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"Sinnoh... the land of the strong, at least that's what the people who live there describe themselves as...

A little bird with a brown and cream-colored crest was flying high in the skies of Sinnoh, deep in thought.

The little bird had recently been on a big adventure, he accidentally got too close to a Celebi when it was about to Time-Travel... he was sent to a very strange time, or rather a very strange future.

In the future he could see humans using pokemon as tools and using them to battle each other for the humans' entertainment!

The Pidgey shook his head. He couldn't just understand how pokemon could become the humans' tools in the future. In this time, the humans and pokemon lived together as equals, those strange balls that humans used to store the pokemon didn't exist here, and there was no such thing as a "trainer" or "coordinator". A human had to earn a pokemon's respect and couldn't just force it to follow him, or just by sucking them into 'balls'...

Here, in his own time, the only things that existed were warriors, archers, farmers, nobles and royalties.

Then again, he thought, there is one more class... a class that only a select few are chosen to do.

Aura Guardians...

The hardest profession there is...

The bird couldn't understand the pokemon and humans who chose that line... in his opinion, the only end for an Aura Guardian was by being buried six feet under... their destiny was to protect people with their very lives!

The bird sighed. Maybe everything wasn't that bad in the future... the regions were finally at peace, no war raged between them, unlike this time period... although it has been quite peaceful for a time now... but who knows when it's going to change?

The Pidgey dived lower, it thought that it had spotted something to eat, hopefully it was not another Diglett this time...

Slowly it placed its feet on the ground, looking around hastily for any possible enemies. When there were none, it chirped happily and skipped around in search for something edible.

It thought it saw some kind of hole and jumped towards it, trying to look down into it.

Although, the hole was half-blocked by some kind of lump... and the lump seemed to grow and became a much bigger lump... and the lump seemed a little too human-ish for the Pidgey's taste...

The bird cried out in fright and took to the air before the human, who was hiding behind the bushes, could do something, why was everything happening to him?

The man cursed quietly to himself when the bird let out a loud cry, this was going to make it a lot harder.

He relaxed his muscles a bit when he saw that his target hadn't noticed him.

This was the life that he had chosen...

He looked at the person who stood outside a house that was built mostly of stone and mud. Her dark green hair was hanging down to her waist, swaying in the wind as though it were alive. Her blue eyes could look through any man who looked right into them.

She was dressed in a black kimono, a pair of sandals on her feet as she seemed to be doing some gardening in the garden in front of her house.

She was a very beautiful woman indeed, and was the subject of many mens' dreams... but those mens' dreams soon turned into nightmares when they got close to her...

Looks can be deceiving...

He didn't know much about her. The only thing he knew was she was 23 years old, her name was Sabrina, she lived by herself in the house behind her, and she was a witch... a witch whom someone had requested to be taken out...

The 18 year old man, with raven-colored hair that was poking out in every direction and reached down to his neck, slowly lifted the long, wooden bow in his hand. He judged the distance between them... maybe twenty meters, an easy shot...

He didn't remember much about his past life...

He pulled out an arrow, with a shiny piece of metal at the tip of it, from his quiver at his waist, and put it on his bow...

The wood creaked a bit as he tensed the bow, feeling the pressure in his arms as though the arrow was almost impatient to be released.

What he did remember he tried to forget...

The wind blew slightly; it wouldn't affect the arrow at such a short distance.

He lifted the bow a little more, the arrow would pierce the woman's head, and she wouldn't even feel any pain...

Some people called him a murderer...

He could feel the slight pressure of the long-sword that was in its sheath on his back.

His brown leather shirt and pants were slightly sweaty, he had been waiting here for a long time... this was it, if he hit, it would be all over for her. If he missed, it would be all over for him...

Others called him a hero...

He hesitated, maybe the bow wasn't tensed enough... maybe it would only hit-... no, he couldn't let those thoughts enter his head now... he had done this many times before, and he wouldn't let the beautiful woman distract him into doing a fatal mistake...

What did he call himself...?

He took a deep breath, calming down his nerves like he always did before he would take a killing shot... This was it, she wouldn't even know what hit her, she wouldn't even be able to react...

Ash let go of the arrow, a soft a whistling sound was heard as it took air and headed straight towards the witch, Sabrina.

Then, suddenly, the arrow stopped mid-air, only a few centimeters from the woman's head.

"Shit..." Ash mumbled under his breath as he felt himself lose the control of his motor functions and being levitated out of the bush...

He called himself... A Mercenary...

14 year earlier... Pallet Town...

The old man, at the age of 68, stretched wearily. He was too old for this..

He slowly sneaked about in the forest, trying to not make a sound...

The gray haired man with white leather clothes quickly bent down... nothing...

He moved towards another rock, this one he was sure of...

"BOH!" He shouted, he then got a dumbfound face as he saw that there was nothing there.

"Alright, Ash, I give up!" Samuel Oak shouted as he got up again. "Where are you?"

"Here!" The four years old boy laughed as he jumped down from a tree, landing right on the professor's back.

"Argh!" The man shouted as he fell to the ground, with said four year old joining him. "Ash! I told you not to jump onto me! You know I'm too old to carry you these days!"

"Sorry, Mr. Oak..." The little boy with black hair looked down towards the ground guiltily.

The old man smiled, he couldn't possible stay mad at him with that look on his face. After all, he reminded him so much about his own grandson, Gary, who had been killed by those pillagers some years back. The man got a sad look on his face at the memory...

"Is something wrong, Mr. Oak?" The little boy asked curiously as he poked the man's leg, causing the old man to snap out from his thoughts.

"Uh? Oh, Ash..." Samuel forced a little smile onto his face. "Let's head back... I think your mother misses you."

"Oki doki!" The young child laughed. "Pichu! It's time to go home!"

The little, yellow mouse jumped down happily from the same tree and landed on the boy's shoulder, causing the boy to pull the mouse into a big hug.

Oak smiled at the sight, those two had only known each other for a year and seemed like they would be friends for a lifetime already. Nothing seemed to split them up.

"Let's go, son." The gray haired man took the boy's hand and started to lead them out from the forest. "There's something I want to show you."

"What?" The boy asked curiously with his eyes wide in excitement.

"That's a secret." Oak laughed and continued to lead him out.

"Mr. Oak... what's THAT?" Ash asked with big eyes as he looked at the wall.

"That, my child," Oak's smiled even wider when he saw the boy's expression. "is the Sword of Kanto!"

The little boy looked at the big sword, it was around 1½ meters in length, he could only see the brown, leathered handle along with the same-colored sheath, with a silver colored cross guard.

Samuel Oak lifted the sword down from the wall and took it out, the sharp edge glimmered in the sun as he held it up in front of the young boy.

"It's said that this sword can never be destroyed." Oak explained as he held it in front of Ash. "That this sword can be brought down against a stone without leaving so much as a mark on it!"

"Can I hold it?" The boy asked carefully and took a step towards it.

"Sure, son." Samuel nodded and handed the long-sword to the little boy.

The sword fell with a 'clang' on the ground as the boy used all the strength that he could muster to not let go of the handle.

Oak laughed, Ash was too young to carry such big sword, he knew it... even if the boy showed remarkable strength for his age.

"Mr. Oak..." The boy asked carefully after a while, the sword in Samuel's hands. "What does that inscription say?"

Oak looked at the strange letters that were inscribed on the broad end side of the blade.

"Well, I know how you pronounce it..." Oak smiled apologetic. "Although I don't know what it means..."

He then cleared his throat and read,

"Svärdet av Kanto är smitt av den röda drakens eld, format av den gröna dinosauriens piskor, och kylt av den blå sköldpaddans vatten"

There was a long silence after that, both the humans and pokemon tried to figure out what it meant.

"Sounds like crazy-talk to me!" The little child stated, with Pichu nodding its head in agreement.

The old man only laughed and stroked the boy's head. "Sure, sonny, sure..."

"Why do you have the Sword of Kanto here, Mr. Oak?" The little boy asked after a while.

The old man sighed and sat down on a chair, looking at the boy. "You see, Ash..." Another sigh. "I traveled a lot in my younger days and... I was not a very good person then, Ash... I... took things that didn't belong to me..."

The little boy's eyes widened, was the Village Elder, Samuel Oak, a thief?

"It was a very stupid thing that I used to do, Ash." Samuel cleared his throat. "Anyway, when I was traveling towards Pallet... I smelled something terrible, so I walked towards the smell to take a look..."

Oak didn't want to tell Ash about all the dead bodies that he had found laying there on the road, both human and pokemon.

"I found the sword on a man who... wasn't breathing anymore..."

The boy seemed to be in deep thought; he didn't utter a single word, until the little rodent cooed and rubbed its little cheek against the little boy's.

Ash, who had one of the most carefree minds in the region, quickly forgot the importance of Oak's story and laughed as he ran away to play with the little rodent.

The old man, Samuel, laughed sadly, before he sheathed the sword again and hung it up on the wall. He winced a little as he had to strain his back to hang it back up, he was really getting old...

"Mommy! I'm back!" The little boy cried out happily as he ran into the rather simple house that he lived in with his mum.

"Hello, dear!" His very beautiful mother, Delia, smiled at him and knelt down to take him into a hug. "Did you have fun in the forest?"

The little boy nodded happily, he eyes then widened.

"Mommy... who's that?" He pointed at the strange man who stood behind her.

The man was in his mid thirties. He was wearing black pants, a white undershirt, along with a dark blue coat and hat. His hair was the same color as well as style as Ash's, although Ash had never seen this man in his whole life... His hat was the thing that gained Ash's attention the most, it seemed strange somehow...

"Ash..." His mother hesitated. "This is Riley Gen..."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Riley!" The little child waved politely towards the man, earning a smile from said person. "What's he doing here, mommy?"

"You see..." Delia couldn't continue.

"I was a friend of your father." Riley helped her a bit. "I'm only here for a visit.

"You knew daddy?" The name of Ash's dad gained the boy's attention.

"Yes, I knew Sir Aaron." Riley sighed at the memory. "Would you let me have a word with your mother?"

"Oki doki!" The little boy laughed a bit before he ran outside. "Come on Pichu! We-... Pichu?"

The rodent didn't listen to him as the little mouse had ran up to Riley and looked at the two pokemon that stood behind him. Two blue pokemon that looked a lot like dogs who could stand on two legs.

"Ah, I see Pichu has found Lucario and Riolu." Riley smiled and stepped back, bringing the two pokemon into view.

The little boy's eyes widened. He had never seen those pokemon before.

"Lucario..." The boy paused to think, then he gasped. "That means you're an Aura Guardian!"

"That's right, Ash." Riley smiled weakly. "And I'm here to give you a present."

"Present?" The boy's ears perked up with those words.

"Yes, let me introduce you to a new friend:" Riley smiled and motioned to the shy Riolu to walk forward. "I'm going to leave Riolu here, and was wondering if you could help me take care of him?"

The little boy looked at his mouse, and then at the blue dog. Then he started to cheer along with the little rodent.

"Yay! I'm going to have a new friend!" He jumped around, causing Riley and Delia to laugh at the boy's antics, and Lucario to shake his head at them.

"Glad to know you like me, Ash!" The boy stopped cheering and looked around, confused.

"You said something?" He said as he looked at the big man, Riley shook his head.

"What? You heard something?" The Aura Guardian held his breath, waiting for the answer.

"Yeah... it was like a voice in my head..." Ash stated worriedly. "Mommy, am I sick?"

"Of course not!" Delia shooed away the idea quickly. "Ash, honey, why don't you go out and play with Pichu and your new friend?"

"Okay!" The little boy grabbed the two pokemon and ran out towards their garden, where laughter from both pokemon and human could be heard.

"I was right..." Riley stated as he watched Ash play with Pichu and Riolu. "He's just like Sir Aaron."

"You don't know that!" Delia snapped at him, causing Riley to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Why are you like that?" Riley asked with a big frown. "Why don't you want Ash to be like his father? His father sacrificed himself to save a whole kingdom!"

"I know..." Delia sniffed at the memory. "And I also know that I'll never see him again... and I don't want that to happen with my child as well!"

"That's understandable." Riley nodded. "But you can't keep him from his destiny! He was born to be a Guardian of the Aura!"

"How are you so sure...?" Delia hesitated; she really didn't want her Ash to join such a dangerous profession.

"Because..." Riley sighed. "That's Sir Aaron's Lucario's son..."

Delia gasped, with her hands over her mouth, as she looked at the Riolu that Ash was playing with, the descendant to her husband's partner...

"And Ash could feel the pokemon's Aura." Riley continued to state. "That makes those two a perfect match... they were MEANT to be partners!"

"I... I..." Delia didn't know what to say. "I... don't want you to take him so soon..."

"I can't train him to be an Aura Guardian at the age of four." Riley shook his head. "I'll wait six years, then, when he's ten, I'll come and take him."

Delia nodded, trying to hold down the lump in her throat. It was at the age of ten that children went to train their in their chosen professions, whether they wanted to be soldiers, council members... or Aura Guardians...

"Delia..." Riley put a hand on her shoulder. "You have to acknowledge that Ash has got a gift, a very special gift. Not even Aaron could communicate with his pokemon as soon as he met them... Ash is destined to do something big, I know that."

Ash's mother sighed; she knew she couldn't keep Ash from the real world all his life... she always knew he was destined to do something great, she only hoped it wouldn't mean that he would leave her forever...

"I'll drop in from time to time, Delia." Riley whispered. "Goodbye, for now..."

The woman only nodded as she saw the man leave, along with his Lucario.

"Ash!" Riley shouted, gaining the child's attention. "I'm going to leave now, take care! I'll see you soon!"

"Bye!" Ash waved energetically towards the man, making him smile.

Riley looked at the boy for a moment, then sighed and started to walk away.

"You know, Lucario..." The aura-pokemon looked at him.

"What, master?"

"He really reminds me of my teacher..." Riley sighed at the memory of Sir Aaron Ketchum, the hero of Kanto and Hoenn...

One year later... Pallet Town...

"Come on, Riolu!" Ash, at the age of five, shouted as he ran after the blue pokemon. "Give Pichu back his food!"

"Lou! Ri!" The pokemon only laughed as he continued to run.

"Pi-chu! Chuu!" The enraged rodent shouted as he sped up and knocked the aura-pokemon out of its path, giving Ash the opportunity to tackle Riolu to the ground.

"Got you!" The boy laughed along with Pichu as they held the Riolu down.

"Alright, Ash!" Riolu cried out in Ash's mind. "I give up!"

"You better!" Ash laughed, ignoring Pichu's confused look.

"You're sure it's here, boss?" A large, unshaved, man with greasy brown hair asked as he looked towards the little village.

"Of course I'm sure!" The 'boss' roared, enraged. "This will be an easy raid, only twenty humans and pokemon live here... and they're mostly just woman and children!"

"If you say so, boss." The man nodded. "You ready, Rhydon?"

His partner grunted, it was wearing a green band around his horn... symbolizing its affinity for the Yas Gang..

The gang's leader was wearing black from head to toe and had with very short brown hair, at his side stood a Scyther.

"Alright, guys!" The leader shouted at his men. "We're ten men with one pokemon each! Don't show mercy to anyone!"

His men roared as they charged, humans and pokemon swinging weapons and fists as they charged the peaceful, unsuspecting village...

"I'm hungry... what about you, guys?" The little child with black hair asked his friends as both pokemon nodded. "Let's go home then!"

Ash, Riolu and Pichu started to walk... or it was more like Ash and Riolu walked, while Pichu was riding on Ash's shoulder.

"Lou?" The aura-pokemon asked curiously as his ears perked up, along with Pichu's.

"Chuu..." The rodent responded with an equally confused face.

"What? What's the matter?" Ash wanted to know as he looked at the two pokemon. "Why do you both look like that?"

But, when they walked a little closer, he heard it too...

Screams, people and pokemon were both shouting for their lives as others laughed, the terrible sounds of fighting echoed through the air, causing Ash and the pokemon to tremble.

"Mom!" The sound of a woman's scream filled Ash with courage. He charged towards the village, with Riolu and Pichu hot on his heels.

He finally came out from the woods, only he wishes he hadn't...

Several houses were burning, some corpses were laying on the ground, both familiar and unfamiliar, both pokemon and human...

The little boy ignored the stench that burnt his nose from the blood and fire; he continued to run towards his house which was right next to Samuel Oak's house...

"Dragonite! Use Flamethrower!" The sound of Oak's voice made Ash run quickly in that direction, not caring what would happen to him.

He could see the Village Elder standing behind his partner, a big orange dragon. Around him lay two corpses, a pokemon and a human that Ash didn't recognize.

"You call that an attack?" The man that he was fighting laughed. "Rhydon! Use Take Down!"

The rock dinosaur roared as he charged towards the dragon.

"Avoid it, Dragonite!" Samuel shouted.

However, not only was Oak old, his pokemon was equally old, and equally weak...

The horn from Rhydon pierced the dragon's belly, causing it to cry out in great pain before its life ended. The pokemon was then thrown away, and landed on the fragile man.

"Weakling..." The man laughed. "Let's see what you've in that house of yours!"

"We need to do something." Ash ignored the feelings of panic that was building up inside him.

The two pokemon nodded. Riolu took the initiative and charged out of their hiding-place, with Pichu following right after.

The aura-pokemon's right paw began to glow a light blue color as he charged towards the big stone pokemon...

The little Pichu's body began to surround itself in a yellow aura that grew bigger and bigger with each step that it ran...

Riolu's Focus Punch hit his opponent straight in the throat, causing the pokemon to choke for air before it fell down in spasms.

The little mouse took a great leap, you could see the fear in the man's eyes as the yellow ball came closer and closer, till it finally smacked the man, hard.

Ash didn't know if the attack had killed the man or not, he only focused on getting to the old man, whom he saw as a second father.

"Mr. Oak!" Ash cried out and knelt at the side of the old man. "Are you hurt?"

The man forced out some laughter, he had to find it a little amusing to hear that question when a big dragon was laying on him.

"Yes, Ash, I'm afraid I am hurt..." The man coughed, Ash tried to push off the dragon... to no avail. "Ash... the... the..."

The little boy moved his face closer to the old man's, he didn't know if Oak couldn't speak due to the pain or sorrow for his dead partner.

"Yes, Mr. Oak?"

"Ash..." He took a big sigh and looked the boy straight into the eyes. "Take the sword... we... we can't let those bandits have it!"

"But, Mr. Oak, I-"

"GO!" Samuel mustered his remaining strength to shout words, then his life faded away beyond the shadows of reality...

"Mr. Oak...?" The little child could feel the tears run down his cheeks as he shook the man's lifeless body. "Mr. Oak? Please, wake up!"

"Ash..." He could hear Riolu's voice inside his head. "He's gone, there's nothing we can do..."

"No!" The little child shook his head. "He's not gone! He's resting!" He even ignored how the little rodent nuzzled its head into Ash's leg.

"Let's fulfill his last wish..." Riolu looked at the child. "Let's get that sword... that's the least we can do for him."

The little boy only nodded and got up, he then started to run with tears still streaking down his face.

They ran into the house of, the now deceased, Samuel Oak. They continued into the room where the sword hung on the wall.

Ash climbed up on the chest that was placed under it and he carefully took it down. The boy's strength had grown a lot in a year; he could actually carry the big sword now if he rested the sheathed blade on his shoulder.

The trio then continued to run towards Ash's house, he would not leave his mother here as he fled!

He could see that his house was set alight and quickened his pace even more, not caring when his sandals slid off his feet and caused him to run barefoot on the rocky ground...

His heart beat faster and faster, he didn't know if it was out of exhaustion or fright.. probably both...

"Pichu pi!" The rodent called out and pointed its little paw towards something that lay on the ground. "Chu!"

"Mom!" The little child ran up to the corpse of his mother and Mr. Mime.

"Ash... I'm sorry..." The Riolu looked down towards the ground, tears falling from his eyes, Pichu too was sobbing into its little paws.

Ash, on the other hand, didn't cry. He only took the body into his arms and hugged her tightly refusing to let go.

His life had ended, and there was nothing that he could do about it. All those promises that she made, that they would be together forever... broken... What was he to do now?

"Ash, I can hear footsteps coming this way!" Riolu said in his mind. "We can't stay here!"

"What's the use...?" Ash asked with a depressed voice, not even Pichu had heard him talk like this. "What can we do? What have we left?"

"Pichu..." The little rodent cooed sadly. "Pichu, pi pi chu..."

"My, my, what have we here?" Riolu quickly turned around to face the man, it was the leader of the gang. "I must say... this village put up a lot more resistance than we thought... hell, I'm the only one that survived!"

"Lou! Ri!" The aura-pokemon barked, even if he knew that he didn't stand a chance against the man with the two short-swords...

"That's a nice sword you got there..." The man smirked as he saw the long-sword that was lying at Ash's side. "Why not let me have a look at it?"

The little child didn't even replying or even take any notice of the man, he only held tighter onto his mother's body.

Pichu and Riolu stood up against the man, both of them growling angrily... but the man didn't consider them a threat due to their small size.

"Alright, enough fooling around..." The man smirked once more and took a step towards them. "Give me the sword!"

"Rou!/Chu!" The pokemon cried out and was about to charge him.

The man laughed, what made those small pokemon think they had a chance again hi-

His whole body tensed, it felt like something was lodged between his shoulders... he looked around and could feel some extra weight on him... and he could see two beings behind him.

A blue dog-like pokemon who stood there with a serious, yet pitiful, expression when he looked at him... and a man who looked completely and utterly pissed off.

The leader felt the man's foot kick him in the chest, making him fall down to the ground on his back, and feel the blade, which was attached between his shoulders, go even deeper and pierce his heart... then everything went black...

Riley spat on the body, even if an Aura Guardian should show respect for everyone... he just couldn't show any compassion for the killer of his teacher's wife...

"Master, the child..." His Lucario communicated with him in a worried tone and made a gesture towards the small body at the side of the woman.

"Ash..." Riley tried to find the right words. "It's going to be alright..."

"NO!" The boy screamed with as much force as his lungs would allow. "It's not going to be alright! It's never going to be alright!"


"I want REVENGE!" The little boy shouted as he carefully put his mother's head down on the ground, and then jumped up. "I want to KILL those who did it!"

"Ash... they're dead..." Riley sighed and got down to the boy's level. "You can't linger in the past, the past will destroy you."

"W- what do you mean?" Ash, who had finally calmed down, asked with uncertain eyes.

"Your mother's death is a terrible thing..." Riley said slowly he had never been good with children. "But you can't let it eat you up forever, you have to let go..."


"Ash!" Riley shook the boy roughly. "Death is a common thing in these times! You're lucky to have lived in such a protected environment!"

The little boy started to cry, he cried for Dragonite, he cried for Mr. Mime, he cried to the rest of the people and pokemon in Pallet Town, he cried for Samuel Oak, and he cried for his mother...

Riley slowly put a hand on the boy's shoulder, and the boy hugged the Aura Guardian, which took him by surprise.

Pichu and Riolu came forward and started to hug their friend, trying to make the pain go away.

Riley knew that they couldn't stay here... he knew that one more look at the body of Delia would completely destroy the child.

The Aura Guardian sighed; he threw one more look at the once beautiful woman before he picked Ash up in his arms and walked away from the destroyed town of Pallet.

Lucario sighed as he looked over the scene, he then noticed something beside the woman's body. He walked up to it and picked up the long sword.

"Master, there's a sword here, what should I do with it?" The aura-pokemon asked his teacher.

"Ash must've carried it here... let's take it with us." Riley communicated back to his pokemon, as he was already several meters away from the scene.

The Lucario nodded, held the sword more securely and caught up with his master, Riley seemed to have a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Master, what's wrong?"

"I don't want to leave him..." Riley sighed. "I don't want to be away from him now that he's so fragile..."

"Why not take him with us?" Lucario asked with a slight frown as he carried the long sword.

"You know we can't bring a child with us..." Riley sighed once again and looked at the sleeping child in his arms. "He would only be hurt..."

"What are we going to do with him then?"

"I'm going to ask Giovanni and Agatha if they can take care of him..." Riley looked straight forward with no emotion showing on his face.

"You mean King Giovanni and Queen Agatha?" Lucario asked with a frown. "The royal family of Kanto?"

"No less." Riley nodded. "They have a son of about Ash's age there... maybe that can help with their understanding for our situation..."


Riley then looked at the sleeping boy in his arms.

"Don't worry, Ash..." He whispered to him. "You've a great destiny to fulfill... but, for now, you don't need to worry about it..."

End of chapter 1

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