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Summary: A series of inter-connected and random Inuyasha/Hetalia one-shots/drabbles

Pairing: Japan x Kagome

First Meeting

hers would always be the best

1330 – Nihon

From the first moment that Japan had laid eyes on her, he knew she was special.

"Have you come to see me again?" The words were distant and almost even cold, and Japan wanted to wince, but he easily held an impassive face – one that looked alarming for a child that only appeared slightly older than a mere toddler.

He was no toddler.

"Midoriko-sama," Japan greeted politely by bowing his head, not looking at the high-priestess in the eye, though he much would have liked to, "I have arrived back. Nii-sama said I should stay near you so nothing will happen to me." He murmured, thinking how much he missed China (though he would never admit out loud) because Midoriko was never affectionate as Yao.

(Not that he liked to be hugged or anything).

"I see," Cool blue eyes glanced down at him and Japan could not but help stare into them, almost entranced because he had never seen such beautiful eyes on a human before, "Tell me, how long will you stay with me this time?" Midoriko asked, frowning lightly as she glanced up. Her silky black hair blew around her pale face as an ominous wind seemed to pick up.

"As long as Nii-sama stays away," Japan said quietly, sensing the eerie mood quickly as he watched Midoriko carefully, "He is with... our new brother." He was barely able to even say the words because as much as he hated it, China was absolutely ecstatic to have a new little brother.

Japan wasn't too fond of Korea for that exact reason.

"Are you jealous?" Midoriko asked, her distant tone never wavering as she closed her beautiful blue eyes to sense the large mass of evil energy headed their way. It wasn't very fast, though it would arrive tomorrow night at the very latest.

"N-no!" Japan flustered, quickly denying it and tried to regain his dignity as soon as possible. He stayed quiet, not wanting to embarrass himself further by stating his slight dislike for Yong Soo.

"Nihon – my country," Midoriko abruptly said, causing Japan to snap out of his thoughts and he looked up, shocked that her distant tone melted into something softer. He was well aware of Midoriko's distant behaviour and feelings towards him. She tolerated no supernatural beings other than humans – demons being the worst on her list, "I can feel it. Something big is about to happen." She murmured, looking down at him and he stared back with widened eyes.

The silence was tense until Midoriko broke it again, "I fear that I will live for not much longer," She gave a bitter smile as Japan looked up at her with concern, "The demons have gathered together in order to avenge their fallen comrades, who have already been slain by my hand," Midoriko explained, "You must leave now."

"But..." Japan blinked, feeling a warm hand stroking the top of his head.

"I'm sorry for treating you the way I did," Midoriko gave a beautiful smile and her blue eyes lit up. Japan stared, entranced, "I wish for you to look after my son in my home village." She said, insistingly pushing him towards the path that lead to the village.

Japan started down the path hesitantly, giving one last look at the warrior-miko, "Nihon – I will ask you of one more thing," Midoriko requested quietly, "Watch out for my descendants. My true heir will have the same eyes that I possess."

And the next day, Midoriko fought for seven days and seven nights.

Japan did not shed one tear after her death.


1480 – Edo, Nihon

"It is you again," Kikyou murmured, lowering her bow and arrow as Japan slowly made his way out of the bushes, "What business do you have with me?" Kikyou asked, not letting down her guard in the very least as she conversed with the small country.

She could sense Inuyasha watching her – waiting for his chance to take the Shikon – from the trees.

Japan stared back at her, disappointed once again as he stared into her eyes. Brown – her eyes were brown, not the blue that he had hoped for in the next Shikon guardian, "There is nothing of importance, Kikyou-sama." He stated politely, watching as the miko nodded and was seemingly satisfied with his answer.

"You have just arrived back from the Continent, I take it?" Kikyou asked, gesturing for Japan to come a little closer and he did so. She bent down to start picking the herbs she needed for her village and Japan copied her movements with precision, knowing exactly what to pick and what to avoid.

"Yes." Japan answered shortly, not giving Kikyou any more information because she was just as distant to him as Midoriko was, if not more. Kikyou hated demons more than Midoriko and while he may not be a demon, he wasn't a human either.

The two stayed quiet as they picked the needed herbs and Kikyou handed him the basket, "Here, I would appreciate it truly if you could take these back to Kaede for me." Kikyou said, narrowing her brown eyes and notching an arrow on her bow and aiming it towards a certain tree.

Japan did not look back as Kikyou easily pinned the silver-haired hanyou to the tree with her arrows.

"Stop coming after the Shikon. I have no wish to waste more arrows."

Kikyou was also just another small little pinprick in his body as she was torn down by her apparent lover...


1534 – Edo, Nihon

When Japan met Higurashi Kagome, he felt his heart skip a beat.

Blue. She had blue eyes and they were the most beautiful colour he had ever seen.

That was four years ago.

"You don't need to hide from me," Kagome said with bemusement, her pretty eyes lighting up attractively as she knelt down by the well where Japan was halfway hidden by, "I know you're there~" She teasingly sang out and Japan shyly came out from behind the well. He would never admit it, mostly because it was improper, but he highly enjoyed Kagome's affectionate nature.

"Kagome-sama," He bowed his head, though he widened his eyes when he felt two arms wrap around his small waist, "K-Kagome-sama...?" He panicked slightly, feeling the miko squeeze him tightly in her warm embrace and he couldn't help but relax and sigh contently after the shock wore off.

"I told you to stop calling me that!" Kagome smiled, holding the small country to her chest as she made her way to Edo, "So, have you thought about what we talked before?" She asked, easily balancing Japan on one arm because he was still quite small, much to his loathing.

"I...talked to Yao," He said quietly, refusing to call China his brother anymore because... he wasn't sure why anymore, "And Yong Soo... but I didn't like his idea." He muttered, mentally rolling his eyes at Korea's suggestion because it was just stupid, or so he thought anyway.

"And did Yao come up with anything?" Kagome asked, having never met China in person, but she had heard many tales about him from Japan, "I mean, I can't keep calling you 'Nihon' all the time. A human name will help you blend in and then you will be able play with more kids, other than Shippou-chan and Rin-chan!"

Japan stayed silent, deep in thought as he thought of what his 'human' name should be. He had never really thought anything of it before, as his 'kind' did not need such a thing. But, China had given himself a human name and had given Korea a human name.

He supposed it was time he picked one, too.


Japan froze, hearing the name come from Kagome's lips as she stopped, glancing down at a single lone beautiful flower.

It was a Chrysanthemum.

Japan did not argue against it because he could never say no to her.

Midoriko and Kikyou had both been beautiful, but their beauty was cold and distant and almost of an unapproachable nature.

Kagome, on the other hand, had a warm and sunny beauty that attracted him the most.

He would always prefer Kagome the most.

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