Chapter 1

Author's Note: Just want to let you guys know that I'm going to refer Timmy's female form as Timantha, just like in the episode "The Boy who would be Queen" Also just a reminder that I don't own any of the characters of "The Fairly Oddparents" series. Now on with the story!

Timantha is hiding behind the bushes near Trixie Tang's Mansion with Cosma (Cosmo) and Wando (Wanda). Wando warned Timantha is she became a boy again and went to see Trixie; he would just be kicked out.

"I wish I was a…" started Timantha, but then sudden stopped. She started to consider what Wando has mentioned and also consider the advantages of staying in her current form. "Actually Wando, you have a good point, I might as well go to Trixie's birthday party as Timantha, see you guys later!" said Timantha as she started toward Trixie's place.

"But what about us?" wined Cosma.

Timantha stopped in her track, "Oh all right, I wish you two were back to normal" wished Timantha. Then with a poof with their wands, Cosma and Wando are back as Cosmo and Wanda.

Inside Trixie's Mansion, Trixie was sitting at a Throne looking like she is queen accepting presents from any guests coming in and throwing some into the fire that did not look worth having at. She seemed she was having a good time, but deep inside she still feels bad not able to show her Tomboyish self, especially in front of the populars and also she secretly wish Timantha was with her at her birthday party.

But just as Trixie was thinking about Timantha, she actually is surprised to see her. "Timantha?" said Trixie as she got up to make sure she is real, "Timantha!" shouted Trixie with joy realizing that indeed it was her new best friend, "It's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too Trixie" said Timantha as the two girls hugged each other tenderly.

"Ah…I don't see a Timantha on the list" said a security guard with a guest check list.

"It does not matter, she is my best friend" said Trixie.

"Whatever you say Miss" answered the guard going back to his business.

After what it seems that all the guests have arrived, a huge Birthday Cake was brought out with candles and of course pink. Everyone sang the Happy Birthday song for her. After that she made a silent wish and blew out all the candles at once and everyone cheered for her. Then Trixie gave the cue to the DJ to start music and he did so and everyone started grooving to it and serving themselves some cake.

"I was wondering Timantha, would you like to see my room?" asked Trixie

"Sure, I would love to" answered Timantha. This was now her chance to see Trixie's room for the first time and maybe only time; this was so worth for her to stay a girl.

After climbing the staircase, they finally made it to Trixie's bedroom. Pretty much it a kind of generic girl's room with pink and purple stuff. "Just to let you know Timantha, I'm showing something I never had shown to any of my friends, can you keep it a secret between you and I?" asked Trixie.

"Sure I can do that!" agreed Timantha.

"OK, well here it goes" said Trixie and opened a closet door. Inside there were tons of guy stuff like DVDS, videogames, comic books, you name it. This would be more then what his/her family could every afford.

Things are looking up for Timantha knowing that her/his dream girl is into guy stuff. But now she feels bad that she is deceiving Trixie that she is actually a guy. Timantha is actually trying to decide to her, should she continue to be friends with Trixie as Timantha, maybe the rest of her life, or should she show the truth to Trixie who she really is. Quite a hard decision indeed.

To Be Continued…

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