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Dean watched Sam sleep in the bed across the room from him, moonlight shining on his calm features.

This was the first time in a long time that Dean had seen his little brother sleep peacefully; normally he was thrashing and groaning, the nightmares plaguing his body.

He watched Sam snore lightly for a few more moments, then with a chuckle he got out of his own bed and made his way to the living area of their motel room, this room was actually of better quality than their last few, and Dean was relieved to have somewhere decent to sleep for once.

He settled down on a wooden chair and flicked on the TV, clicking all the channels but finding nothing to watch.

With a sigh he turned it off again, and then looked back at his brother; he hadn't moved, when that man slept properly, he could sleep through an earthquake, Dean though wryly.

He suddenly heard his phone go off, the loud ringtone bursting into the silent room. He leapt up and darted to his bag, pulling it free and answering it before he even read the caller ID.

'Shh- oh, hi Bobby. No, I wasn't talking to you I was talking to the ph-never No, it's not a problem...sure...yeah ok, we'll be there ASAP...ok, bye' he signed off, groaning as he looked across at his slumbering brother.

He really didn't want to do this, but Bobby seemed really urgent-anyway, Sammy could sleep in the car.

'Hey...dude...Sammy!' he said softly, gently shaking his brother's shoulder. Sam's eyelids flickered, but he didn't wake.

'Sam!' Dean said sharply, giving him one hard shake-this did the trick, as Sam woke with a small gasp, looking around for danger. As soon as his eyes fell on Dean, they rolled and he frowned.

'Why'd you wake me up?' he grumbled, turning over with a groan.

'Come on dude...Bobby wants us to come to his place...let's go!' Dean said, ripping Sam's blanket off him and throwing it on the floor.

Sam moaned and got up, rubbing his hair.

'Why?' he said, sleep still apparent in his voice.

'No idea...come on...let's go!' said Dean, getting a little impatient.

'Oh alright! 'Growled Sam, and he pushed off to the bathroom to wash.

'Leaving in five!' Dean yelled over the tap water.

Sam chuckled and he started brushing his teeth, getting ready for the day ahead.

'Hey boys- glad you could get hear so quickly!' Bobby Singer welcomed the brother's into his home, before bustling off to the kitchen to make coffee. After he had finished, he took the mugs and made his way to the living room, where the boys were sitting on the couch, Dean, looking refreshed and chirpy, Sam tired and lethargic.

'You ok Sam?' Bobby frowned as he passed the youngest Winchester his mug.

Sam smiled at him and blinked a few times. 'Yeah, just tired.'

'- he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!'Dean butted in.

'Ah, ok-anyways, I called you hear to see if you would take a case for me, I'm just too busy to do it myself' he said.

The boys leaned forwards, 'ok, so what's happening?' asked Sam.

'Well, do you remember the Smith's? Judy and Edgar Smith?' said Bobby, watching as Sam shook his head.

'Oh wait! I remember the Smiths... they were our old babysitters!' said Dean, thumping Sam on the thigh. Sam looked at his brother, a confused look on his face.

'What? I don't remember, who are they?' he asked, looking from Dean to Bobby.

'Ahhhh come on, you have to where what? Six, seven? You gotta remember things from that age!' said Dean, incredulous. He shook his head as Sam shrugged, before turning back to Bobby.

'Anyhow...the smith's? What's up with them?'

'Well, it's got nothing to do with them, per se, but the troubles in their old house. See, the Smith's died a few years back, Judy of a stroke, and Edgar of heart failure. Anyway, since then the new occupants have reported hearing crying coming from the house, little things as well; like knocks and bangs-nothing too violent, but the new family have little kids, and it's starting to scare 'em.'

'So what your saying is we've got a spirit on our hands?' asked Dean, interested.

'Yahtzee, now, you guy's want it?' asked Bobby.

'Yeah, sure' said Dean at once, but Sam was slower to agree.

'Ok, how far?'

'About eighty miles, so not too far' said Bobby.

'Ok Sasquatch lets go!' smiled Dean, already heading for the door.

Sam nodded his thanks to Bobby, and then followed him out.

As his brother started the Impala, Sam had a strange sense of foreboding that he couldn't quite fathom out, like this hunt was just too cut and dry...and how come he couldn't remember their old baby-sitters, when Dean quite obviously could?

As they sped alone the highway, en route to the Smith's house, Sam hoped the answers wouldn't be too far away.

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