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(This is picking up the day after her initiation)

It was Cassie's first meeting, besides last night. She felt strange. Considering she found Kori's body, felt the dread of never being in the club, being kidnapped in the middle of the night, being initiated into the club, being told she was a witch and discovering that the boy she was in love with in fact belonged to her best friend – her adopted big sister, she was doing pretty darn well.

Last night was embarrassing. When they had kidnapped her she was wearing short shorts and a long sleeved black top as her pyjamas, so all together short shorts, black long sleeved top, no bra, messy hair and no make-up, not a good look.

No one should have seen her like that, not that anyone cared, only Sean. Sean's a nice guy but a bit of a pervert. Cassie hated the fact he kept his eyes on her bare legs.

Nick's embrace was sexless unfortunately. She liked Nick.

She might be in love with Adam, but she liked Nick, she could love him. Was it possible to love to people at the same time?

Anyway, I might be in the club now, but I don't feel I belong. Kori was meant to be here not me! I don't belong here I'm not even a full witch! Could she possibly leave the club? She was in, but if it got to much, could she leave?

Her eyes past from one member to the other, knowing that most of these members regretted Cassie being in the club. Chris and Doug Henderson for one, their baby sister Kori, was meant to be here, not Cassie. Deborah – Nick's cousin – for another hated her. She disturbed the ritual by saying, 'I still don't think she's one of us, I don't think she ever can be'. She had a point. But how can Cassie tell her own feelings about their decisions?

Suzan followed Deborah through anything so she probably hated Cassie too. And she couldn't trust Faye as far as she could throw her so the hating was reversed on that one.

Nick, well Nick didn't show any emotions so she didn't know about him.

Melanie was right before. Cassie was a puppy off the street. And she always will be.

Okay, stop it! Your depressing yourself!

Cassie's eyes rested on Adam's, he was holding Diana's hand which sent a pang through Cassie's stomach and heart. She shook her head. Cassie made a vow last night, to never let Diana – or even Adam – know about what happened at Cape Cod and to never let them know how she felt.

She would try and never be alone with Adam either, and to never, ever look into those blue-grey eyes or she'll melt.

Shaking back to reality she listened to the voices around her and the music playing in one ear.

Everyone was tense and on edge, they were talking about Black John's Crystal Skull. Last night Cassie could feel the darkness emanating from it, did anyone else feel it? She didn't want to say anything just in case she said the wrong thing.

They were talking about purifying the skull. What the...? She didn't have a clue what they were saying, didn't understand any of it. Just focus on the music, try and get your mind off the meeting, off Adam, off everything. She told herself.

Cassie was wearing her favourite outfit, black converse, black skinny jeans, and a Paramore top with a thin black Ed Hardy jacket, this outfit made her feel very comfortable and safe. Her brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail her fringe hanging where it was cut and black nail varnish.

She looked like someone who could handle herself, someone who was as scary as Deborah or even Nick but she was gentle inside.

A song called 'The Kill' by 30 Seconds To Mars played in her ear, she couldn't help but tap her foot to the beat.

Something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. Nick was making his way towards the door, or was it towards the door? No it was definitely her, why her? Her body tensed and her heartbeat increased. Suddenly the thought she had earlier on occurred to her again.

Was it possible to love two people?

Nick reached out to her, no not her, her spare earpiece that was hanging on her shoulder. He sat next to her and listened to the song.

Stay calm, be cool. Breathe.

He seemed impressed by her choice of music. His face still expressionless, only his eyes show his emotions.

'Didn't expect you to be a fan of this type of music', he kept the earpiece in.

'There's no type of music, it's just music, anyway did you ever think that what you expect doesn't always happen', Cassie avoided his gaze, everyone's gaze, staring at the wall opposite.

He chuckled once his face still impassive when she glanced at him.

'I misread you', he stated.

'Your not the only one', she whispered, but he had heard her. The song finished and My Chemical Romance's 'Teenagers' started.

He sat by the side of her and listened to the song's but they didn't talk again through that meeting. Faye had won the argument and they were going to try and activate the skull on Friday night.

Throughout their conversation everyone glanced at Nick's new position and Faye looked mad and that made Cassie remember, Nick and Faye's little 'arrangement'. Suddenly she thought of her body at the foot of the cliff steps just like Kori's flashed before her eyes. It would not be good to anger Faye.

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