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Part 3: Reunited

Adam was already awake when he heard the doorbell ring. He had only rubbed the sleep from his eyes five minutes ago and was contemplating going into his mommy's room or rolling over on his side and closing his eyes once more. He stared at the ceiling holding his toy as the glow from the morning sun started to brighten up his room. As he pulled the quilt off him and put his feet on the cold wooden surface he heard the chime from the doorbell.

It was habit of him during the day time to rush to the front door and open it and now was no exception. Quickly his feet padded across his bedroom and out onto the landing. He heard his mother grumbling 'who's that at this time in the morning?' Adam scurried down the stairs and reached the front door. He turned the lock on the door handle, slid the security chain off and pulled the door open wide.

The young boys jaw dropped and gasped in amazement. His eyes went wide with wonder and cautiously he took a step closer to the man he had only seen through a video screen but learned to know this was his father. He had finally returned back from his mission!


Buzz grinned from ear to ear as Adam jumped up at him and Buzz instantly caught him in his arms and held him close. Adam wrapped his arms and legs around his father. The pair of them had tears blurring their vision.

"Oh Adam, Adam, Adam, I've missed you so much," said Buzz. He turned his head to the right and placed a kiss on his sons brown hair.

"I missed you too daddy," cried Adam. A tear slipped down Buzz's nose and he continued to hug his son tightly. He had missed his son's first smile, steps, laugh and words but now he was back Buzz was never going to miss a moment with his son.

"Adam! What did I tell you about opening the door to strangers?"

Jessie had donned her dressing gown and was hastily hurrying down the stairs tying the belt across her waist as she went. Buzz glanced up and felt his heart quicken in pace as Jessie slowly came into view while coming down the stairs. Feet, shins, knees, thighs, waist, chest, hands, arms, neck and face and then their eyes met.

Tears instantly slid down her green eyes and down her cheeks as a cry escaped her lips. A hand came to her mouth to cover the noise but at this point Jessie was smiling blissfully. Not bothered to tie the knot in her dressing gown Jessie leapt down the last couple of steps and ran to her husband. Buzz held out an arm, while still holding Adam in the other, and Jessie crashed into him and he held her tightly. Buzz closed his eyes and breathed in her natural scent of the flowers and Earth. He felt as though he ought to be dreaming but his dreams were never as real as this.

Jessie was in shock but the most part of her was in euphoria. She held Buzz firmly afraid if she let go he'd be off again beyond the stars...but he didn't. When she pulled back slightly to gaze into his blue eyes, she knew he was here and she knew he was staying. Buzz's expression was soft and he smiled at her as though to reassure her and she happily grinned back before kissing him.

"I've been waiting for this day since you left. I love you," Jessie murmured, her lips just inches from Buzz's. Adam was content just resting his head on his father's shoulders looking out at the front garden.

"Me too Jess. I love you so much," said Buzz. He dipped his head and captured Jessie's lips in a passionate kiss.

The family of three stayed in the doorway that morning for what felt like hours. The happy tears and chatting wouldn't stop, the hugs were frequent and the kisses even more so but the greatest part was the feeling of being reunited.

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