As the days slowly drifted close to exam week, more and more people have been getting more anxious. Conversations emitting negative thoughts and low confidence about flunking the exams flooded the hallways, creating a loud chatter surging through the school as everyone strolled uneasily to their homerooms.

"Ah, such idiots people are." Reiko shook her head in disapproval as she pushed through the crowds. Bumping through the swarm, she caught a glimpse of crimson hair sashaying past her. Reiko's curious eyes drifted to the flow of a long ribbon and a strand of red-hair as she turned around to follow Sora.

'Maybe I've been a bit too hard on her.' She thought with concern. Now that she thinks about it more further, it has been weeks since she talked to any of her friends. She was too busy studying and worried about what college she would attend to that she had barely enough time to make a proper social life.

As she pushed people out of her way, she called out Sora's name, but her voice was soon drowned out by the noises in the hallways. She made a grab for her shoulder, but just before touching the red fabric of her school uniform, a familiar bubbly girl skipped happily to them. Light-chocolate wavy hair cascaded down her body with a pair of black ribbons hanging loosely on the sides of her head as a huge grin was planted on her pretty face.

"Good morning, Sora-sama, err.. I mean Sora-san." Koharu greeted. "And good morning Reiko-san."

"Good morning..." Reiko greeted back, expecting for Sora to at least notice her by now. But much to her confusion, she didn't. Sora just greeted back Koharu and walked off, without at least turning her head or make eye contact at Reiko.

"Well goodbye, Reiko-san." Koharu said cheerfully. "Good luck with your exams!"

Reiko blinked as she watched Sora's red head seep into the crowd as the two disappeared. Her throat went dry as her stomach began feeling heavy.

And then... it hit her.

"Whatever. Just go. Leave me alone..."

Those words rung in her mind as the realization caused her to be dumbfounded.

'Damn, what have I done now!' She grabbed her hair in frustration upon realizing that Sora actually took her seriously on that day. 'Gah! I'm such an idiot!'

'Idiot, idiot, idiot!' She continued huffing in frustration until someone accidentally bumped into her, causing Reiko to snap back.

Calming down, Reiko took a heavy sigh. 'Okay...I'll just have to talk to her at lunch then...'

"Okay, what the hell is up with you?" Reiko asked in an irritated tone as she put her hands on the side of her hips.

After many attempts to approach Sora, Reiko had finally dragged her out of the school and confront her about her weird behavior.

"Huh? You told me to leave you alone?" Sora said as she titled her head in confusion. She was sitting on a a grass under a shade of tree while Reiko chose to stand up in front of her.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Reiko yelled as she grew more impatient. "I mean..."

"Reiko..." Sora stood up from her spot and put a gentle hand on her shoulder. The soft smile planted on Sora's face told Reiko that she should boil her anger down. "I know that you don't like me. So... I'm really sorry for that..."

"Wha-" Reiko's eyes widened.

'Don't like her?' Reiko exclaimed in her thoughts wildly. 'What the hell!'

Reiko's eyebrows furrowed and knocked Sora's hand away. "'YOU IDIOT!"

Reiko began sobbing, causing Sora to worry.

"Reiko, what's wrong?"

At this point, her throat went dry and felt as if it was choking her. But instead, she wanted to choke Sora right now. How can she be so dumb?

It felt as if an arrow had struck - an arrow that had been dipped in fire before being fired off in the bow. She turned around, not wanting to face her or let her see the tears that had blurred in her eyes.

She prepared to storm off, but just before marching in a foot, a whisper escaped in her lips- a whisper full of intensity that sobbed from her as if she was forced to say it.

"I just want you to pay more attention to me..."

And then she walked off.

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