Okay, like most fics in the Zoids category, this takes place post-Royal Cup. Well, not at first.
First, I'm going to have a few chapters take place within the normal Zoid series. In short,
they'll be in chronological order.

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Prologue 1: Blitz-krieg

"Oh boy, it's here, it's here, it's here!" Steve Torros danced around the common room of the
large structure, that served as their home, in pure glee. His little show was disrupted by the
appearance of his two children, Leon and Leena.

"Um... Leon, why is Dad prancing around like a ballerina."

"Believe me, sis, I stopped asking myself that question a long time ago."

"Leon, Leena, they did it, we're in, we're in!" He grabbed the two children by the arms and
danced them around with him.

"Whoa, calm down, Dad," Leon said. "Tell us what's going on."

"The Zoid Battle Commission just approved my request! We're an official team now!"

"That's great, Dad, what's the team's name?"

Dr. Torros did a dramatic stanse. "From now on, we are known as the Blitz Team!" He cried.

"Blitz team?" Leena asked skeptically.

"Yeah, isn't it neat!"

"It's a good name, Dad," Leon said humoring him. To tell the truth, he was pretty excited.
To become a Zoid warrior was a high honor. And they already had three Zoids: his Shield Liger,
Leena's D-Bison and a Liger Zero that Doc Torros was conned into purchasing. Then again, the
Liger Zero was totally unreliable. He once tried piloting it because his Shield Liger's power
system was down. The Zoid rejected him in ten seconds flat.

"There's just one problem," Torros said as he turned his back to them.

"What's that?" Leena asked.

"We need one more person," Torros said like it was nothing. Leena facefaulted and Leon sweat-

He explained further. "The Battle Mode is 0982, which means that we need at least three Zoids
and pilots registered with our team." Leon sighed. It was time to make some calls.

The next week was hectic. Leena put an add in the newspaper, and pilots and Zoids showed up
from all over the place.

"Send in the next candidate," Torros called. A boy walked in with sandy brown hair and blue

"And you are?"

The boy put on a smug glance. "My name is Harry Champ. I'm a man destined to be king."

"Uh... good for you," Torros said not really knowing how to respond to that.

Leena then realized something. "Doesn't your family run that big Zoids Research Facility in the
East?" She asked.

"The one and only." Harry opened his eyes and took a good look at her, and his jaw dropped.
She was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Leena was about his age (15) with short red
hair and violet eyes. She was currently dressed in yellow coveralls and a purple skirt.

He went up to her, took her hand and kissed it. "You are correct my dear, and you are..."

"Leena... Leena Torros."

"Ah, Leena, such beauty and prestige, you must be a princess, perfect for a man who's destined
to be king."

Leena didn't know what to say about that. She never been hit on before... well there was that
one time but she was 8.

Luckily, her father came to her rescue. "Well, Harry, if you're going to be part of our team,
you're going to have to show me some credentials."

For the first time, Harry trained his eyes on Doc Torros. "What do you mean credentials?"

"Dad," Leena hissed.

"I mean let's see what type of Zoid you have."

"I'm glad you asked that, my good man," Harry said happily as he slammed a catalogue down on the
table that was between them. "I've got every Zoid you can imagine. Everything from Shield
Ligers to Gun Snipers to Dark Horns to Rev Raptors."

Torros skimmed through the catalog. "Well we already have a Shield Liger but... say, some of
these Zoids are pretty hard to come by."

"Being a part of Zoid Research gives me access to all the good Zoids."

Leena saw the look in her father's eye. It was the same look that a child would get looking
through a toy catalog at Christmas.

Doc. Torros closed the catalogue and cleared his throat. "Well, Harry, we'll look over your
profile and get back to you?" Harry smiled and with a seductive wink to Leena, left.

"Dad, you can't accept his application," Leena said. "He's about twelve doughnuts short of a

"Well, Leena... uh... we have to consider all applications." Leena scowled. Her Dad was ready
to accept this Harry Champ at the drop of a hat.

The interviews continued. And none of the other applicants had the credentials of Harry Champ.

Towards sundown, Torros yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Well, might as well close up. Nobody else
seems like they're going to show up today." Leena looked at her watch. They still had about
ten minutes left. Leena knew her father, he just wanted to accept Harry Champ's application.

"Excuse me, is this where the Blitz Team interviews are being held?" A soft voice called. A
small boy stood in the doorway to the Blitz Team's new base. He was half Leena's height with
dark hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a red jersey over a yellow T-Shirt and shorts. He
was holding a newspaper no doubtedly folded to show the advertisement for the interviews.

"Yes it is," Leena replied. "And you are...?"

"My name is Jamie, I've come to apply." He handed Leena a sheet of paper.

"Wow, this thing is very professional-looking," Leena commented.

"I'm very serious about becoming a Zoid Warrior," Jamie explained. "Plus I'm pretty good at
fixing Zoids that have broken down from battle."

"Mechanics, that's a good trait to have," Leena said. "Do you have a Zoid?"

"Yes I do," Jamie replied. "A Pterrus."

"A flying Zoid," Doc. Torros spoke up. "That's a big asset to have." But in his mind he was
thinking, {I knew it, it is Oscar's boy. So he finally decided on following in his father's

"Well, Jamie, I can say that it's a good chance you'll be accepted," Leena said.

"Really? Oh, that's great!" Leena looked at this boy. His eyes seemed so sincere, so polite.
Definitely not like Harry Champ. It would definitely be safer hiring him than Harry.

Meanwhile, Leon decided to head into Seaside City to see if he could find anything. He's heard
numerous rumors about Zoid Mercenaries, freelance Warriors who will work for whoever can pay

He stopped at one of the many bars. Inside was, among the usual bar features, a huge monitor
that showed three Saber-Tiger Zoids battling two Lightning Scythes and an Iron Kong. The
patrons at the bar were whooping and hollering as the six giant machines went at it.

"For the last time, no."

"But we paid you twice on what we agreed!"

"And you had it back with interest."

"No, you haven't, we still lost!"

"But you remained is class B like you wanted."

Leon strolled over to a circle of people who were around a table. Three people were having an
argument. All three of them were about his age, two of them were wearing matching uniforms.
The third boy had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a sleeveless jacket with
two shades of blue, navy blue slacks and matching gloves. He had his feet put up on the table
and was leaning back in his chair, taking the front two legs off the ground.

"What's going on?" Leon asked one of the bystanders.

"Those two are Zoid Warriors. The third one's a mercenary. He won a match for them and when
they tried to hire him again, he refused. They've been bugging him all week."

"Won't take no for an answer?"

"Nope. And all of them are too stubborn to back down." It was then that the squabble got
physical. One of the Warriors let loose with a wild left hook. The mercenary leaned back. His
chair hit the floor and he rolled back and into a squat position.

The Warrior's partner charged forward. But Leon tipped over another chair and he went spilling.

The mercenary looked up at Leon. "Thanks," he said dryly.

"Don't worry about it. Come on, let's get a drink. I'm buying."

"Mother told me never to pass up a free drink." The two went over to the bar and ordered their

"Name's Leon Torros. You?"

"Just call me Brad."

"All right, Brad. I'm a Zoid Warrior myself. I'm part of the Blitz Team."

"Never heard of it."

"We're a new team. We need a third player. Wanna join?"

"Depends, how much are you offering?"

"Right now, we don't have a lot of money. But as we win battles, we get prize money. And the
more battles we win, the more prize money we get."

"Sounds interesting. All right, I'll do it. But if this proves to be a waste of time, I'm
leaving and you'll have to pay the interest."

"Fair enough. Do you need a Zoid?"

"No, I have a Command Wolf."

"Come on, let me take you back to our base."

Leon took the jeep back to the new Blitz Team Headquarters and Brad followed. On the way, they
noticed a Pterrus in the hangar. Leon figured it was just another Zoid that his father got.

"Hey Dad, I have good news," Leon said.

"So do I," Doc Torros replied.

"I've found our third member," both said. "You did? Who?"

"Leon, this is Jamie, he's... a friend of the family so to speak." The boy walked up to them.

"Um... Dad, this is Brad, he's a Zoid Mercenary. I promised we'd pay him as soon as we start
winning battles."

"It appears we have two new members now," Doc. Torros observed. "I guess one of you is going to
have to go."

"No they won't, Dad," Leena stormed in. Looking at Brad and Jamie, she said, "you both are
welcome to join us."

"I'm in," Jamie said happily.

"I'm only in it for the prize money."

"Yes!" Doc. Torros cried. "The Blitz Team is assembled!"

The next day, the Blitz Team set out in their Hovercargo. All four Zoids had been loaded up.

"I created a catapult system that will propell you onto the battlefield," Doc. Torros said from
the control room. "But Leena's D-Bison is too heavy so it's been loaded onto the lower cargo

Leon climbed into his Shield Liger. Checking his power systems, he activated the comm. link
that ran between the four Zoids. "This is Leon, can everyone hear me?"



"You bet, Bro." Leon smiled. Leena didn't get to bed until late that night but she was still
as energetic and hyper as ever.

The lower hatch on the Hover Cargo opened and the D-Bison stumbled out. Above her in the main
cargo hold on the snail-shaped vessel, a top opened and a ramp extended.

"Leon here, ready to launch Shield Liger."

"Brad here, ready to launch Command Wolf."

"Jamie here, ready to launch Pterrus."

"Hang on, you guys, the force is pretty powerful. It utilizes reverse magnetic thrust."

"Reverse what...?" Leon started to ask.

"Launching Shield Liger!" Leon was forced back into his seat as his Zoid was thrown onto the
dirt-encrusted battlefield beside his sister.

"Launching Command Wolf! Launching Pterrus!" The Command Wolf landed on the other side of
Leon. Jamie let out a yelp as he struggled to get the Pterrus into flight.

"All right, let's rumble!" Leena said as she got ready to move her D-Bison.

"Whoa there, Triggerhappy," Brad said.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!" Leena snapped.

"We need to wait."

"For what?" No sooner had that question been asked, then something crashed into the ground near
their location causing a large shockwave that almost blew the Zoids back into the Hover Cargo.

"What was that?" Jamie asked.

"That's a Judge Capsule," Brad explained.

"I've heard of them," Doc. Torros said. "They serve as the referees for Zoid battles. They're
launched from satellites high above orbit.

The capsule raised itself above the crater it left. The hatch opened and a strange robotic
figure stood inside. He was mostly circular with arms but no hands, just painted squares. A
black screen was mounted on the "face"

"The Judge," Leena said in awe.

An alarm blared out as a robotic voice announced, "The area within a 10 mile radius is a
designated Zoid battlefield. Only competitors and authorized personnell are allowed to be here,
all others must leave immediately! Danger, danger!"

"All Zoid pilots must insert their Zoid gear now!" Everybody took a strange device and inserted
it into their Zoid's computer system.

"Registration received," the Judge announced. "Battlefield set up. The Buster Team versus the
Blitz Team. Battle Mode 0982. Ready......... FIGHT!" The Judge crossed his arms signalling
the battle to begin.

The Blitz Team lost that first round. They lost the next five rounds. After their sixth battle,
they tredged back to base licking their wounds.

That night, they all sat in the common room of the base, nursing hot drinks.

"Guys, I've been doing some calculating," Jamie said. "And if we keep on this loosing streek,
we'll barely able to remain as a team."

"That's too bad," Brad commented.

Jamie lowered his head. "I'm sorry, guys, I'm a handicap to you. I'll understand if you don't
want me on the team."

"No it's not your fault, Jamie," Leon said sternly. "It's the fault of the whole team."

"Well I know it can't be my fault," Leena said. "I'm too beautiful to do anything wrong."
The men all rolled their eyes.

"Sorry, Brad, I guess we won't be able to pay you," Leon said. "You can leave any time you

"I'm staying," Brad declared. "At least until I get some decent pay."

"Well, that's your perogative," Leon replied.

"I guess I'll be the one to leave then," Jamie said.

"You know, Jamie, we need a strategist," Torros said.

"A what?"

"A strategist. Someone who can analyze the enemy's moves and prepare an effective counterattack.
You'd be perfect for it."

"You really think so?"

"You bet I do, Jamie. And besides, it never hurts to have a backup Warrior in case of

Jamie smiled. "All right, I'm in."

"Good, you can start by reviewing the profiles of our next opponents."

"Who is that?"

"They're called the Tigers Team."