Morgan and Garcia

Chapter Twelve

March 2012

Penelope didn't officially live with Morgan but she thought of his home as theirs now. In just two months time she would be his wife. The idea sent a thrill through her.

When they met she never thought they'd end up where they were. It had taken a lot of growing up to be ready to be together. She used to think that since it didn't happen right away it wasn't really meant to happen at all. That they would forever be a fun, flirty office romance. But somewhere along the way they became so much more: the best of friends, confidants, family, and finally lovers.

They had it all. She wouldn't give up a single moment of the seven years she had spent knowing Derek. Sure they had been to hell and back during that time but it just made Penelope appreciate this time all the more.

Being engaged to a chocolate God was as uber awesome as she always imagined it would be.

Coming home tonight, on their first anniversary, she was reminded of how lucky she truly was. She came into their house to find a happy, slobbering dog that greeted her enthusiastically. A sleeping cat lay near the sofa. The smell of dinner permeated the air and soft jazz music was playing.

Lilac rose petals lay on the floor, making a trail to the kitchen. She shed her coat, put down her purse and keys, and followed the flowers till she came upon her fiancé dancing around as he prepared a salad.

"What a sexy personal chef I have," she cooed. "Can I pay you in sexual favors? Cause there was this software upgrade that all the cool techies had and I just had to buy one for myself so I'm a little tapped out right now."

Derek smirked at her. "I don't come cheap, woman."

"Ohhhh, well, in that case, I guess I'll be working off your services for years to come."

He set down the knife he was using to cut tomatoes. Giving her a heated look, he said "Then we better get started right away."

Derek moved toward Penelope and she let out a throaty giggle and moved back. She joked "Do I look like they kind of woman who lets you go to second base before you even feed me an appetizer? I think not, mister! I was raised right!"

"Baby girl, forget second base. I'm heading straight for home." He picked her up and set her on the dining room table. Their lips met in a kiss. Penelope quickly unbuttoned Derek's shirt and started to kiss all over his throat and chest, sucking lightly on his skin and flicking his nipples with her tongue.

He unzipped her dress, peeled the top off her shoulders and arms, and pushed up the skirt. His hands roamed over her bare skin, setting her on fire with his needy, eager touch. To know how much he craved her was the biggest turn on for Penelope.

Long ago she had stopped wondering if he liked her body. Now she knew that Derek Morgan was so hot for her it was a miracle he didn't take her against every flat surface in the BAU. He sure as hell wanted to and only the knowledge that they would be fired stopped him- just barely.

Their lips met again in a torrid kiss and soon she had his pants and boxers pushed down, her hand stroking his cock and dragging moans from his lips as they still kept exchanging wet, hot, desperate kisses. The last case had only been two days but one of those days was their anniversary and they had both ached to spend it together.

The want had grown last night while he lay in a hotel room alone with her on the other end of the phone. Their flirty words stroking the flames higher, making it all that much hotter when they finally did get back in the same place again.

Morgan dragged his lips off hers and started to kiss her throat, finding that spot that made her shiver every time. He gripped her ass and tugged her to the edge of the table, slipped his hand between their overheated, half clothed bodies and pushed aside her panties, stroking over her slicked sex and working her into a frenzy of need.

"Baby, baby, ohhhhh," she cried.

"You like that, baby girl?" He lessened his touch till it was barely there. His other hand lightly circled her puckered nipple.

"So you wanna play huh?" she flirted with him. "Not tonight, handsome." She led his cock to her and brushed it up and down her overheated sex. "I guess a girl has to on her own...ohhhhhh."

"Hush, you naughty girl," he flirted with her as he plunged deep inside and she cried out in pleasure.

Each thrust was long and slow at first, as he built her desire till she was begging for release and he was panting from how damn good it felt.

"Oh, God!" Penelope cried. "Yes, yes, yes! DEREK!"

He gripped her hips harder and started to speed up. A few fast, hard thrusts and then he was pushed into a blissful, mind numbing orgasm, filling her with his warm cum. She had thrown away her birth control on Valentine's Day after they had an emotional middle of the night conversation while laying in bed together. She had been too sick to make love that night so they had watched movies, cuddled and talked about their relationship. How it was the first Valentine's Day they were actually a couple. How so many things had changed in less than a year. And that's when he told her that next year he'd love to have a pregnant wife to cuddle with. Penelope had been shocked that he was really done practicing but she had to admit that the idea of being his baby mama really appealed to her. They saw so much horror everyday in their jobs that it was easy to think this world certainly didn't need another child in it...a child that could be hurt by an unsub. They both liked the idea of adopting a child in need. Maybe someday they would. For now they were just loving each other and letting whatever God wanted to happen go ahead and happen. If they had a baby together they would feel blessed. But either way they knew they would grow a family of Morgans and their kids would always be cherished by them. It took eight years for them to decide to have a family together but now they had no doubts this is just what they were supposed to be doing and at this time too.

Bodies still joined, as they came down from their high, panting and holding each other close, Derek kissed Penelope's shoulder. "Mmmm, anniversary sex is the best."

She chuckled. "That's what you say about make up sex and birthday sex and Christmas sex and Sunday morning sex."

"What can I say? At the time it all rates the best title in my book."

"You are way too easy to please."

"You are way too good at pleasing me. Watch yourself, woman. I just may have to go and marry you if you keep this up."

She smiled. "Well I already do have a dress so all right, if you insist."

With a grin on his lips, he shook his head at her. "What I insist on is that we wash this table off before we sit down for dinner."

Penelope laughed. That night was just the first of a lifetime of anniversary celebrations for this couple. Once the babies came dining room table sex was out but they still managed to get in their nookie sessions. And Derek always kept coming up with his best ever titles: hammock sex, ocean sex, sex at a party, sex in the laundry room against the whirling washing machine.

She had to agree. It always felt like the best when it was the two of them. Marrying the guy who rocks your world certainly is the way to go. Penelope was glad she didn't let the seven years they were only friends convince her they could never have more. Because it was year seven when things truly got smoking hot...and she would not have wanted to miss that for anything.