Once again my Candy-bunnies would not give up. Well, here's the result of Cody and Randy demanding to be all angsty again.

Summary: Cody's behaving weird as of late, distant and cold. Randy's finally had enough and demands answers.

Warning: Slash, Fluff, Angst

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It was honestly driving him nuts. Finally, they had three days off in a row and his lover behaved like an ice-block towards him. Not that it was anything new. Cody had been like that for weeks now and he had absolutely no idea why. He had thought about reasons a million times already and the only plausible one that had come out of it was that Cody might have been cheating on him.

God knew, the young man had every right to. Not only did they barely see each other anymore ever since the draft –one, two days every other week was all they got- but also had he turned 30 this year. He was an old man after all. He could not even blame the young, energetic man to look for someone younger, someone who had the same interests as he did. They had barely anything in common after all.

The problem was that everytime Randy tried to coax it out of his lover –why he behaved like that, why he was so distant, so cold towards him- the younger man managed to change the topic or –and that hurt him the most- just walked out of the room without any further words. It was driving him insane.

The draft sure had not been easy on them, but they had managed at first. He had even gotten himself an iPhone -even though he hated all that new technology-shit- to chat with the young brunette daily, twice, three times even, whenever they had a few minutes for themselves. The days they were able to spend together, they had always done something special. Going out for lunch, dinner, driving down to the sea, something normal couples did, something Cody had always said he missed in their relationship. And after that, they had pretty much spent the rest of the day in bed.

That had changed four weeks ago though, right after Cody had won those Tag Titles and he had become Champ. He thought that now that they were finally able to spend more time together again –with Cody being on Raw more often- they could grow closer again, more intimate even. However, the opposite had happened. Cody barely touched him anymore, let alone had sex with him. The usual gleam of lust in those bright blue eyes had been replaced with something dark, something sad even and it started to worry him.

The only chance –besides locking the young man in a room with himself- he saw to find out what was wrong, was to give a call to the man who the young man traveled with most of the time. If anyone knew, then it surely would be him.

Leaning against the counter, cell phone clutched to his ear while his other arm was wrapped around his own waist, Randy waited impatiently for Drew to pick hip, lips already sore from chewing on them so much.

Cody had gone out an hour ago to run some errands and surely would be back soon, so he just hoped that the Scottishman would not take too long to answer. Just when that thought crossed his mind and he ran a shaky hand through his freshly shorn hair, he heard the grumpy voice of the younger man on the other end.


They were not really the best of friends, but they had talked together from time to time when they had crossed paths. His telephone-number however, Randy had stolen from Cody's phone earlier that day.

"Hey, Drew. It's Randy."

He was surprised that his voice did not give up.

He could clearly hear the surprised hum on the other end of the line, envisioning the long-haired male to raise a brow in confusion of his call, but the reply sounded calm and almost expecting.

"Hey there, man. How have ya been doing?"

As if they were old friends. That was something he liked about Drew, definitely, the fresh and ever kindly mentality of the young man.

"I'm good… I'm good… Well, actually…" A sigh escaped his lips as he pushed himself away from the counter, swallowing hard before he continued. "Look… I'm a bit… well, worried about Cody. He's not the same for a while now. He's like… I dunno… distant and stuff."

He waited for the younger man to hum in acknowledgment before continuing. It felt weird to talk to anyone else but John or Ted –their best friends after all- about their relationship, especially with someone he barely knew. "I thought that maybe… You know, you two travel together a lot. Maybe he has mentioned something towards you. Why he's been off as of late… or maybe… I dunno… You've seen something."

Honestly, Drew had dreaded the call to come. He knew exactly what was on Cody's mind. They had talked about it only a week ago and he had promised his partner not to say a word to anyone, especially not Randy. Even though he had been surprised at first, that the older man had really taken the step to call him, he could not blame him at all.

"Well… in all honesty… I dun know what's wrong with him." He would surely go to hell for lying like that… and if Randy would find out that he lied, he would go there rather soon.

"He did nawt say anything."

Even though Randy did not believe one word, he nodded nonetheless, giving a sigh of relief to the man on the other line. "You really don't know anything? I mean… you must have realized it, too. He can't just be like that towards me, right? Or…" He kept his last thought for himself; stopping mid-sentence to sigh again as he shakily raked a hand over his face, not even expecting an answer from the Scottishman.

"Who knows… maybe he's preggo?" At least that broke the tension, as Randy let go of a short chuckle, shaking his head at the clearly playful joke of the other man. "Ah really dunno, man. Ah'm sorry Ah can't help."

Just when he was about to answer, he heard the front-door going, indicating that Cody was back from his shopping-trip. Quick to lower his voice, Randy made his way over to the kitchen-door to peak his head around the corner, seeing the young man carrying three big bags inside. "Listen… I gotta go now. Thanks anyways. We'll see each other soon." The hushed whisper told Drew enough to know that Cody must have been somewhere near the older man and he gave Randy a hum of acknowledgment before saying his Good Byes –even though the older man never heard it, having already hung up.

It was just in time for Cody to step inside the kitchen, regarding the tattooed man with arched brows and a look of curiosity on his handsome face –a face that had been clouded with wrinkles as of late, of sorrow, of pain. Unbeknownst to Randy, he had heard the last few ushered words. "Who was that?" Cody did not even wait for an answer as he walked past his older lover to place the bags full of errands on the counter, keeping his eyes straightforward.

Four weeks ago, he would still have gotten a kiss, now he did not even get a smile anymore. "No one. Nothing important at least." Trying to play it cool, Randy crossed his arms in front of his broad chest, shrugging his shoulders as he watched his young lover cautiously putting the errands away. Even though he could not see his face, he knew the younger man did not buy his answer, hearing the trembling hum he gave in return.

He just stood there, in the middle of their kitchen, watching his lovers every move while he was thinking about what to do. How to finally get him to talk, to open up, to change back into his old Cody again and just when he thought he had found an answer, he saw the young brunette struggling with the highest cupboard –as so often before. Sighing, more to himself, he walked over towards his lover and grabbed the can of beans out of his hand before placing it where it belonged.

He could feel Cody's whole body tense as his chest pressed against the young mans back, could hear the sharp intake of breath when their bodies touched, Cody's front pressing against the cold surface of their counter, and for the shortest of moments he thought he had heard a faint whimper escaping the younger mans lips.

It instantly brought him back to past times, to times when everything still had been good between them, when Cody and him where still fresh, where still desiring each other, could not keep their hands to themselves. How often they had done it on exactly that counter, Cody's sweating, heaving body pressed against it while he was sliding in and out of him, his large palms firmly clamped on those perfect, lithe hips.

Unconsciously, he let his arms slip down, hands reaching for exactly that body part as he let his head drop forward, nose buried in the crook of Cody's neck. He did not care that his young lover was frozen on the spot, just inhaling that sweet scent of Vanilla on his smooth skin, just feeling that perfectly toned, soft body pressed against his. He had missed that, desperately.

What he surely had not planned on, was Cody suddenly pushing him away with a harshness that made him stumble backwards in surprise, his eyes widening the instant they met Cody's, seeing the blankness, the coldness, the… was that hate? Blinking rapidly for a few times, thankful that the kitchen table had stopped his stumbling form, he grabbed tightly onto the edge of it as he gulped down the lump in his throat. "Why?" It was the only question that came into his mind, the only word he was able to form in that very moment, his mouth completely dry.

However, Cody did not give him a reply. He simply glared at him, face expressionless, almost emotionless, blank, before setting his body into motion and walking past him without so much of a word.

Not this time, he would not let him leave this easily, not this time. Before the young brunette had stomped outside, his hand snapped forward and took a hold of his wrist, firmly, demanding, his trembling voice betraying his hard features as he had finally had enough. "Stay!" It was not a question, not a plea, but a simple order, though it came out weaker than he had meant it to sound. His patience was gone.

Not loosening his grip the least, he dragged Cody over towards the kitchen-table again, almost throwing him onto one of the chairs they had bought together two months ago when they had decided to re-decorate a little. The young man however, did not budge, not one word, not one twitch of his lips, only a firm, cold glare from his else so bright and shining baby-blues as he shifted around in his seat to get comfortable, arms firmly crossed over his chest.

Silent treatment was the worst for him. Not only that he had no idea why the young man was so mad at him, but every other treatment –shouting, hitting, crying- everything was better than that. Pacing through the kitchen, one hand running through his shorn hair, the other one planted on his hip, Randy's eyes flicked over to his lover every now and then while he decided what to say, how to do this the best, how to finally get a word out of the stubborn, obviously hurt man.

Finally taking a long, deep breath, eyes closing for a moment to calm himself, he cracked his neck a few times before fixing his lover with the warmest smile he could muster in this situation, walking over until he was standing right in front of him. "Talk to me, please!" Even though he had meant it as an order, it sounded more like a plea, his desperateness not only showing in his eyes but also in his tone as he kneeled down in front of the younger man.

Cody, however, turned his head to the side; swallowing hard at the needy tone in the older mans voice, not able to meet his gaze. It was something Randy had already become used to, but also knew how to manage. Preying Cody's arms free from his body, entangling them with his large, sweating palms, he placed them on Cody's thighs before taking his hands in his, thumbs carefully rubbing circles in his palms. "Look at me, Codes. Look at me and finally tell me what the fuck is wrong with you. What I have done wrong."

Still, he got nothing. Cody's head lowered as he sighed deeply and shook it from left to right before locking eyes with the older man, completely blank, completely emotionless. "Nothing. It's nothing." Unconsciously tightening his grip on Cody's hands, Randy let go of a growl as he clenched his jaw, trying to keep his temper in check, eyes turning from a saddened, broken blue to a cold, desperate grey as he breathed in heavily.

"Don't give me that shit, Cody! Don't tell me it's nothing when all you do towards me is bitch and snap. You've turned into…" He let go of the younger mans hands, getting back up on his feet as he raked a shaking hand over his face, taking several deep breath' to get himself under control again. "You've turned into an ice-block, Cody… A cold, emotionless ice-block and I feel as if I am losing you… without even knowing why, damnit."

"I saw you." Head snapping around to arch his brow at Cody, confusion written all over his already wrinkled features, Randy blinked repeatedly, trying to progress what the younger man was talking about. He could not come up with anything, though. "What do you mean?" Well, at least they were back to speaking-terms again.

Cody closed his eyes, taking a breath as he smacked his lips, palms suddenly very wet as he rubbed them dry on the material of his jeans. Opening his eyes again, Randy could clearly see a change in them, something warm, something pained, something that looked like insecurity as his younger lover opened his lips to speak. "That night… at… after Night of Champions… I saw you and John."

It still did not make any sense to him; Randy crossing his arms over his chest once again as he curiously regarded the young brunette, leaning back against the kitchen-table. "Yeah… and?" Suddenly, the rage was back, Cody's eyes darkening again as he clenched his fists and lowered his head once more. It was too hard to look at Randy, too hard to stay strong while looking at the love of his life and see him lie straight into his face. "You fucking kissed him! You kissed him and then… then…" He just had to know it, had to see the expression on Randy's face when he finally told him that he had seen, that he knew. Raising his head again, tears clouding his vision and lips trembling –a sight that almost caused Randy to break- he continued. "You've given him a ring."

Suddenly, it all dawned on him. That night, shortly after John's match had been over, they had met in front of his best friends locker-room. He had asked the older man for a favor, a favor only he could fulfill and when John had said yes, he had kissed him quickly on his lips –an innocent, friendly gesture they had often done before he and Cody had become an item- and then he had given his friend the ring, THAT ring.

If the situation had not been so serious, he would have started to laugh. It had all just been a silly misunderstanding. Crouching back down in front of his younger lover, softest of smirks gracing his lips, his eyes back to their usual warm, deep blue, he took back hold of those trembling, shaking hands. Out of habit, out of instinct, Cody's head turned back away from him but only until he heard the smooth, velvety voice rumbling the next words. "Cody, please look at me." He knew that the young man could read his expressions better than anyone could, that he would clearly see the truth when he just met his gaze, when he just looked back at him.

Hesitantly, but willingly, Cody turned back around, feeling those colossal but smooth palms gentle squeezing his hands as their eyes finally met. "I'm sorry. That night… I was just so damn happy, for you, for me… and… well, for us. I had made a decision that night and shared it with John the minute he had come back from his match. I had asked him for a favor and when he had said yes, I was just so overwhelmed that I did what we had often done before. I kissed him on his lips. I'm sorry for that. I was not thinking clearly back then, but believe me that it meant nothing, nothing but a friendly, overly excited peck."

He watched Cody's expressions calmly, intensely, for any signs of doubt, any signs of disbelief. When he found none, and he saw the slightest of flashes in those beautiful blues, he continued. "That ring, baby… It was not… it IS not meant for John, but for you." Cody's eyes suddenly went wide, lids fluttering with the effort to keep them open, lips opening to speak, but words being stuck in his throat. It was an image, Randy adored, one that he loved. The image of pureness and innocence. "But…"

Shaking his head, the older mans smirk turned into a smile, his perfect white teeth flashing as he faced Cody again, nothing but love and warmth in his eyes. "You know how often you complained about me losing stuff? My keys, my necklace, the shopping-chip, the key-card?" He did not even need to wait for Cody to nod, knowing exactly that the young man could remember. The flush on his cheeks, clearly one of slight embarrassment, even adding to the cuteness of the image as Randy's thumbs brushed over his knuckles.

"That's why I'd asked John to take the ring until the time is right… until I need it. That's why I had been so excited when he had said yes. Cody… it's all just been a huge misunderstanding."

All of a sudden, all the rage and coldness had left his body, Cody's cheeks burning red in embarrassment. All of a sudden, he felt more than just ashamed for his recent behavior, for being so distant, so cold, so harsh towards his older lover. For not speaking with him, not touching him, for even shoving him away earlier. He wished a hole would just come up in the kitchen-floor and swallow him.

Tears forming in his usual crystal-blue eyes, he held back a sob trying to escape, feeling so stupid, like an immature, completely idiotic asshole, thinking that over so many weeks, he had really thought that Randy would cheat on him when all the older man had wanted was…


Suddenly it dawned on him, his eyes widening again as he stared at his older lover who was still watching him cautiously, small smile playing on his lips, warm, sincere eyes studying his expressions, palms still cradling his hands. "You… You… the ring… OH FUCK."

He really could not help the chuckle escaping his lips now as he watched the look of sheer shock, of surprise, of embarrassment on his younger lovers face, Cody's hand quickly snapping up to cover his wide open lips as he blinked rapidly at the now laughing, tall, tattooed man, kneeling in between his thighs.

His own hand coming up to prey Cody's free from his lips, he carefully led it to his own lips, kissing his knuckles one by one, the only sounds in the room the steady summing of their fridge and Cody's trembling, whispering voice "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… so so sorry…I'm so…" He stopped mid-rambling when Randy's thumb gently pressed against his quivering lips, the older mans eyes showing nothing but adoration, love and forgiveness as he rose up on his knees to replace his thumb with his lips.

The kiss was sweet, soft, caressing, something both of them had missed desperately ever since Cody had gone "mad", Randy's palm softly cupping the flushed cheek of his lover as their eyes fluttered shut, two simultaneous, content sighs ringing through the air.

When he felt the young mans breath finally even again, his trembling form slowly calming down, Randy pulled back, resting his forehead against that of his lover as he waited for Cody's eyes to open. "When the time is right…" The only answer he got was a shy smile and a slow nod of the younger mans head, but for the first time in over four weeks, he was actually glad about the silence.

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