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Zara, you're a pixie now, not human. You can't just go to the Winter Dance like everything's a-okay. Pull yourself together; you can leave the stress behind for a while.

He would want you to go. Him, he's gone. Nick's gone, away from me… Nick.

"ZARA! Hello-ooo. Anybody home?" Issy shouts straight in my face. I choose to ignore her,

"Zara! Please listen!" this time it's Cassidy trying to snap me out of my daydream.

"Huh? What!" I say feeling slightly flustered.

"Zara, Devyn's waiting outside for us, we gotta get to the dance, like NOW!" Issie says frantically.

"Zara, just cool for one minute, just think about Nick. He would want you to go. Anyways, have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look stunning!" Cassidy tries to help me cheer up; it's no use at all.

Then it dawns upon me, "How do you know that I was thinking about N-Nick? Can you read my mind AS WELL?"

Issie laughs and says, "No silly, Cassidy can't read your mind! It's just that we all know who you're thinking about when you get that dazed and cute look in you eyes. Now come on!"

I let them guide me to the mirror, and boy did I get a shock.

"Not to sound vain or anything, but I look fabulous! Oh, thank you so much!"

"Your welcome!" Issy and Cassidy chorus together.

It's true though- my dress IS stunning. It's mid-length and rests just above my knees, emerald green – the kind that makes you think of beautiful meadows. It has thin straps, a black ribbon tied into a bow in the middle, resting just above my hips.

I'm wearing a green jewelled flower attached to a delicate silver chain on my neck with some matching earrings.

My shoes were black with a touch of silver in them. They were high heels, but comfortable so walking isn't too bad.

"I wasn't really sure if you wanted tights or not, so I sorta left them out." Issy says.

"Actually I think that tights may be a good idea," I say as I grab some sheer black tights. I really didn't need them, I just felt like I needed some time alone. I shiver, but not of cold, of fear… and excitement of what may happen.

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