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Carly and Specer Shay made their way up a flight of long stairs each lugging a large box.

"You promise this is the last of it?" Spencer asked panting.

"I promise," Carly replied to her big brother equally strained.

"Why couldn't you just stay with me? It would've been a lot less heavy."

"Because I want to do something new, meet new people, do new things. Besides I know it ruins your dates when you explain that your little sister still lives with you."

"Not really. It's when they find out her best friend lives in my fridge in the middle of the night that they freak out."

They finally reached the door at the very end of the hall that had her name pinned to a corkboard beneath the name Stacy Shawl.

"I wonder when my roommate is going to show up."

"Well, she might be exploring the campus or –"

Carly opened the door to reveal a dark haired couple embracing passionately. They looked up at the intruders and the guy quickly bolted. The girl chased after him yelling, "No, that wasn't him! Come back!"

Momentarily shocked Carly looked back at her brother. "She was exploring alright."

"Yea the inside of that guys mouth." He set his box down next to the others next to Carly's bed. She'd automatically assumed that the bed near the window would be hers since the other bed in the corner was blocked by a folding screen and clearly taken.

Spencer eyed his sister once again wondering if this was a good idea. He liked her where he could keep an eye on her. Her roommate gave him a prime example of what girls were like in college and though he trusted his sister's judgment he was fearful of what she was capable of. She was only 18 after all and that was scary in and of itself.

"You sure you wouldn't rather stay at home? You have your own room and everything. Then you could still do iCarly every week."

The decision to put an end to iCarly was a hard one to make. But with both Carly and Freddie in college and Sam, well Sam was trying to find something to do with her time that would keep her out of jail. They had all sat down and decided to put an end to the show. Carly wasn't quit over the hurt of having to end her web show. In a way it was helping her grow up, but she wasn't 100% sure she was ready to grow up yet.

Despite her qualms she gave Spencer a half smile and said, "I'm sure."

Spencer sighed, "Alright but I'm gonna be watching you like a hawk or worse Mrs. Benson." He picked up a smaller bag labeled bathroom and carried it to the small room off to the side. "Speaking of little Fredward," he yelled back. "Where is he? He said he'd help us carry boxes."

"I dunno," Carly said equally curious and checking her PearPhone.

Almost on cue Freddie burst into the room closing the door and locking it looking visibly out of sorts. He was wearing shorts and a black muscle shirt along with some flip flops even though it was September in Seattle and pouring. Drenched he leaned against the door taking in gulps of air.

For a moment she was distracted by the way the wet shirt stuck to his frame outlining its broadness. He wasn't exactly muscular, but lugging his equipment around had certainly given him definition during his development stages.

"Whoa, what happened to you?" Carly asked as Spencer entered the room. He held up a finger indicating she should wait as he caught his breath.

"Did you get attacked by frat boys? That happened to me my first day at law school. They held me down in a bowl of pistachio pudding until I named all the Supreme Court justices."

Carly nodded, "He hates pistachio pudding to this day."

Freddie half-smiled at that but shook his head. "No. My mom wouldn't let me leave when she found out I had hired movers with my scholarship money and planned to live on campus. She had the crazy eyes."

"I thought you had talked it over with her?" Spencer asked.

"Yea, but she chose to block out everything I said and completely ignored the issue. So, I completely ignored her telling me to stay."

"So what did she do?" Carly inquired.

"Locked me in my room and refused to let me out until I was 30." Freddie ran a hand through his disheveled hair and shook his head warding off the memory. "So I took of my watch, left my pear phone and laptop and left. I figured she still had the trackers in them from freshman year. Luckily I have a full ride here and plenty of scholarship money to replace what I left."

"Wait- how did you escape and why are you out of breath?" Carly aked confused indicating his appearance.

"Funny story. " He began to pace. "When she left to buy a mail slot for my door so she could continue her insane need to keep me there I called Sam and Gibby. I figured Sam knew more than anyone how to bust out of prison-like confinements. She did and we all went to the mall since it would be awhile before I needed to meet you. I was in the Pear Store when my mom showed up. Turns out she had locators in my shirts too." He faced them visibly upset. "You know women with psychotic tendencies should not be allowed around such advanced technology."

"Tell me about it," Spencer piped in. "I had an ex who worked for a satellite company. She'd freak out on me for watching Bikini Boat Babes on the boat channel."

"Anyway," Carly said rolling her eyes at her brother. "Then what happened?"

"I ran. I left Sam and Gibby to distract her and ran as fast as I could. Since I only had about twenty bucks cash on me I bought some clearance stuff and made my way here."

"Why are you still out of breath?"

"Well you know how I left Sam with my mom."

"Oh no,"


A fierce pounding began on the door and they all backed away fearfully. Freddie leaped over boxes and Carly's bed to get to the bathroom. With the target safe Carly moved forward to open the door and narrowly avoided being hit.

Sam moved into the room looking feral. "WHERE IS HE?"

"I'm not telling, you're going to hurt him."

"You're damn right I'm going to hurt him! He left me alone with that crazy woman!"

"Yourself?" Spencer offered giving her an exasperated look.

Carly swore she heard Sam growl before launching herself at Spencer and knocking him onto the bed where she straddled him and tried to claw him. He had a firm grip on her hands and prevented any damage, but still started screaming for help. Freddie came out at the noises and rushed in with Carly to peel Sam off of Spencer. They finally had her standing and restrained- until she saw Freddie. A moment later he was under attack trying to force her back, but not before the small blonde had her hands around his neck. Carly and Spence moved in to rescue the boy.

With some effort Spencer was finally able to pick up Sam and throw her onto the bed.

"STAAAAY" Spencer shouted holding his hands up in case she launched herself again. Sam looked up at him breathing heavily. After a moment between them she sat up straight and crossed her arms. "Hmm I guess she can be tamed." He said turning to face Carly and Freddie with a satisfied smile.

"Hardly," Sam said getting up. "I just know when to retreat." She stood on her tip-toes to point at Spencer, "But I'll get you. When you least expect it."

"I don't like the sound of that," he replied eyeing the small blonde with fear.

"No one does." She took a seat on one of the big boxes.

Carly shook her head at their banter. They always played these games under different circumstances. She wondered how much of it was for Sam's entertainment and how much was because of her unmentioned crush on the man.

"So, why the hellfire, Sam?" Carly asked standing subtly between her two best friends.

"Fredward's mother accused us of trying to kidnap her precious child. When we tried to calm her down decided to disinfect me with one of her stupid sprays."

"That's not so bad."

"She used it like pepper spray! Gibby got the brunt of it while I escaped. He's at home now trying to get the burning to stop. Luckily he's had worse."

"Yea, from you," Freddie accused.

"Innocent until proven guilty," Sam said holding her hands up.

"Then why the vicious attack?" Spencer asked.

"Principle," She replied matter-of-factly. "You were just in the way."

Spencer rolled his eyes.

"Well," Carly said. "Though I've enjoyed the entertainment I could really use everyone's help unpacking."

Everyone began picking up boxes and attempted to get her settled in. Freddie picked up a small box labeled 'clothes' and carried it to a dresser set up on Carly's side of the room. He opened the box and was permitted an unobstructed view of some rather impressive lace bras and panties. Carly came up to stand next to him and caught his look then took the box away.

"Those are private!" she whispered hoping Spence hadn't seen.

Images of her in a particular black lace bra he'd seen brought back fond high school fantasies he hadn't had in a while. Biting his lip he let his mind wander while he picked up another box to unpack.

Carly didn't like that look at all. It reminded her of what went on in boys minds. An image of her wearing a black negligee as Freddie ravished her lips and neck entered her mind. Surprised at the heat in her cheeks and chest she put her underwear on the floor and tried to distract herself. Well, that was interesting, she thought unpacking a lamp and desk organizer.

She attributed it to his recent growth spurt before graduation. It had triggered the response of quite a few senior girls herself included. The only one unaffected was Sam apparently who still dubbed him gross and no match for her.

Carly watched as Sam and Spencer darted glances at each other. Spence's was wary and guarded whereas Sam's was similar to the look she got when waiting for meat to defrost. It should unnerve Carly that her best friend had developed an attraction to her much older brother, but it didn't.

After two hours of unpacking an organizing Carly had her niche in the room set up. Spence had even one of her extra sheets up as a makeshift black curtain surrounding the foot of the bed.

"I have a feeling I'm gonna need some earmuffs too."

"Oh, here," Sam dug around in her pockets and pulled out a small plastic box. "I got some noise cancelling pear headphones at the Pear store."

"You bought them?" Carly asked wondering where she'd found the time.

"I didn't say that." Same said noncommittally.

Carly adopted her 'I won't ask' smile and put them on her nightstand.

"Well now that we're done here, let's go check out my room." Freddie looked at his watch. "The movers should be done setting everything up."

"Ooo sorry, bud," Spence said checking his cell. "I got to get back to the apartment. I have a doctor picking up a sculpture of an appendix for his office."

"And Spence is my ride back," Sam added.

"I am?" He raised a brow.

"You are now."

"Okay, but you gotta promise me you won't attack me while I'm driving."

"No can do."

"What if I make you a sandwich?"

"Now you're talking."

"I wish all girls could be bribed with food. They'd be so much easier to please."

"That's why I'm awesome," Sam said coyly.

"Well, I have nothing to do so lead the way," Carly said to Freddie grabbing her phone and purse.

Freddie and Carly followed Spence and Sam into the hall. At the bottom of the stairs Spence turned to Freddie and leaned down conspiringly and indicated Carly.

"Keep an eye on her for me, bro. Don't let her get too out of control."

"I'll try," Freddie replied. The words out of control and Carly didn't fit, though he'd love to see it. The image of black lace was back.

Spencer exited the building with Sam leading the way. Carly felt herself missing them already, but at least one of her friends was here to keep her company. She turned to Freddie who smiled and led the way to the opposite side of the main floor to the boy's dorm rooms.

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