Book One- Nick

The First Story In The "Torment Series"

"The one's that were left behind and lied too...

What happened to them?"

Ok, first things first- I didn't spend my life knowing that I was going to say Yes to the devil, which would allow him to ride around in me as if I was a car.

Before that, life happened; met a girl, got married, got a house, had a kid. Just a normal American family really.

But "Normal" was too good for me apparently.

Coming home to the swarm of police around the house was shocking enough, but then finding out that your wife and newborn child had been murdered...

It broke even the hardest of men into pieces- thousand of glass-like shards.

But things weren't bad then- it was only heartbreak... loss... at that time...

The real horror was still to come.

One night, when it was starting to really sink in that his family was gone... truly gone...

He came.

The devil.

Taking on Sarah, my wife's form, and using twisted means, and the devils tongue,... he persuaded me that they would get justice... revenge. But only if he said Yes.

So the word was spoken, and the hardships began.

Before it came clear that Lucifer's words had been false- to a certain extent, I both heard and saw a few times what his plans were-

And they shocked me; but also the fact he didn't want me... I was the back-up plan, the vessel he could, and would throw awat if he had too.

A man called Sam Winchester was his true vessel, but he was fighting- he wasn't going down without a fight.

I'd made a terrible, awful mistake... my body was on fire, as if it was Hell creeping through my veins itself.

That was probably true.

And the feeling of no control... overwhelming.

Hell seemed like a reprieve for what I was going through- I knew there was no chance of me getting into Heaven.

I had said Yes to the Devil... I'd seen him murder countless men, women... children...

Like my family...

And none of them deserved it.

When Sam said Yes... I was... not relieved, but terrified;

What would happen to me when Lucifer left-? I was hardly alive nowadays.

But he ignored me, and left.

Left his false, empty promises behind with me...

One week later...

Nick awoke with a start, the nightmare so violent, it had literally ripped him awake.

He sat up and stared around in the darkness-

Where was he-?

He groaned and put a hand against his head; he hurt... so much, like he was on fire...

Then it all came flooding back;

Lucifer, the twisted lies...

But he had survived... how-?

'Oh! Your awake!'

Nick jumped at the unfamiliar voice, and it soon became clear where he was as the lights snapped on- a hospital. The nurse smiled kindly at him, her jewel blue eyes sparkling as she changed the bags above him, both morphine and blood.

'What happened-? How did I get here-?' He asked, feeling his face; what the hell was that-? His face felt like it was... burnt-?

The nurse sighed, pushing him back down. 'You were found in an abandoned house covered in blood and abrasions...' her eyes traveled to his face, then Nick saw her shiver slightly.

What had Lucifer done to him-?

'I've gotta get out of her.' He muttered, sitting up, but the nurse pushed him back down. 'Your in no condition- you were very nearly in a coma when you were found.'

Nick blinked. 'But I feel fine.' He swiftly lied. He grimly thought to himself Lying like the devil...

The nurse scowled. 'Your covered in abrasion like burns, nearly comatose and besides- the police want to talk to you.'

Nick's insides lurched. 'What about?' He frowned, lying back down a little, eyes fixed on the nurse.

She shrugged, her eyes nervous. 'Oh, nothing to worry about. Routine stuff.'

Oh crap... they were after him.

He faked a small smile. 'That's not too bad then.'

One of the things he'd learned from Lucifer being inside him- learning how to spot liars.

And she was off the scale; the nervous expression, shifty eyes...

They thought he was the murderer... not Lucifer.

He had to get out...

But where would he go-?

He was an outcast now...

Teaser chapter of this new fic- The Forgotten. If it gets enough interest and stuff, I'll continue it. So here we go- yay! A Nick fic! Poor freaking guy! He had sooo much shitty:( so here is a story for ya:) We don't know if Nick died or not in Swan Song hmm... but I'm betting he died:( mehh... but heres a little variation- what would happen if he lived through being Luci's vessel, then having to intergrate with the normal worl again? Especially when the cops think he's a mass murderer? Reviews much loved, as not sure if I'm gonna continue or not. X Nic