we can't have sex if you're several continents away') had become crazier and crazier. Alex figured it was Olivia's way of trying to prepare for the inevitable.

"Because... you might be pregnant."

There was a muffled gagging sound and Olivia peeked out from behind the shower curtain to make sure that her girlfriend was all right. Alex had choked on a mouthful of toothpaste and was coughing over the sink, gasping for air and trying to regain her composure. "What did you just say?" Alex sputtered, wiping the white foam that covered her lips with the back of her hand and trying to clean her face with water from the sink.

"We didn't use protection."

Alex snorted. "Well then, why aren't you pregnant? Why does it have to be me?"

Olivia ducked her head back behind the shower curtain. "Because I'm the butch one. Duh."

After washing out her mouth (and cleaning part of the mirror that she had sprayed), Alex rinsed her toothbrush and set it beside Olivia's in their toothbrush cup. The domesticity of that simple act made the blonde attorney tear up a little, and she blinked to clear her eyes before unfastening the tie of her robe and letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. "Uh-huh, right. That wasn't what you were saying this morning. Please, Alex, fuck me harder," she quipped, pulling back the shower curtain to join her lover under the spray even though she had already taken a shower that afternoon. A wet, naked Olivia was too much for her to resist, especially – especially since I'm leaving tomorrow...

Forcing those thoughts out of her head, Alex took in the gorgeous sight of her lover, who was bent over as she ran the razor along her right calf. The picture was just too tempting. She grabbed two handfuls of her lover's gorgeous, firm behind, smirking when Olivia squeaked and dropped her razor onto the floor of the shower. "Hey! I could have cut myself!" she complained.

"You big baby," she cooed, not giving Olivia time to straighten up before cupping the exposed folds between her legs. The detective gasped, the task of shaving her legs completely forgotten as clever fingers probed forward, sinking into familiar warmth. Obviously, Alex wanted to play, but Olivia had other ideas.

"Mm-mm," she said, straightening up before Alex made her lose her concentration. "You already had your turn this morning, as you so eloquently reminded me."

Alex would not be deterred so easily. When Olivia's position forced her to remove her hand, she immediately reached for the brunette's slick breasts instead. "I can't have more than one turn?"

"You can have as many turns as you want, Lexie... after I have my turn." Olivia's lips slanted against hers in a rough kiss that caused Alex to forget her course. Eager hands slid over soapy skin, exploring open flesh, lingering at well-learned spots that made the attorney's knees weak.

Sexually, both of them were usually flexible, taking their cues from each other's words and body language. There were times when Alex wanted nothing more than to use her mouth on Olivia for hours. There were times Alex played the seductive tease, turning her lover into a helpless, shuddering mess. There were times when Alex took charge and made Olivia see stars. There were times when they made love tenderly, giving and receiving equally and just enjoying each other's touch.

And then there were times when Alex really just wanted to be taken fast and hard, restrained or pinned in some way so that she couldn't escape as Olivia dominated her.

Those were the signals that the detective was picking up tonight. Alex's eyes were half-closed. She was letting Olivia guide their frantic kisses, only breaking away to let out small, soft cries of pleasure. She kept her hands at her sides, not trying to regain the advantage she had lost, and Olivia wondered if this was what she had been aiming for all along. Well, far be it from her to disappoint.

Olivia's mouth blazed a warm trail down Alex's neck, causing the blonde to tilt her chin up, ignoring the water that sprayed across her face. Meanwhile, her hands traveled down the front of Alex's stomach, stroking her sides and the tops of both thighs. "You are stunning," Olivia murmured into Alex's damp shoulder, brushing aside wet strands of hair to tease the attorney's collarbone with her lips. Alex hummed in response. "Absolutely beautiful. And – all – mine..."

With those possessive words, Olivia's teasing fingers slid between Alex's legs, finding her lover swollen and wanting. "Ah, Liv..." Alex mewled, pumping her hips and trying to find purchase on her lover's hand. Olivia refused to let her, continuing to tease as her other hand squeezed one of Alex's breasts.

Now that she was firmly in control, Olivia flipped her lover face first against the wall, pinning her there with her own weight and nipping at the lobe of her ear. "And you thought you had me in the palm of your hand, didn't you, you little tease?" She punctuated the statement by circling Alex's entrance with her fingertips, coaxing her higher. She felt her lover shuddering against her chest and nuzzled the crook of her neck reassuringly, but didn't stop the verbal or physical assault of Alex's senses. "No one at the DA's office would believe me if I told them that I know just how to make the Ice Queen melt... all over my fingers."

"O-liv-i-a..." Alex dragged out all four syllables of the detective's name, a plea for some kind of relief. Her wish was granted, and she gasped as Olivia claimed her with one swift, upward thrust, her inner muscles shivering wildly at the sudden, welcome intrusion.

"And they would all be so jealous if they had any idea how beautiful you are, how amazing it is to make love to you, how wonderful you feel from the inside..." Alex could feel Olivia sucking at her pulse point as her fingers started a slow, heavy rocking motion that lifted her onto the balls of her feet. Heat blossomed in her lower abdomen, vibrating all the way to her toes.

"Liv... Oh god..." Olivia's fingers left her wanting, halting their rhythm long enough to flick the tip of the hard bundle of nerves that she had purposely neglected. The contact was like completing an electrical circuit and Alex's entire body stiffened, pressing back into Olivia's hips. "Bed, please-"

Realizing that she had tapped into something completely unexpected, Olivia supported Alex's weight against her side as she turned off the shower and helped her out of the tub, wrapping her in a fluffy white towel and pressing tender kisses to her wet hair.

"Damn it, Olivia, I don't –" Alex started to protest. Part of her was hurting and unsettled, and the last thing she wanted right now was Olivia's sympathy. What she really wanted was to forget. She wanted the blissful numbness that came when Olivia drove her mercilessly over the edge.

Shocked that she had so thoroughly turned the tables on her lover, Olivia knew that something was wrong. Alex was veering between submissive and demanding, as though she couldn't decide what she wanted. Olivia resolved to deal with it later. Right now, she was confident that she knew exactly what Alex needed.

Taking Alex's lips in another forceful kiss, she walked her backwards into the master bedroom until Alex's legs hit the side of the mattress. Both of them sank onto the bed, letting the towel fall onto the floor, not caring that they were only half dry and would probably get water all over the sheets.

"Could you – I..."

The detective understood the words that Alex couldn't say. She dropped a soft kiss on her waiting lover's lips, stroking her thighs as she got up from the bed. "Wait here."

For a moment, Alex looked heartbroken and vulnerable in the large bed even though Olivia was only doing what she wanted. Luckily, it only took her a few seconds to find what she was looking for, and less than half a minute to adjust the straps around her waist. They had done this before, but Alex was still somewhat uncomfortable asking for it, and with her emotions running high... Somehow, Olivia wasn't surprised that this was what the attorney needed.

Olivia hesitated at the sight before her – Alex, her body still damp from the shower, skin flushed, eyes soft and so willing. But when she spread her legs, inviting Olivia's touch, outer lips glistening with wetness, she let go of her doubts. For now, she would play Alex's game, but afterwards, they were going to talk.

Hooking one of her lover's legs around her waist, Olivia kissed Alex's chin, curling one hand in golden hair as the other guided the toy to her lover's wetness, murmuring reassurances and endearments instead of the harsh, possessive words she knew Alex probably expected.

Olivia came to a decision. She was going to make Alex lose control tonight. She could tell that the blonde needed it, if the pleading look in those blue eyes and the amount of wetness between them was any indication. She was going to make the lawyer fall apart. Olivia adjusted her position, rising slightly onto her knees between Alex's legs, making her breath catch as she thrust inside of her with one long, smooth motion. Alex's head tipped back, exposing her throat to Olivia's warm kisses as the brunette held her hips still, waiting for her lover to adjust to the fullness, the tightness.

When she felt the stiff muscles of Alex's legs smooth over and settle more firmly around her waist, Olivia pulled out and thrust in again, coaxing a soft sigh of pleasure from the woman beneath her.

Although Alex had not expected this encounter to be tender or gentle, she accepted Olivia's tempo, letting her guide the give and take of their hips, the rhythm of their slow, rocking thrusts, sliding her hands up along Olivia's back and holding on tight. Even though she knew it was impossible, a small part of Alex was afraid that her detective would dissolve into the air and disappear from the circle of her arms.

"Liv, please..." Olivia could hear the thin, strained wire of need in her lover's low voice, but there was something else behind it. Fear. Fear and loneliness. She recognized those emotions. She had heard them in Alex's tone before, but never while they were making love.

Olivia was so wrapped up in her thoughts that the steady rub of the toy's base had less of an effect on her than usual. This put her in a unique position and allowed her to study Alex's movements, the flickering shadows of pleasure and love and worry that bled over onto her face, without distraction. She really is beautiful... so beautiful. I can't believe this woman is mine. And I can't believe I have to leave her – this – now that I have her...

The blonde began to chew on the plump curve of her bottom lip, eyelashes lowering until they were just dark smudges over the points of her cheeks, her jaw tensing as her heartbeat began to speed up, and Olivia knew that she was close. "That's it, sweetheart," she whispered, offering the encouragement she knew her lover needed. "I love you. Come for me."

Those words released her instantly. Olivia was prepared for the deep shudder that ripped through Alex's slender body, the cry of pleasure, but the tears that followed surprised and worried her. Instinctively, she knew that she hadn't hurt her. She could guess what was bothering the attorney – probably the same thing that was bothering her.

"I-I'm sorry," Alex said in a weak voice. "I didn't mean for that to happen... on our last night together..."

Olivia knew that she meant the tears, and did what she could to offer comfort, not removing the toy or leaving Alex's arms, which were still clinging to her like a lifeline. "It's not our last night together. We're going to have lots more nights together when you come back. I promise."

"Make me not go," Alex whispered from somewhere beside Olivia's arm.

"Sweetie, you want to go. You need to go." Olivia recognized the truth in this. Alex did want and need to take this job, even though it was only temporary. It had touched part of her that had become cold, re-kindling the spark, empowering her and helping her rediscover her desire to help and protect those in need. But that didn't mean it wasn't going to hurt.

"Come with me."

"I can't leave my job for six months..."

Alex sighed, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the ball of Olivia's shoulder. "I know," she sighed. "It's just... we're finally together now, and I have to leave. I'm afraid..." her voice trailed off. She was unwilling to put her fears into words, afraid of bringing them one step closer to the real world.

"I'll be waiting right here for you when you come back. I'm not going to run off with the first pretty girl I see while you're playing superhero, fighting for truth and justice."


"I love you. I promise."

No more words were needed as they started moving together again, and this time, Olivia allowed herself to share in Alex's pleasure as both of them memorized the taste, touch, and smell of each other, storing up memories for the lonely period of separation that they knew was coming far too soon.