Beach Interlude Part II

Chapter 3

[Same timeline as Chapter 2, only from Hinata and Itachi's POV]

Ambling through the picturesque resort town in with their appearances disguised, they were sightseeing and heading slowly toward a restaurant when Itachi started to sense the presence of his brother. He stopped walking and stood still for a minute with a pensive look on his face.

Hinata looked up at him puzzled, "Itachi? What is it?"

His eyes narrowed as he searched the area. "My brother is here, I can feel him. We will have to be on our guard because I am not prepared to fight him."

He pulled her into the darkened alley. "Hinata I need you to drop your disguise and use your Byakugan."

She nodded and formed a hand-sign, "Byakugan." She scanned around and noticed by their chakra there were quite a few ninjas in the town. Hinata grinned when she spotted the Hokage sitting at a bar with a bunch of men around her.

Her eyes finally located Sasuke's chakra. She looked at him for a long time and noticed his chakra was very strange. "Itachi I found him, he is a few blocks south of us." Her eyes were troubled as she whispered to him. "I think the reports of him absorbing Orochimaru are true. His chakra is very strange."

Itachi took a deep breath as he thought about that snake corrupting his brother, I am going to seal that bastard Orochimaru for good when I get the chance. He looked down at Hinata and forced himself to calm down. "Come on, our restaurant is away from him. We will just have to be careful he doesn't find us."

Hinata nodded and changed her appearance again so she had black hair and blue eyes.

She was about to walk away when she noticed something in the alley and saw Master Jiraiya was peeping through hole in a fence. She nudged Itachi and pointed to him. Hinata covered her mouth so that her laugh wouldn't alert him. Itachi rolled his eyes. No wonder Naruto calls him Pervy-sage, he thought disgustedly.

Taking Hinata by the hand he determined to not allow anyone or anything get in the way of his date with Hinata. He wanted everything to be perfect, after the way he had treated her earlier, he owed it to her.

The restaurant was a cozy, intimate place with small booths and red candles on the tables for light. Hinata looked at him with a delighted smile on her face. "Your choice couldn't have been more perfect."

Sitting down in the booth across from her, he slid his foot so it would be touching hers as he picked up her hand. She blushed when he touched her. The waiter was an old man who smiled at the couple as he handed them their menus and poured them some water.

Itachi looked at the waiter. "I would like you to bring us some champagne to begin with."

Hinata smiled in anticipation. "I love champagne; I have had it a few times during special occasions with my family."

As she perused her menu she looked over and asked, "Itachi have you been here before?"

He shook his head no, "Nana recommended this place to me." He certainly would have never brought Kisame here with Samehada, they would have probably destroyed the place just by walking through the door.

His eyes scanned around the romantic décor with the soft candle light coming from the tables and noted, "this place is for lovers."

Hinata blushed and was surprised by his observation; her eyes were warm as she agreed in a soft voice, "Yes, it is"

They stared at each other until the waiter came and broke the mood. He poured their glasses of champagne and set them on the table along with the bottle. After he took their orders he left them alone again.

She rubbed the top of his hand gently with her thumb and strangely felt a little shy around him.

"So, what would you like to do after dinner?" He asked her.

She blushed and looked down at their hands, feeling a bit uncomfortable as this was the first time she had ever been on a date. "Um, anything is fine as long as I am with you."

They engaged in small talk until a short time later the waiter brought their food out to them and set it down on the table. Itachi had ordered the clams with linguine noodles while Hinata had ordered the swordfish with rice and vegetables.

Hinata took a bite of her food and found it was very delicious. "Thank you for bringing me here, it has been a long time since I have eaten out at a nice restaurant."

As his eyes watched her face as she enjoyed her meal he silently thanked Nana for her excellent taste. "I am glad you like it," he replied softly with a warm look in his eyes.

Itachi filled their glasses with more champagne. As he sat back in his seat and had his fingers resting around the delicate glass of bubbling liquid in his hand he considered the possibility that the Hokage was right and they should wait until he returned to the village before they became engaged or married.

Besides he didn't not want to put Hinata in any danger by linking her name to his, in the eyes of the world he was still a criminal and probably always would be.

His eyes were a little pensive as he pulled ring out of his pocket and kept it hidden in his hand. He lifted his dark eyes toward hers and watched the predictable blush slide over her face.

He picked up her hand while his eyes stayed firmly on hers. "I am sorry for my mistake earlier, I should have discussed it with you before asking the Hokage in front of everyone."

Hinata blushed an even deeper color and shook her head, "I didn't mind, in fact…it made me very happy." Though she was smiling at him, there was a quietly hopeful look in her eyes that wanted him to ask her again.

Itachi drifted his eyes away from her face and a slight muscle jumped along his jawline. He knew he was going to disappoint her, but he had no choice, waiting until he returned to the village was the right thing to do.

He calmly reached out and handed the ring to her, his eyes were serious and apologetic as he said, "I want you to hold this for me as a promise for after I return to the village. After everything is settled, I will personally go speak to your father."

Hinata looked at him and then down at the ring and felt some of her elation begin to slip a little. She wanted nothing more than to marry him, now if possible, but she understood all of the reasons why they should wait.

"I understand, Itachi," she responded with firm eyes, and tried her best to hide her disappointment. However, she didn't need to a force a smile to her lips as her eyes ran over the ring in her hand. I was exceptionally lovely, it was gold with a large diamond in the middle and it was surrounded by rubies.

"It is lovely, Itachi. I promise you I will always cherish it," Hinata said softly as she took off the necklace she was wearing around her neck and slid the ring onto it and put it back around her neck.

Itachi's eyes slid from the necklace to her face in approval, he hoped the day would come where he would be able to slip it on her finger. He picked up her hand and lightly kissed it, "It belonged to my mother, Nana has been holding it for you all these years. I think she always hoped we would get together someday."

A frown came over his face as he sensed his brother's chakra outside the restaurant.

"Hinata, Sasuke is out front of the restaurant. Kiss me, I am going to mask our chakra as much as I can. Hinata pushed him back in the booth against the side wall and covered him with her body. She started kissing him while he masked their chakra, while her long hair surrounded them.

Sasuke looked angrily inside as he stepped through the door. He has to be around here somewhere, I sensed his presence a minute ago. His eyes scanned around the restaurant and noticed it was all couples, and he noticed the intimate atmosphere of the place. He grimaced when he saw one couple making out in the corner of a booth. Hn, get a room already losers, he thought disgustedly.

Itachi couldn't be in here… my creepy brother would never come to a place like this, he shook his head in frustration as he left the restaurant.

Hinata was relieved when she saw Sasuke leave, she didn't want to see them end up fighting. Itachi was still recovering from his surgery. She put her hand on his arm, "Let's go walk around the town."

"Alright," he said after he stood up. They went to find their waiter to pay their bill and then left.

As they were leaving he asked her, "Do you like to gamble?"

Hinata frowned slightly, knowing her father would never approve of her doing something so frivolous as gambling. "I've never done it before," she answered softly.

After going to a couple of casinos around town, Itachi determined she had some of the worse luck he had ever witnessed. He watched as she put some more money in the slot machine. It just missed again. He watched her face grow sad as she handed him some money, "Okay, your turn, I thought I would have beginner's luck, but I guess not," she said softly with a small laugh.

He put some money in the machine and played it a few times before it paid out big.

Her face glowed with happiness as she looked up at him. "I guess you are the lucky one."

His eyes skimmed over her face and for once he had to agree with her. After they went to the cashier and turned all of the coins into ryo he placed his hand under her elbow and directed her toward the door, "Come on, I have one more place I want to take you, before we go back to our hotel."

She felt her pulse race as she heard his words in anticipation, it didn't matter where they went, just being with him was fun and she meant to enjoy their time together.

He took her a few blocks away to a lounge. It was dark inside with modern décor and lighting. He pulled out a chair for her at a table and sat next to her. A waitress came and took their orders for drinks. Hinata ordered a frozen drink with peaches and vodka in it. Itachi ordered sake.

The atmosphere was nice as they listened to the female lounge singer as they waited for their drinks. Hinata just looked around and tried to absorb everything about the evening as though she was trying to crystallize the moment in every detail so she wouldn't forget.

A few moments later the waitress brought them their drinks and they sipped on them. Itachi put his hand on the small part of her back and started gently massaging her. "Do you want to try my drink?" She asked him as she handed it to him.

He took a sip of it and found he liked it.

Hinata looked out at the dance floor and saw some couples out there and after staring at them for a few moments she worked up her courage to ask him in a tentative voice. "Itachi, do you want to… dance with me?"

The lounge singer had just started singing a slow love song that she knew very well. He nodded and they stood up and he put his hand on her back as he guided her to the dance floor.

He put his arms around her shoulders as she put hers around his waist. They moved slowly to the music. Itachi knew she would be an excellent dancer after seeing her in the waterfall. She had a fluid grace about her that would make her a natural.

Hinata, loved the feel of his body close to hers. They fit so perfectly together as they swayed perfectly with the rhythm of the music.

They danced slowly together for a while and he was just about to ask her if she wanted to go back to the hotel when he sensed his brother again. He whispered in Hinata's ear. "Hinata we need to go, Sasuke is here."

Her eyes were wide as she looked up at him, still, she looked a little wistfully around the place as she allowed him to take her out one of the side doors.

Sasuke had met up with his team earlier. As usual, they were annoying the hell out of him. Karin was acting all slutty and trying to cling onto him. He finally told them to leave him alone and he would meet up with them in the morning.

He could feel his brother in this town and he would find him by himself. After walking around the town for most of the night, he came to a lounge and he slightly sensed his brother's presence inside. "Hn, I keep sensing him at the weirdest places," he muttered to himself.

He slipped into the bar while a lounge singer was up on the stage singing some sappy love song. Since he was a little thirsty anyway he decided to sit for a bit and look around. He watched as a couple opened up the door and slipped outside, and then he couldn't sense his brother anymore.

"Damn it," he said out loud. Frustration began to overtake him and part of him wondered if he was losing his mind. His eyes scanned around and he knew his brother would never enter a place like this. He regretted not bringing Karin with him earlier, she would have found Itachi for sure.

A waitress came up to him and asked him what he wanted. She was smiling at him as he ordered a drink.

He had just sat back in the chair and was figuring out where he was going to look next, when he sensed a very familiar chakra.

He looked up a few tables away and saw a girl sit down. She had brown hair and he couldn't see her eye color. He activated his Sharingan and could gage she had a lot chakra.

It was Sakura – in disguise.

He looked over at her and watched as she turned just slightly in his direction. And knew it would be just a matter of time before she recognized him. It was then he decided to talk to her and see if he could glean some intel from her.

Silent as a snake he was beside her and his hand slid over her arm and clamped over her wrist. "Hello Sakura."

A stunned breath escaped her as she looked into his onyx eyes and swallowed nervously.

Itachi and Hinata returned to their hotel a little earlier than planned, he was growing tired of being stalked by his brother. Besides they decided to go for a little swim before turning into bed later.

Still a little nervous that someone would find them in town, Hinata checked diligently outside with her Byakugan. It didn't take her long to find the Hokage and Nana's chakra. They were at a club surrounded by a bunch of people. She also saw Shikamaru was nearby.

After looking around some more she found Sasuke and gasped. Standing very closely to him was Sakura. A shocked smile touched her lips when she could see the outlines of their chakra and could tell they were in each other's arms and were kissing.

Oh, Sakura please be careful, she thought to herself a little worried. After deactivating her Byakugan she turned to Itachi. "I found your brother."

He looked at her curiously.

"I don't think he will be bothering us tonight, he is with Sakura," she said with a blush sliding over her cheeks.

"Good, he better not hurt her," Itachi said and was glad that at least Sasuke wouldn't be bothering them anymore tonight. His eyes wandered over Hinata's partially nude body as she started putting on her swimsuit. They had the rest of the evening together and he meant to savor it.

Author's Note: I apologize for taking so long to update this story. It was one of the first ones I wrote and in many ways it shows. Anyway, I will try to cut and paste and rewrite a new chapter soon. This chapter goes out to everyone who has reminded me lately to post a new chapter. Thank you.