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Seeing Red

"Mess with my finances again and that's it, we're through" Gillian heard him loud and clear. She didn't need to read him to know he meant it. He actually told her more with those ten little words than he had with any body language she read. After everything, after all the years of loyalty, of friendship and damn, she even thought he had loved her. It came down to this. Nothing. Gillian glared at him.

"Fine" She muttered

"Fine" He repeated.

"I tell you what Cal. I seem to remember you, not so long ago begging me to work with you. To leave the Pentagon and come here to work with you. Not work for you but with you. Then you follow me to the other side of the planet to beg me to come back. Means nothing though, does it? When the Great Cal Lightman has had his pride wounded all that means nothing" She walked away, more hurt than angry.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He yelled after her. Eli appeared in the corridor and immediately turned back in to the room he had left. There was no way he was stupid enough to get between his bosses.

"It means, Cal. It means" She turned with her hands on her hips as she glared at him "When they sue you for not writing that book, which you hadn't even told me about, when the Lightman Group gets dragged through the courts you can rely on me not being there. I have had about as much as I can take. I froze our assets because I can do the one thing you can't" She knew she was shouting. She didn't care.

"Oh yeah? And what's that may I ask?" Cal tilted his head to the side; she knew he was reading her.

"Face reality. The Lightman Group is going bankrupt since YOU took us away from the FBI. And I've had it. God knows I've tried. God knows I wanted to make this work but I am sick of watching you destroy yourself. It isn't your fault Ben was shot. And it isn't ours, now you destroy this company if you want. It's your name on the door but I won't stand by to watch"

Gillian turned and stormed off. She knew it was the second time that year she was offering her resignation. The first time she had wanted him to stop her, this time she really couldn't take anymore.

Cal stared after her. He didn't believe it. She would never actually leave the Lightman Group. Would she? Had he really pushed her that far? He closed his eyes as he swore. For a moment he was glad Emily had decided to spend the weekend with her mother. At least he didn't have to hear the teenager berate him for messing things up with Foster.

"Hey" He turned to see Torres in the corridor.

"Hey" She glared. Torres had heard everything and was beginning to doubt her job security. "The police woman you were talking about is here. She's waiting in your office"

"Thanks Torres" He walked off as Ria rolled her eyes and returned to her own workspace.


Gillian sat at her desk. Fuming. Her thoughts began to run away from her.

How dare he? How dare he say that to me? Now? After everything we have seen, everything we have been through. Well no more. Not now I really know what he thinks of me. He read me and I read him. Anger, ok fair enough, hate and contempt. He thinks he is the boss, well fine be the boss take sole responsibility Cal Lightman. Be the adult for once.

She glanced at the silent computer before turning it on and starting the emails she was always hoping she would never have to write but somehow knew she would.

"Emily honey, hi. Don't worry I am just letting you know I am going away for a few days. Hope you enjoy your time at your Mom's house. Take care. Love Gill xx"

"Cal, I have spoken to my lawyer. You will have the papers in a few days that will dissolve the partnership. I will have no responsibly for the personal debts you have brought to your company. You will have sole responsibility for the firm's finances. The paperwork requires you sign it and return it. With the partnership dissolved my time at the Lightman Group has been ended. Gillian Foster PhD. Psychology PhD Mental Health.

She smiled, relieved that she had finally done it. Cal Lightman could say and do what he wanted. He didn't answer to her anymore and she didn't answer to him. It was over, both professionally and personally. She picked up her purse and switched off the computer before taking a final look around her office. It doesn't matter if the Lightman Group sinks or swims now she thought. It's up to him now. Cal Lightman is on his own.


Cal walked back in to the building. He wasn't sure about the police woman he was working with, she was no Ben Reynolds but she knew her stuff. He ran a hand through his hair as he walked through the corridor to his office. The argument with Gillian ran through his mind. How the hell am I going to talk my way out of this one? he thought as he approached her office.

"Hey Foster" he pushed the door to her office door. He was stunned for a moment as he realised she wasn't there. She always waited for him. Always. An empty office was unusual. He noticed some of her personal possessions were gone. The photograph on her desk was missing, the spare umbrella on the back of her door, the framed certificate was gone.

"Ah, Lightman." He ran a hand over his face. She had meant it. She was gone.

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