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AN: I'm pretty much rewriting episodes starting from when Jo character arrives

Chapter One

"Who is that?" Kendall asked one day at the Palm Woods. He and James, Logan, and Carlos were relaxing at the pool.

"I have no idea but she's mine!" James exclaimed. He was just about to jump up and make his move before the three others grabbed him by the back of the shirt and pulled him down.

"Dude you always get they girl, give us a chance for once." Carlos whispered. Kendall and Logan nodded. James glared at them.

"All is fare in love and war." James hissed at them before walking in the opposite direction.

"Hey apparently to Ms. Knight's magazine 75% of all girls are attracted to the bad bay type." Logan explained.

"I call the bad boy!" Carlos exclaimed.

"No need for me to worry. 100% of all girls are attracted to men with British accents." Logan exclaimed, "Which I call." Kendall sighed.

"None of us are even British. And I think I will be myself." He noted. Logan and Carlos busted out in laughter.

"Ha good luck with that one," Logan exclaimed in a British accent.

"Oh just you wait." Kendall explained.

Later That Day AT Rocque Records

"Alright Dogs so Griffin wants one of your demos to be a ballad – a love song." Gustavo, their producer tells them.

"A ballad, are you serious? We're a boy band." Kendall explains.

"Not yet you aren't. If you want to stay at the Palm Woods or more specifically LA, you will record this ballad. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Gustavo asks, his face was as red as a stop sign. Kendall nodded and peered around his shoulder and saw a VERY LARGE MAN standing in the corner of the room.

"Um, who is that guy?" Kendall asked with a confused face while pointing at the man.

"The name's Freight Train." He replies. The boys nodded.

"Alright, the songs about true love, like when you look at that girl and you know she's the one. Do you Dogs get what I'm saying?" Gustavo asked. The guys sighed and smiled… obviously going back into flashbacks when they first saw Jo – the new girl, this morning.

"SHE WILL BE MINE!" Logan exclaimed. And that's when another fight broke out. Gustavo, his assistant Kelly and Freight Train stepped back.

"Freight Train, get rid of the hounds." Gustavo explained. With both arms Freight Train managed to lift all four boys and plow them out of the room.

"Wow, that guy is good." Kelly noted.

"He's going to be useful." Gustavo said.

Palm Woods

Kendall sat in the apartment while the guys were probably thinking of clever ways to swoon Jo off her feet. The apartment reeked with some man spray that James had been spraying all over himself since he'd gotten it. James always got the girl, and Kendall was sick of it. Then Kendall's little sister Katie appeared next to him.

"What's wrong big brother?" She asked him; as she took a seat on the couch next to him.

"It's this girl…" Kendall explained.

"A new girl," Katie stated. Kendall looked at her in confusion. "I heard James screaming 'I WILL GET HER IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!'" She explained. "He smelled terrible."

"Yes and I knew that man spray wouldn't work." Kendall explained. "See all the guys are trying to impress her and they aren't being themselves. In this business it's the most important thing you have." Kendall explained.

"I understand big brother, people do tend to down in the shallowness of fame." Katie explained. "And I know you won't lose yourself Kendall. I bet that girl will see right through Carlos, Logan, and James when she realizes that they aren't being themselves."

"You know Katie you really are wise beyond your years." Kendall said before kissing her forehead.

"Let's just hope Mr. Bitters doesn't realize that anytime soon." She laughed. "Now go get that girl big brother."

Kendall walked to the lobby to find Logan and Carlos hiding behind a plant and intently watching Jo from afar. Carlos grabbed Kendall by the leg and pulled him to the floor.

"I'm going first. Wait in line." Carlos explained. He was dressed in bad boy attire. Kendall rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe that Carlos thought that this would actually work. He watched Carlos as he hopped onto a chair by Jo.

"Hey," Carlos said.

"Hi I'm Jo. Are you auditioning for the bad boy role in the script?" She asked, pointing to her script. "I hate bad boys in real life; ugh they think they are so cool." Carlos developed a look of panic on his face.

"Uh no, I'm actually from England… Cheerio!" He exclaimed in a British accent before running back to the safety of his friends.

"Hey I called the British accent." Logan explained annoyed.

"I panicked! I didn't know what else to do!" Carlos explained; he was obviously embarrassed.

"Well I'm going in." Logan explained. He almost made it to the chair Carlos was in before Camille, an actress at the Palm Woods showed up. She grabbed him and kissed him on the lips repeatedly.

"If anyone tries to steal you away from me… they will have to go through me first!" She exclaimed before walking by Kendall and Carlos.

"One Tree Hill?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah, we'll go with that." Camille explained with a smirk. Kendall and Carlos shrugged before returning their attention to Logan. He just looked at Jo with a shocked face. He stood there speechless for several moments before storming off.

"I get a redo." Logan announced when he reached Kendall and Carlos. The two shook their heads no.

"Well I'm going to go be myself and impress Jo." Kendall explained before casually walking to the area where Jo had been sitting. He looked to see no one there. He turned towards Mr. Bitters who just gave him an evil smile from his desk.

"She went to an audition. She usually gets back at five thirty." He explained. Kendall walked back towards Logan and Carlos.

"That deserves a redo. She wasn't even there!" He explained. Come on Jo I'm throwing myself out here. Just give me the chance. Kendall thought and then sadly sighed.