Chapter 1

Chloe James Winchester stood alone in the small room, she ran her hands down the simple silky white dress and smiled. The dress was strapless and went straight down to her feet, she tied a light blue ribbon around her waist. She glanced in the mirror to check on her make-up and hair, her make-up was basic, but her icy blue eyes were standing out the most. She added a touch of lip gloss to her lips before scrunching her hair to make more curls. Her long dark brown hair was hung loosely down her back in hundred of curls. Once she was satisfied with the way she looked, she walked to the floor to ceiling window and looked out at the beautiful ocean. She smiled as she watched two workers put the finishing touches on the wooden gazebo, that her and her husband Dean Winchester were going to be standing under soon, as they spoke their vows. While she waited she flashed back to the last week or so. It started when she met Dean in Vegas and woke up beside him in bed, married. If that didn't freak her out enough, next she found out what Dean and his younger brother Sam does for a living. They hunt monsters,ghost,werewolves and everything else. After helping them on a hunt, she asked them to help solve her parent's murder. After arriving in her old town in North Carolina, she was instantly hit with secret after secret, as well as running into old friends, some good and one bad. In the end she found out her grandpa had a affair years ago with a girl named Taylor, after she become pregnant, they got into a fight and he accidentally shot her. Then with help from some friends, he hid the murder. Years later her grandpa and dad become hunters,grandpa was scared Taylor would come back to spill his secret so he raised her ghost to destroy her. Before he could, she possessed her mom, who shot her dad and then herself. Every 5 years Taylor killed, until the Winchesters arrived into town. After a few close calls, they were able to destroy her for good. After that they took a quick trip to the beach to remarry, since they were to drunk to remember the first one. Now, here Chloe stood in the small room at a chapel by the beach, waiting for the workers to finish setting up. She shivered when she saw the cold december wind blow a fake rose out of one of the workers hands.

Chloe laughed to herself and shook her head,"who gets married on new year's eve at the beach?"

Before she answer herself, there was a knock at the door. She turned around to look at the door before she yelled,"Come in."

Sam walked in, wearing a pair of khaki pants and a loose fitting white button down shirt, Chloe already knew Dean was wearing the same thing. Her best friend,Kaylee walked in after him, dressed in a long light blue silk dress. They both smiled when they saw Chloe.

"Oh my God, you look so beautiful, Lo." Kaylee said with a tear in her eye.

Chloe pointed to her,"Don't you dare cry, you will make me cry."

"I'm sorry, i can't help it. You're so gorgeous." She said before hugging Chloe tightly.

"She's right, you look amazing, Chloe." Sam said as he gave her a quick hug.

"How's Dean?" She asked Sam.

"Pacing the room, ready to get this started. He said he's excited to see you." Sam answered.

She smiled at the answer.

Kaylee stood in front of the window, Chloe was just standing in front of, she also shivered when she saw the wind blow.

She turned to look at Chloe,"Who gets married on new year's eve at the beach?"

Chloe laughed,"I just asked myself the same thing."

"That is something us crazy Winchesters do," Sam said proudly before adding,"You better get use to it, you're a Winchester now. You'll be doing crazy things soon."

"I have already done a lot of crazy things since i met you two." Chloe said laughing.

Sam nodded his head and laughed,"Yeah, that's true."

Kaylee looked at Sam,"Don't let her fool you, she was crazy before, trust me. I have plenty of crazy Chloe stories."

"Really? Like what?" Sam asked.

"Well, there was the time we stole one of her grandfather's car and..."

"Ok, story time is over." Chloe interrupted her.

"I'll tell you later." Kaylee whispered to Sam.

Sam laughed before turning back toward Chloe,"You ready for this?"

She took a deep breath before smiling,"Yeah, i am."

There was another knock at the door, Kaylee walked to the door and opened it. Kaylee's mom, Kitty, was standing on the other side.

"Hey, mom. Come in." Kaylee said before stepping aside. Kitty walked into the room, wearing a long dark blue dress, she smiled when she saw Chloe.

"You make a beautiful bride, Your mother would be so proud of you." She said.

Chloe smiled,"Thanks."

"Can i have a moment alone with Chloe?" Kitty asked them.

"Sure" They said before quickly hugging Chloe and walking out of the room.

Once alone, Kitty hugged her,"Thank you so much for inviting me. I would hate to have missed this."

"I may not forgive you yet, but i do want to try. It will just take time."

"I understand that." Kitty said,"I'm just grateful you are willing to try."

"Kitty, would you do me a favor?" Chloe asked quietly.

"Sure, name it."

"Will you walk me down the aisle?"

Kitty's eyes filled with tears,"I would be honored to."

While they hugged, the justice of the peace, Barbara, knocked once on the door before opening it and walking in.

She gasp when she saw Chloe,"You look very beautiful, Mrs, Winchester. Are you ready to begin?"

Chloe smiled,"Yes i am."

Barbara smiled back as she held open the door,"Let's get starts then."

Minutes later Chloe stepped barefoot onto the beach sand and looked down the aisle, there was white rose petals leading all the way to the wooden gazebo, the gazebo was covered with fake blue and white roses. Standing on one side of the gazebo was Sam, the best man, on the other side was Kaylee, the maid of honor, in the middle was Barbara and finally in front of Barbara stood Dean, he look up and locked eyes with Chloe.

"Wow." Was all he whispered when he saw her standing there.

She smiled, as Kitty stood by her side and grabbed her arm, which has luckily healed from all the cuts.

As the sun slowly set,they walked down the aisle, when they made it to the gazebo, Kitty held Chloe's small hand and placed it into Dean's larger hand.

"You take care of her." Kitty whispered to him.

He smiled,"I will, i promise."

Chloe and Dean stood facing each other in front of Barbara, holding hands.

"Welcome everyone, we are joined today to witness the recommitment of Dean Winchester and Chloe James Winchester. Before we go any further let's take a moment to remember the family members who are not with us anymore." They all lowered their heads and thought of their loved ones who have passed. Mothers,fathers,grandparents and so on.

"The couple have chosen to write their own vows," Barbara looked at Dean,"Go ahead, son."

Dean took a deep breath before looking at Chloe,"Chloe, you know I'm not the type to bare my soul, so i will just say that i love you, and i promise to be faithful to you and love you till the day i die."

Barbara looked at Chloe,"Now, it's your turn."

Chloe looked at him and smiled,"Dean, i know the first time we were married didn't go according to plan and we knew nothing about each other," She laughed before continuing," But, since that day i have gotten to know you well and i can honestly say that i love you with all my heart. I promise to always be by your side no matter what and love you forever."

Barbara smiled,"Can we have the rings please?"

Sam and Kaylee handed her the wedding rings. Barbara handed the rings to Dean and Chloe, Chloe placed the simple white gold band on Dean's left ring finger. Once that was done, she lightly kissed his finger before letting go of his hand. Dean grabbed her left hand and placed the white gold band, that had small diamonds across it, on her ring finger.

"By the powers vested in me by the state of North Carolina, i now pronounce you husband and wife, again," Barbara smiled,"You may kiss your bride."

Dean wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him before kissing her passionately. Sam,Kaylee and Kitty clapped and cheered.

After the kiss Dean looked into her eyes and smiled,"You better not forget this wedding."

She laughed,"I will never forget this day, as long as i live."

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