Beach Interlude Part II: Secret Alliance

Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, I am just borrowing some of the characters for a while.

Summary: I have made all of the Konoha 12 a year older than in the manga, so Hinata is 18, Itachi is 23. To recap part one…coming back from a mission, dangerously low on chakra and ill, Itachi comes across Hinata alone at her family's beach house. After being healed of his illness by Sakura and Hinata, Itachi forms an alliance with Konoha to help bring Sasuke home…

The afternoon sun was high in the sky and shining through the small window in the small sitting-room off of the library where they had placed her a few hours earlier when Hinata had begun to wake up. As she opened her eyes a quick glance around the small room told her she was all alone.

Sitting up, she placed her face in her hands and groaned miserably as the realization hit her that she had fainted – something she hadn't done in years. And she did it in front of the Hokage and everyone.

Suddenly it hit her why she had fainted and it almost made her do it again – he wants to marry me!

Oh Itachi!

A rosy blush surged over her face as she hugged herself with joy. She had been completely surprised when he had asked her to marry him. Not only that, but to have him do it in front of everyone at the meeting had thrown her for a loop. During their time together he had never once indicated he was leaning in that direction.

In the back of her mind she had always thought that if it was going to happen most likely he would have waited until everything was over and he was back safe in the village before asking her.

Her elation began to subside as she looked around and noticed she was all alone and she began to wonder why no one woke her up earlier. Glancing outside, she could tell that it was afternoon time and the meeting had taken place in the morning.

A small kernel of unease entered her mind as she began to realize that either the Hokage had denied his request or he had changed his mind otherwise someone would have woken her up to perform the ceremony.

Hinata activated her Byakugan and it only took a moment to locate everyone as she saw most of the group was hanging out in the back yard. And looking more closely she could tell by their chakra, Itachi was talking to Shikamaru by the pool.

A sigh of relief escaped her as it appeared that at least the meeting had went well, but regarding the question he had asked her she felt completely in the dark.

Determined not to dwell on it any longer, she pushed down any remaining feelings of unease within her and knew she would find out what was going on soon enough. Standing up, she hastily straightened her clothing before opening the door and heading out to join the others around the pool.

Handing a large envelope of information about Akatsuki to Shikamaru, Itachi was finding the more he spoke to him the more impressed he was with the ninja in front of him. The reports he had of the Nara's intellect did not even begin to do him justice.

Shikamaru yawned and lounged back in his chair before taking a long sip of his drink in front of him. He looked like he wanted nothing more than to take a long nap.

Itachi bit back a smirk and silently applauded his acting abilities, but was not fooled for a moment by his apathetic appearance and knew his every word and gesture was being carefully analyzed by the other as he spoke to him. Their conversation so far had been almost like a mental game of shogi and it intrigued him.

He decided to open things up between them, "Tell me Shikamaru, what have you concluded about me so far?"

A small glimmer of surprised respect lighted in the younger ninja's eyes as rarely does anyone catch on to what he is doing. He realized without a doubt the ninja in front of him was the real deal, undoubtedly a genius.

Shikamaru shrugged, "Not much, probably only what you have wanted me to see."

"Which is…?" Itachi prodded.

The lazy eyes became sharp as Shikamaru smirked, "Your record of espionage and loyalty to the village appears to be genuine and the proof is right before me," he said as he laid his hands on the folder of information about Akatsuki.

As though sensing her presence, Itachi turned toward Hinata as she stood in the doorway. A slow tiny smile tugged at his mouth as his eyes beckoned her over to him.

"You can tell the Hokage I will not betray her trust," he murmured to Shikamaru while his eyes lingered on Hinata as she made her way over to him.

As Hinata walked toward him, her heart began to swell and race at the warmly amused look she saw in his eyes, yet also contained within them was something that told her he had missed her and it made her want to run and launch herself into his arms.

Quelling the urge to do so, she focused on walking sedately until she was right next to him. Warmth began to suffuse all through her when she felt his arm automatically slip around her waist.

"Did you enjoy your rest?" He asked her with a teasing light in his eyes.

Hinata shot him a rueful look at his play on words as resting and fainting were entirely two separate things. She sent him a lightly accusing look telling him he should not have sprung that question on her without some sort of warning.

Her breath caught in her throat as his hand momentarily tightened around her waist.

"I'm sorry," he whispered with a solemn look in his eyes.

Hinata felt a lump form in her throat as she didn't think he had anything to apologize for, she had thought it was sweet and it had made her feel incredibly wanted by him that he didn't want to wait to be married.

"It's alright…" she started to say before Nana came behind her and pulled her away from Itachi. Over her shoulder, Hinata shot a laughingly apologetic look toward Itachi.

"Come Hina-chan, I have a surprise for you," Nana told her with a large grin as she began leading her toward the stairs.

Shikamaru had watched their interaction closely and it gave him even more reason to believe that the Uchiha was sincere in his offer to help retrieve his brother from Orochimaru. After all, the way he looked at Hinata just wasn't something that could be faked, no matter how good he was at disguising his feelings.

Itachi turned back to Shikamaru and as though his interaction with Hinata had never happened, his face became intensely serious as he immediately began discussing his brother.

"I have had spies keeping an eye on my brother for some time now. I have recently been told he has surrounded himself with a bunch of Orochimaru's rejects. I have provided as much information as I have on each one of their abilities. However, the team-mate that concerns me the most is a Kunoichi named Karin; she has the ability to sense chakra. If you get too close to Sasuke she will be able to alert him to your presence."

Shikamaru nodded lazily, "That is good to know, yeah, she does sound annoying."

Itachi began to outline his concerns about the security of Konoha and told how ridiculously easy it was to breach it the last time he went there. As Shikamaru listened out of the corner of his eyes he saw the Hokage slip out of the pool. He immediately became suspicious as he saw the way she had been talking to Itachi's grandmother earlier, he had a feeling they were up to something.

Oh man, what a pain, he complained mentally and knew his plans for taking a nap before they headed home were just not going to happen.

As though he had been paying attention to Itachi all along he looked at him, "I agree with you regarding the security of the village and I will discuss your concerns with the Hokage."

Itachi nodded then glanced subtly in the direction of the fleeing Hokage before telling him in a low voice, "underneath the waterfall is a secret passage into town, I have no doubt that her and Nana will be using it very soon."

Shikamaru groaned under his breath and his eyes took in how Sakura was already missing and Naruto had fallen asleep in the hot-tub. He knew it was going to be up to him to keep an eye on her.

He stood up and went to find Sakura, when Itachi stopped him, "Shikamaru, remember to disguise yourself, we do not want anyone to know about our meeting here."

He nodded before leaving the room and went to look for Sakura.

Itachi glanced over and saw Naruto was snoring as his head was tipped back as he slept in the hot-tub. Deciding not to disturb him, Itachi headed inside to go take a shower.

A few minutes later, disguised as young twentyish women in tight clothing, Tsunade and Nana giggled as they slipped past Naruto toward the waterfall…

Just before she opened the door with a key hidden in a rock, Nana turned to Tsunade with a worried look on her face.

"I just thought of something – what if they think you have been kidnapped or something?"

Tsunade waved a nonchalant hand, "I've got it covered, I left a note on the table telling them (Shikamaru mainly) not to worry about me and I will be back before midnight."

Nana let out a slightly intoxicated giggle, "Oh good thinking, we are going to have soo much fun!"

Tsunade tugged at her too tight blue spandex dress she was in. "So, where to first?"

"Oh, I was thinking about checking out the male strippers first and then we could go ride the mechanical bull over at Sake Haven."

As she closed the door behind her and started walking down the tunnel, Tsunade's eyes began to light with excitement, ever since she had taken over the job as Hokage, nights like this have been so rare they might as well have been non-existent.

She decided she was going to have fun and she was going to gamble. Then she was going get drunk and get laid, or maybe not in that order but she was determined to do all of it.

"What about gambling, I brought some money with me."

Nana's eyes widened in alarm and her lips tightened as she shook her head emphatically, "No way, Tsunade – I remember what happened last time I gambled with you. You lost all of your money and then you borrowed from me and lost all of mine as well."

Tsunade pouted, "You are no fun, besides that was a long time ago my friend, I have much more control now."

Nana looked resolute, "Nope, I am not gambling with you, besides there are tons of clubs for us to go to, we just won't have time to gamble."

"You're probably right," Tsunade said docilely enough as she followed after her friend, but the look in her eyes would have scared the shit out of her had Nana had she seen it…

About ten minutes later, Shikamaru and Sakura went out on the back porch and saw Naruto was still sleeping.

Idiot, Sakura complained and felt like smacking him for no good reason.

"Naruto!" She yelled. "Get up!"

Naruto shot out of the pool with fear-filled eyes before he glared at her. "What'd you do that for?"

"The Hokage took off and went into town," Shikamaru told him as he held up the note she had left them.

"Yeah and you let her," Sakura complained as she folded her arms across her chest and glared at him.

"Hey! How was I supposed to know?" Naruto whined while Sakura contained the urge to hurt him.

Shikamaru placed a calming hand over her clench fist. "Sakura, we are wasting time," he reminded her as he looked toward the waterfall.

Naruto was going to follow them, but Sakura stopped him. "You need to stay here in case she comes back and let her know where we went."

Hating to be left out of anything, Naruto grumbled before toweling himself off and heading into the kitchen to find some leftovers.

Sakura followed Shikamaru to the door under the waterfall and watched as he found the key and opened it. They walked for a long time through a narrow tunnel before they came to a small house. Opening the door slowly they went inside and glancing around they could tell Nana sometimes lived there.

Before they went out the front door, Shikamaru looked at her. "Alright we need to split up. Most likely they will be wearing a disguise, you will need one too. We do not want anyone to recognize us as Leaf ninjas."

Sakura nodded and did a henge, changing herself to someone with long black hair and blue eyes.

"Fine, I will meet you back here around midnight," she told him before she took off down the street. Looking around she saw a few bars across the street she decided to check them out to see if she could spot them.

The first bar she walked into was definitely not the place.

It had all guys in it and when she walked through the door they all turned to stare at her. In the corner she saw two guys were tonguing each other and she quickly turned away and walked out.

She went to several more bars and had a few drinks as she waited for them to show up but they were dead ends too.

The next bar Sakura entered was very dark and had a female lounge singer up on the stage. Flopping down at a table she was a little discouraged that she hadn't found them yet. As she listened to the lounge singer she ordered a drink and planned out where she would go next.

A few minutes later her waiter brought her drink out and she paid him before putting her wallet back inside her dress. A frown slipped over her face as she sensed a familiar chakra. Her heart began to race wildly as it was one she hadn't been around in a very long time.

It couldn't be?…she thought as her eyes glanced toward the area of the room she sensed it the strongest. Her eyes widened when she saw he wasn't there any longer.


Her eyes darted around the room and she began to get up slowly hoping to slip away without him noticing her chakra when a hand closed over her wrist. Gasping, she looked straight into his intense onyx eyes.

"Long time no see – Sakura," he said with a smirk before he pulled her back into her seat and sat down next to her...

Author's Note: I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get this first chapter out. I have been a little obsessed with a few of my other stories and have not been able to write for this one. I will try to get another chapter out soon. I want to thank Narutonarutolove and Zelga Lim Li for bugging me to update this story…this update is for you guys:) I hope you like it. Just so you all know the old story had a lot of Sakura in it. I plan to write out a lot of the scenes with her in it. She is still part of the story but because everyone hates her so much (myself included) I decided to limit her role as much as possible.

Manga Spoiler Alert: (Chapter 514) Okay I still thought it was stupid and the fighting between Tsuchikage and Deidara was sort of anti-climactic and then Yamato got himself captured and now he has to deal with Madara. Madara has both the Rinnegan and the Sharingan so he will be able to get info out him pretty easily. (Yawn) Naruto and killer Bee will have to get off the floating turtle island soon and Naruto will have to stop his (pathetic cough/cough) mission to explore the island's ecological flora and fauna. I can only say I was disappointed with the chapter and hope they move onto something else soon…