A/N: Wow, I never realized that some of you might not know what I was talking about in the last chapter.

Tom: Draco Malfoy
Dan: Harry Potter
Rupert: Ron Weasley
Emma: Hermione Granger
Evanna: Luna Lovegood
Alan: Severus Snape
Ralph: Good ol' Lord Voldemort


"Damn it, Potter! Get that bloody window fixed."

"Just open it for them."

The moment the window was opened, ten owls flew in and dumped the letters at the foot of the bed. After a loud chorus of hoots, they disappeared out the window.

"I hate mail day with a passion."

"I know…"

Harry rolled over onto his side, trying desperately to open his eyes. After a few tried and failures, he sighed and dumped his arm on Draco's chest. "Morning."

Draco harrumphed drowsily as he pulled Harry in. "Too bloody early to be morning."

"It's seven."

"Still damned early."

"We have work."

"I'm quitting."

"Of course you are."

"So are you."

"No, I'm not."

"We have money."


"We don't need to work."

"Do we have to have this talk every day?"

"Yes. You might decide to change your mind."

"Not so lucky today."

Draco scowled as he buried his head into the crook of Harry's neck. "You're a prat."

Harry smiled as he sighed into Draco. "Just like you."

Draco smiled as he crept on top of Harry. "So… We have two hours."

"To get ready. Yes, Draco, we have two hours to get ready," Harry corrected while trying to hide a smirk.

"Plenty of time," Draco murmured, smothering Harry with an open-mouthed kiss.

Harry pushed him away. "No, not plenty of time. Another late and we'll be dead meat."

"Fuck them. I want to fuck you," Draco said with a devilish grin that never failed to arouse Harry.

"You sure have a way with words," Harry said, gasping as Draco pushed into him.

"You love it."

"Yeah. Unfortunately."

"Ponce," Draco muttered, nipping Harry's neck and planting a red welt.

"Ow! Draco!" Harry said indignantly. "I can't get that off, you know?"

"Why do you think I do it?"

Harry rolled his eyes as he forcefully pushed Draco away. "I have a meeting and I'm going to get ready for it," he said smugly, pushing his covers away and ducking away when Draco threw his arm out to stop him. "Take care of the mail," he said before he shut the door to their bathroom.

Draco took out his sexual frustration on the door, sticking his tongue out at it. He sat up in bed, letting the covers fall away. He stared blearily at the letters. By 'take care of the mail', Harry meant make them disappear. Fan mail poured in every week and no matter how hard Harry tried to conceal their house from the owls, the letters found their way in. After months of unsuccessful tries, he had decided to just let the owls in and then burn the letters.

Draco pulled his wand out from the bedside table and flicked at the mail. Then he stumbled out of bed in a groggy stupor and was about to make his way to the door when he slipped and fell flat on his back.

"Bloody fuckin' piece of shit!" he cursed as he sat up and found a letter he had slipped on. It was not so much a letter as it was a manila envelope that looked like it contained hundreds of pages. He growled in frustration because he was looking forward to balling it up and lopping it out the window. He grabbed it from the floor and glared at it furiously. Then he blinked.

To Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy

With much love,

Draco bit his lip as he ran over the violet script with his fingers. "For me?" he wondered softly. He glanced up at the closed bathroom door for a second, then returned to the envelope. He opened it with a quick rip and dumped the papers onto the floor. Stapled sheets of paper fluttered to the floor. He picked one up.

Gold Tinted Spectacles by Beren

"Hmm…" Draco shifted to sit with his back against his bed. And he started reading.

A half-hour later, Harry's out of the shower, hair damp and face flushed. He was privy to this sight. Draco was on his stomach, his elbows propping him up and his chin on his hands. Several papers were strewn around him, some half-opened and others dog-eared.

"Um… What the hell, Malfoy?"

Draco looked up in surprise, his eyes glazed and a smile on his lips. "We got mail…" he said vaguely, dropping his head back down to read.

"What's this?" Harry asked, toweling his hair dry as he walked to the bed. He sat down and picked up a single sheet off of the floor.

Slytherins are Perverts, but what about Gryffindors? by Faith Wood

"What the hell?" Harry gasped. It took him no less than five minutes to get through to the end. He looked up with wide eyes at Draco, who was staring at him expectantly. "What's this?"

"I have no clue…"

Harry glanced back at the words in his hands and swallowed hard. "Why am I – and you are – have you – did you read this one?"

Draco held out his hand and the paper was shoved into it. He glanced at the title and his eyebrows shot up. "No," he said pensively.

Meanwhile, Harry picked up a stack and went through the titles, throwing them onto the ruffled bed as he read through.

Irresistible Poison by Rhysenn
Seamus Finnegan's Betting Business by The Pirate King of Shipwrecks
Obscurity of Love by mony2208
Draco in Darkness by Plumeria

"Wait, are all of these…" Harry trailed off.

Draco couldn't answer because he was blushing furiously as he read the story in his hands. "Wh – what is this?" he breathed in embarrassment.

"I don't – I have no idea. Where did you get it from?" Harry asked.

Draco waved towards the envelope that was lying innocently against the wall. Harry skirted the multitude of papers to get it. "This was for both of us?" he asked. "Is there a letter with it?"

"I don't know. Couldn't find one in this mess," Draco said faintly as he flicked his ear out of nervous habit. "You – you're so – and I'm all – wow…" He put down the story.

By now Harry was sifting through the stories, trying to locate a letter. "Here it is," he said, snatching the plain white paper off of the rug.

"What does it say?"

To my dearest Draco and Harry,

"Um… Should we know who this is?" Draco interrupted, getting off of the floor and moving to stand behind Harry.

"I've never heard of her," Harry said, shrugging.

Here are a hundred and one stories that I have compiled for your reading pleasure. I hope you put it to good use. We've tried quite hard to make it excellent stories. Most of them will absolutely make you blush. Some might make you cry. A whole lot of them will make you laugh. And all of them are about your love. We have wacky imaginations; don't mind the blurred facts. Just enjoy it as it comes. Have fun!

Keep being absolutely and positively dreamy!


"About us…"


Draco wrapped his arms around Harry and placed his head against his shoulder, rereading the letter. They stood in the sun for a few moments, letting the stories sink in. "We aren't perverts, are we?" Draco asked without prompt.

That set Harry off into peels of laughter. He turned in Draco's arms and they kissed long and hard. "I love you so much," he declared proudly.

"Oh sure, now you're in the mood," Draco said in sarcasm.

"That story was something else…"

"It sure was," he nodded, staring at Harry.

Harry let his head drop against Draco's chest as his hand slithered lower. "Did you want to…"

"Oh Merlin! Thought you'd never ask."

Harry let his breath catch up to him as he lay across Draco's chest. All it took was a wave of his hand to let the silk fall off of Draco's limbs. The blond moaned in relief and pleasure as he wrapped himself around Harry and kissed the living daylights out of him. "Fuck, that was hot," he snarled, attacking Harry from all sides.

"I know," Harry panted, his lips moving wherever it felt like running off to.

Draco sighed in content as he held Harry close and rolled him over. A crackle of paper stopped the kisses. Draco opened his eyes and frowned, feeling under him and pulling out the crumpled sheets.

Dirt by Cheryl Dyson

He blinked at Harry, who tilted his head and flicked his eyes at the story. They settled against each other, Draco holding the paper steady while they read.

Their teeth clashed as Harry pushed Draco against the tiles. Sprays of water assaulted them as they thrust against each other. Suds from the shampoo and soap dripped down their bodies as Harry buried himself inside Draco.

"More," Draco gasped, his head slamming against the wall in frustration.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Harry muttered, one hand bringing Draco's leg up while the other pressed against the Draco's shoulder.

"If you weren't such a prude – fuck! Oh god, that was – harder!"

Harry drove into Draco, their chests pressed against each other and their lips tangling with fervor. Draco wrapped his leg around Harry's hips and pushed him in forcefully. Their orgasms ran into each other as they cried out, the hot water exciting them beyond belief. Harry held Draco in place before the latter could drop to the floor. "That was –"


"Bloody brilliant."

Rough Return by His Spectacles

Harry held onto the headboard as he bit into his cheek to keep from screaming. Draco pounded into him without restraint. There was no exchange of words. Just animalistic noises and erotic sounds coming out of the men. Harry felt the bruising fingers grasping his hips. He gasped as Draco thrust in a different angle, pushing into his prostate. He came in torrents, loud whimpers escaping him. His body went taut as he clenched against Draco. He nearly collapsed from the climax. Draco wouldn't stop. He wouldn't stop until he was finished. Harry groaned in pain and pleasure as he was pushed to the edge of insanity, or so it seemed.

"I – I can't," he gasped.

"You can."

Harry arched his back against Draco's assault, his walls stretched as his cock twitching for more attention. He felt Draco's pushes growing desperate. He didn't have the energy to thrust back. His prostate was nudged again. This time he screamed without inhibition. Draco joined him a moment later.

By the time Harry came to, Draco was kissing him gently, hands moving against his chest. He kissed back, pressing himself against Draco.

"Did I hurt you?" Draco asked.

"I had two orgasms in five minutes…" Harry murmured against Draco's lips. "It was worth it."

Parselmouth by Galadriell

"Hmm? You think?" Draco asked as he set the paper aside.

I don't know, maybe.

Draco gasped and leaned away. Harry leaned forward with a small smirk.


He looked mesmerized as he stared at Harry's barely moving lips.

Oh? Yes it is, then…

"How are you doing that?" he asked, bringing his fingers up to Harry's mouth.

"Want me to teach you?" Harry asked.

"Maybe," Draco murmured, looking up at Harry's eyes now. "Maybe I do…"

After this… I'll teach you after this. He covered Draco's mouth with his own, reveling in the compliant lips.

"I can't believe this is turning me on," Draco whispered.

I'm so glad it is. Harry straddled Draco, pinning him against the chair with ease. I love you…


"I said, I love you."

"Oh, you did? Um… I love you too."

Harry smiled, his lips curling over Draco's ear. I love you.

Draco shuddered as his fingers dragged over Harry's back. "Me too…" he sighed.

"I can't get enough!"

"Me neither."

The two were on the bed, under the covers and surrounded by stories. Stories of lust, surrender, escape, love, laughs, tears, anger, magic, and surrealism. Stories from ardent fans and secret admirers. Stories about them.

Draco sighed and rubbed his weary eyes. "You know something?"

"What?" Harry asked, flipping the page.

"After reading these…"


"I think I fell in love with you again."

Harry felt a glorious smile grow on him as he turned to glance at his lover. "Draco, that has to be the most romantic thing you have ever told me," he said, resting his head against Draco's shoulder.

"These stories set high standards, huh?"

"They sure do," Harry said, pulling Draco down for a slow kiss.