I woke up to the sun shining into my face and a cold something pushing my foot. I couldn't help but kick at it. It gave a yelp and a whine then scampered away to scratch at the door of my room. I finally sat up and swung my legs onto the floor. "Morning Lizzy." I stood up letting the blankets fall from my body to the floor. I proceeded into the bathroom where I took care of daily morning routines and change into a pair of yoga pants, a tank top, and running shoes. I then pulled my hair into a high ponytail to keep it out of my face. Although it was medium length it still got in the way of my morning exercises.

I walked out to see Lizzy sitting in front of the door to my deck whining as a squirrel seem to mock her. I smile and opened the door after grabbing my yoga mat. Lizzy took of running after the squirrel. Luckily it was a fast runner. "Okay Lizzy. Mama's going to do yoga now preceded to doing doggy things." I set up my mat and radio and started to exercise while Lizzy sniff the grass beyond the deck for a go place do her business.

"Okay Lizzy ready for an early morning run?" Lizzy looked at me from her rolling on the grass. She then bounded into the house at lighting speed when I whistled. I walked in and snapped a leash on her collar. We walked to the door and hesitating for a moment, I grabbed a jacket. Then we were off running. We took the long route through the park. The advantage of running at dawn is that no one's put and the streets are relatively quiet and I could let Lizzy of the leash to throw a ball for her.

As we enter the park I noticed what appeared to be four people jogging. Four guys, well at least I thought the red- head was a guy. I slowed down and gripped Lizzy's leash tighter. She might be friendly, but she would bark when she sensed a threat. I gave the leash a yank and pulled Lizzy around the group and ran down a less used path. The group of guys followed. ~Weird~ I kept running making sure to keep track of the steps behind me. When we kept running and their steps didn't stop after each turn we took. I looked back to see them all intent on following me. I ran out into a large field off the path, and swung around when they arrived.

"What's your problem!" I couldn't help but blow up; I mean they followed me for almost a mile! "Are you guys new to running? Do you need someone to show you the ropes or are you stalkers!" Lizzy growled at them, when the red-head stepped forward she snapped.

"Please Miss this is a misunderstanding." I scoffed, "Really? Let me guess you need a new route happened to notice me running and decide to follow? Have you noticed where in the middle of this park?" Lizzy snarled. "Calm down Lizzy."

One of the guys stepped forward, "Hey, at least hear us out!"

"And I should listen to some guys who may be stalker intent on group rape. I'm not stupid." The red-head try to speak again. "Miss really we just need to talk to you. If you could calm down, maybe we can talk rationally."

"Fine. Lizzy calm." The dog by my side sat quietly but eyed the four men shrewdly. "Okay you've got four minutes before I call the police, scream bloody murder, and Lizzy goes for the nearest person's throat. "