Let me put this simply.

This. Story. Sucks.

I mean- 'sweatdrop' is not a word! I didn't know how to use:

so I ended up using 101010101010!

There's random spaces after the quotation marks!

There's random Japanese! And to make things worse, I speak Japanese but I still made mistakes!

Things went way too fast!

People think I'm a KakaSaku shipper because I accidentally named someone 'Hatake Sakura' because I was thinking of the 'Sakura' from Card Captor Sakura!

But, much to my dismay, over two hundred people (judging by favourites) like this story.

So I would feel way too guilty if I deleted it.

However, I really can't be bothered to rewrite the thing.

Therefore, I decided to beta for my silly little 12-year old self. I will post it on my new account, Namikaze Holly. Beta'ing is a much easier job than changing all those parts which I absolutely hate.

Luckily, my spelling was relatively good, even though I didn't bother using Spell Check...

I'll post one chapter/day (hopefully) starting on March 19th. That's Monday.

This story will stay up until all the chapters have been 'betaed', at which point I will delete it from this account.