My wish was granted.

I had wanted to see you again, not as a priestess of the Goddess but as a son would look upon his mother.

After I had found out my true parentage and concocted the plan as to how we should take the high throne and keep the ways of the Goddess alive. My heart began to weep for you. It was no wonder as to why you had left me in the Scottish wilderness and returned to Camelot. How would you have been able to look at me, knowing what I was and what a crime against nature we had committed. You and him for begetting me, me for becoming the scandal and shame of Avalon.

I finally arrived at Camelot where I met Arthur- the man who was my uncle and father too, I couldn't help but notice how unlike you were. You were dark and graceful with hair like midnight and eyes like steel, pale skin like the moon, almost fae like. Arthur was the sun child, golden skin that once glowed now diminished with age and strife, blue eyes like the open sea, blonde hair streaked with grey I started to wonder. Was this the prodigal son of Avalon?