Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

"I Fired a Pink Beam"


Lock eyes as you shoot the cat
Put up shields while you're doin' that
Take the challenge and face you down
Notice something that makes me frown
Seems to be some sadness behind those eyes
But the cat's meow caught me by surprise
Let your magic fly without much doubt
It hits my body and knocks me out

Left that place, met at a hot spring next
Your particular motives have left me vexed
In the night sky we finally clash
But your defenses I'm going to smash
And I fire a pink beam

It was my first time, so cut me some slack
I'll get you yet with my SLB attack
Mainly your fault for that Phalanx Shift
And now I fire a pink beam
Don't complain, cause you liked it a lot
Plus it's your fault that I took that shot
You dropped into the sea, but I pulled you out
Now your loyalties will change

I'm quite an adept magic devotee
Do training alone now mostly
Left me heartbroken, as time had passed
Surprise in my eyes when the barrier was cast
The top of a building and I saw her face
The goth loli attack that started this case
Just like Fate, it was happening again;
The look in those eyes that said "I need a friend"
She ignored my questions, my third degree
Looked her dead in the face, yelled "Listen to me!"
And I fired a pink beam

Perfectly normal, nothing wrong with the spell
Just ruined the hat, the rest of the fight didn't go too well
And now I'm laying here coughing up dust
Because I fired a pink beam
To be fair, she attacked me first
But now I've got cartridges for a magic burst
Please stop acting like you're not impressed

One more thing, Axel Shooter test!

One time, I fought a book
As I recall it was a Darkness Book
Fought outside, over the sea
"Give it all you got!" filled my heart with glee
And I fired a pink beam

Speeding through the halls, using search spell casts
Need to find my daughter, need to kick some ass
A Quattro is found, go to Blaster Three
And I fire a pink beam

Bound Vivio, "This will hurt a bit"
And I fire a pink beam

Test the gun mage and she begins to whine,
And I fire a pink beam

When I got behind Einhart in a training match
I fired a pink beam

Caro baked a cake. . .
And I fired a pink beam

I went to. . .

Hayate: Ok, seriously Nanoha, can we. . . . ok?

*Nanoha looks a bit embarrassed, but shrugs*

I fire a pink beam
Every time you fight with me
And when I SLB
It's like havin' sex with me
You say it's overkill
I just call it ecstasy
I carry RH at all times
It's a necessity
Cuz I fire a pink beam
(I fire a pink beam, I fire a pink beam, yes, I‚ fire a pink beam, yes, I‚ fire a pink beam)
Yes I fire a pink beam
(I fire a pink beam, I fire a pink beam)


Author's notes:

If you're not familiar with the song being used, search for "jizz in my pants" on youtube. Despite the name, it's hilarious. It's not exactly what you might think,heh. But now you'll never look at Nanoha's attacks the same way! (And probably have the song stuck in your head for awhile...) :P