"Oh come on! You've got to be fricking kidding me!" Abby stomped her foot in frustration as her database search offered up yet another negative result. "That's a nada on the jewelers, infinity tattoos from tattoo shops and coinciding localized credit card usage. And a yada… yesda…positive on expected passing ATM footage near both their houses. Absolutely nothing hinky at all!"

The logical scientist side of her knew that it couldn't be true. But she had heard the tape. It was an instinctive answer, smooth, seamless and flawless. Except for the tiny detail of lacking a ring. Tony DinNozzo had actually use the words "I" and "married" in the same sentence. Without requiring CPR afterwards. And her bug in the squadroom had never let her down before. It slipped out of his mouth, naturally and comfortably. 'sweetheart'. She so had them, she just needed proof.

Abby turned and stalked over to her Mass Spec and ran a tattooed hand kindly over it's plastic cover. "It's all down to you. You know what you need to do, so do it."

"This had better be case related," Gibbs raised an eyebrow as he entered the lab.

"Um, of course Gibbs," Abby mumbled and rushed back to the computer to minimize her search results. "I've run the DNA from the John Doe and it hasn't come back from any domestic systems yet. I'm running it through Interpol and immigration and also due to his rather patriotic choice of boxers, I sent his photo to ADFIS to see if he has made any threats against their navy."

"Ok. Call me when you get something." Gibbs held out the Caf Pow! which Abby immediately began sucking.

"As soon as I know, you'll know. Well, actually if you want to be accurate, immediately after I receive a result, process it's meaning, pick up the phone and call you, you'll know Gibbs."

"Thanks, Abby." Gibbs kissed her cheek and walked out of the lab. As he waited for the elevator, he called back over his shoulder, "She can't pick the lock every time she goes home. Woulda been easier if you'd just checked their keyrings..."

A/N Ok, so like Abby, I know there isn't anything but these two comments by Tony really stood out to me for some reason!