Note- This fic is inspired by a you tube mvid for this pairing called "Faded".


Morgan and Garcia

Chapter One

March 2011

"Hot Stuff, this day uber sucked. I'm beginning to hate coming into the field with you all," she said, as she sighed heavily, while Penelope and Derek stood in the police station parking lot after a particularly rough case had just ended.

Not only had more victims died after they took the case but Penelope felt she had messed up. To make things even more stressful on her, during the whole case a female police officer had been hitting on Derek, right in front of Penelope. Of course she wouldn't tell him that was driving her crazy but it had been.

She was grateful though that Derek showed no interest back in that woman. These days Penelope and Derek were closer than ever. She relied on him so much when it came to keeping her spirits up. He had helped her to get through her turbulent emotions after she dumped Kevin a few months before. Derek was always there to cheer her up and make her smile again.

Tonight she really needed that.

He raised his hand and brushed the back of a finger down her cheek before gently saying "This was a bad one for all of us."

"Me especially. My mistake led to those people getting killed."

"No, it didn't. You did your best. That's all we can ask of you and all you can ask of yourself."

"I need to do better. I can't afford to ever be off my game and I was today. I was distracted and it cost two people their lives."

"Only the unsub is responsible for those deaths and you know that."

Penelope just stared into Derek's eyes, not responding back, but taking in his words, trying to let herself off the hook. She knew, even before he spoke, what he said was true but she had needed to hear it aloud.

Derek bent his knees and looked straight into her eyes. "Think about it this way, baby girl. There are hundreds of people in this world that are only alive because of your brilliant brain finding what we needed to catch unsubs in the past. Without you this world would be a much darker place so go easy on yourself because as much as you are Superwoman you deserve to have an off moment now and then too. But you always fight back and come back stronger than ever. I'm so proud of you for that. Just remember that you did do good today and you got us what we needed as quick as you could. That unsub can't hurt anyone else ever again. And that is thanks in part to the help of Ms. Penelope Garcia, super tech girl who still doesn't realize how awesome she is no matter how much evidence there is that proves the truth."

Penelope warmed under his soft touch and tender words. He always did this. Always built her back up. It was just one of many things that made her love him.

"Derek Morgan, without you I would be a hot mess so you better always stay in my life."

"I'm not going anywhere," he said before his voice got hoarse, his hand caressed her cheek, tilting her head up, and he added "for the rest of your..." he leaned closer very slowly as their eyes held each other's.

Her breath caught and then her eyes drifted close.

Derek whispered "Life," before his lips gently pressed to hers.

Her heart had jumped to her throat the moment he leaned in so close that there was no doubt left in her mind of what Derek was about to do. Now her heart beat rapidly, as he softly kissed her once. He moved back an inch, hesitated and then gathered her in his arms and pulled her against his body, that she couldn't even think one single coherent thought. All she could do was feel: his strong, muscled arms, the wall of his firm chest, his gentle lips upon hers, his fingers tangling into the back of her hair.

A barely audible moan drifted from her right before his tongue licked across the seam of her lips. Penelope threaded her arms around Derek's neck, pulling him even closer to her as she held the back of his head, and opened her mouth to him. In that moment the past seven years of flirting and friendship weren't on her mind. Neither was the uncertain future.

All she knew was his kiss felt heavenly.

Her body tingled from head to toe as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, turning their sweet kiss of comfort into a hot, desperate kiss filled with desire and neediness. More is what he wanted and more is what she gave.

"Mmm, yes, yes," she whispered against his mouth right before she heard Rossi chuckle.

"Well, well, well, what do we got here?" Rossi teased.

Penelope jumped back from Derek. Her hand shot to cover her mouth, her chest rising and falling rapidly as her heart continued to race like a drum.

Her eyes darted to Rossi, who was standing off near the team SVU. In the distance, behind him, Penelope saw Reid and Prentiss leaving the police station. Her gaze jerked back to Derek, who was staring at her with eyes dark with hunger. The look of a man who knew just what he wanted and would not be denied. A look she had never seen in his eyes before.

She gulped down a breath.

Rossi held up his hands. "Sorry, kids! Don't let me stop ya, though."

Derek glared at Rossi but Rossi just smiled back, shook his head in a rueful way, and turned to open the door of the SUV.

Penelope was trying to catch her breath. When Derek looked back at her his eyes searched hers. She gave him a wide eyed look.

A moment later Reid and Emily made it down the sidewalk. They were playfully arguing about where to go for dinner that night before the team would hop on the plane headed back to Virginia.

Reid said to Derek "You want Mexican, right?"

Emily told Derek "Don't answer that. We're getting Chinese."

Reid argued "This should be put to a fair and democratic vote."

Emily answered "No."

"Just no? That's the end of this conversation?" Reid asked

"Yep," Emily said, with a big grin, as she pulled open the door to the SUV.

Hotch came walking up then and Emily said "We're getting Chinese for dinner."

"Sounds good," Hotch answered.

Reid groaned. "Why does she always get to pick?"

"Boy genius, don't argue with a lady," Penelope teased him. "If you're worried about using chopsticks I could feed you your dinner."

Reid shook his head at her gentle teasing, rolled his eyes and got in the SUV.

Derek stepped close to Penelope. Put his hand on her back, leaned close to her ear and whispered "What I would give for just five minutes without this bunch around right about now."

She smiled slightly and climbed into the SUV. Five more minutes alone with Derek sounded like heaven at that moment. Five hours alone in his arms would be even better though.