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Fear of flying - chapter 15

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When Hotch returned he had half expected to find them both asleep but instead he found them propped up together. Emily was cushioned against the head board sitting with her legs crossed like a school girl. Jack sat on her lap, he had hold of her arms and held them wrapped tightly around himself as he intermittently pushed his face down so only a slither of his eyes were showing.

"Hey guys." Hotch greeted them, staying in the doorway.

"Hey," Emily smiled while Jack gave him a small cursory glance, "toy story three." she explained.

"The conveyor belt scene?" he smiled and watched Emily nod her reply, "Aunt Jessica forwards through this part, but we prefer to tough it out, because we know it's going to work out, isn't that right bud?"

Jack gave his father a quick nod the resumed viewing from behind Emily's arms.

Hotch rounded the bed then eased himself down beside them. "Dinner is pasta with bacon and tomato if you want some it'll be ready in fifteen."

She turned her nose up without thinking, "Sorry, I mean it sounds great but i'm going to try a soda and see how I feel after that."

He nodded as he settled next to them, "It's OK I'm not offended. Jacks not so keen on my pasta either, but he doesn't get a choice."

He tentatively rested his hand on her arm, she moved a hand to gently interlace their fingers and leaned her head onto his shoulder. He smiled to himself, he felt cosy, settled and could easily have fallen asleep with them by his side. As the danger on screen abated Jack's posture relaxed and he sunk back into Emily, allowing her arms to hold him gently, no longer using her as a shield from what he was seeing. Hotch was pleased that he made no move to leave Emily after he entered the room, it seemed so far the only teething problems they had with Jack was crow-barring him off Emily to give her some space. He felt peaceful, but knew part of it was living in the bubble of isolation that came with them all being home for a weekend off together. He hoped they could lay enough grounding to keep them on track through the days and weeks ahead. He knew that trouble was heading their direction from on high once word of Emily's pregnancy got out and that probably Emily faced a tougher time than him. Trust would be in short supply for someone transferring in away from a boss they slept with. She was going to have to work incredibly hard to establish herself in the relatively short time before the baby was due to arrive.

As the end credits rolled up he heard the alarm sounding in the kitchen to tell him dinner was cooked.

"Great timing, go wash up Jack." he instructed his son as both men reluctantly pulled themselves away from the warm presence between them. "I'll bring you a cold soda in, any preference?"


He nodded and waited for Jack to finish in the bathroom before guiding him out.

"Thanks Jack, that was a good film choice." she told him.

"It's my favourite, we can watch the others tomorrow." he motioned to the extensive pile he had left stack by the television.

Hotch rolled his eyes and mouthed 'sorry' at her as they left her alone in the bedroom.

While Hotch and Jack ate dinner Emily sipped at the coke and used it to wash down one of her anti-sickness tablets. They had told her she'd probably feel worse tonight than she had for a couple of days because she would be doing more and they were right. Half way through the can of coke she had to discard it and lie back on the bed, but remaining propped up because she couldn't tolerate being flat. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. She would NOT throw up, she would lie motionless all night but she wasn't going to throw up right now.

She heard soft foot fall approaching the door and opened her eyes slightly to see who it was. She was relieved to see Hotch poking his head through the door frame. She gave him a quick wan smile.

"OK?" he whispered.

"mmmmmmm-hmm." she replied.

"I'm going to take Jack across to the park for half an hour, he needs to be outdoors to burn some energy off. Do you want the window open a little?"

"Thanks, yeah." she whispered without moving.

After he popped the window he placed her cell phone in her hand, "Call if you need anything." he told her.

She listened to Jacks disjointed happy chatter as he put on his shoes and heard them lock the door. She allowed her eyes to close again and was not surprised when darkness enveloped her senses entirely.

The next thing she was aware of was loud breathing near her and the feeling of an intense stare on her. Her eyes sprung open to see Jack inches from her face. He lit up in a smile when she focused on him and she returned the expression finding it charming and infectious.

"Hey." he whispered.

"Hey," she whispered back, "Did you have fun at the park?"

He nodded "I'm going to bed now. Daddy told me not to come in but I wanted to say goodnight. Night Em, sleep tight." he beamed as he leaned and hugged her tightly.

She smiled into the crook of his neck and inhaled his clean scent deeply, "Night Jack. See you in the morning."

As they released each other she saw Hotch standing at the door with his brow furrowed, Jacks face creased in guilt when he saw him there.

"Sorry." he intoned as he slunk passed him to head for his own bedroom. She saw Hotch raise his eyebrow in a mix of amusement and annoyance as he followed Jack through to his bedroom. She listened as he read a bedtime story, and smiled a little at his fairy take voices floating across the hall to her ears. She imagined he would be less enthusiastic of he knew she could hear.

Daring to prop herself up she took a sip if now flat and warm soda and found it not so bad, reaching across she checked her cell. She saw she'd missed several texts from Garcia, a couple of dirty jokes and the last a message to say she hoped Hotch was taking care of them both or she'd ruin his credit file. She smiled to herself and passed her phone to Hotch to share when he eased down next to her.

He read with a raised eyebrow and a wry smile, "You have some scary friends, it's a good job I love you."

Emily's reply died on her lips when her brain absorbed his words, "What?"

Hotch shifted uncomfortably, "That wasn't how I wanted to say that the first time."

"It doesn't matter how you say it, it just matter that you did." she smiled, as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, "I love you too." she whispered.