Author's Email: Rating: R-NC17
Status: WIP Part: 1/?
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Characters: OMC- Eldwyn and Tristen
Spoilers: All the way through Deathly Hallows, minus that crap-tastic epilogue. And starting during Blue Moon for the Anita Blake series.
Author's Notes: So I am rewriting this story to read a bit smoother. I decided there were just a few too many things buggin' me about the plots. So I have decided to cut the plot revolving around Harry's cat Bastet, as such she will no longer appear in the story. Also the timeline is being adjusted so Harry will be an adult and the ABVH timeline will be in the earlier part of the series ( before it went to pot).

Chapter 1

July 28, 1998; British Ministry of Magic

The Ministry was like a madhouse. Reporters and ministry workers were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was a disturbing mental image so close to the end of the war. Too many people had died and not all of them had been killed through the quick painless method of The Killing Curse.

Every time he closed his eyes all he could see was the green lawn in front of Hogwarts stained red with the blood of Death Eaters and students alike. It was something he would never be able to forget as long as he lived.

He wanted nothing more than to Oblivate himself and just forget all about the war and the people he had lost to it. But then that little voice in the back of his mind, the one that sounded so much like Dumbledore, would ask him in that airy-happy-go-lucky voice, if he could really just forget all those people who truly cared about him. If he could really make their sacrifices worthless.

There were nights, alone in the rubble of Gordic's Hollow, when he would answer that voice, saying yes, he could go on living if only to have peace in his head at last but then the morning would come and guilt would set in, ten-fold.

This wasn't the life he had envisioned for himself at the end of the war.

He'd always dreamed of maybe going to college with Hermione, or maybe to Auror Academy with Ron, then getting a nice job and marrying a nice girl like Luna and having some kids. A normal life.

Not a life surrounded by reporters, hangers on, and fellow veterans who, like him, were trapped living in the past, where good friends and loved ones were still alive and smiling. Where all you had to worry about was how many papers you had to write for class the next day or how many points were lost in Potions class.

What his life was now, he wanted no part of but he realized to get away from it, he would have to leave England. Leave the ghosts of the past and the faded visions of a future that would never be.

He wanted a life!

~*~*~*~* Office of Family and Bloodline Services *~*~*~*~

"Hey Eldwyn! Come and look at this."

Eldwyn MacLeod leaned out from behind a tower of old parchments that were nearly reaching the ceiling, which was a good seven feet above his head. "What do you have there, Tristen?"

For the last six days, 19 hours, and 47 minutes, Tristan Beckerly and Eldwyn Macleod had been trapped inside the old record office of the Family and Bloodline Service Department at the Ministry of Magic.

With the war over and so many people dead, the Ministry had found it necessary to reinstate an old law regarding birth rates. Apparently when the number of children dropped too dramatically, the Ministry would force all purebloods and halfbloods to conceive a child with a muggleborn or another halfblood, whose family was separated from their own by at least five generations. The law was necessary because if left on their own, wizards would fail to increase their numbers at all which would be disastrous.

This is where the Office of Family and Bloodline Services came in. They were required to draw up a list of all men and women of pure and halfblood origin, that were legally old enough and medically healthy enough to have children, then make another list that matched them with the appropriate breeding partners that met the criteria set by the law.

If someone was already married or had a legally binding betrothal, they were immediately removed from the first list and added to yet another list. From that list, Tristan or Eldwyn were required to contact the couples and coax them to produce at least one child from another person not their partner and of either half-blood or muggleborn status. Those who agreed, were given compensation to raise the child or had the option of placing it up for adoption.

The sheer amount of parchment, Bloodline Tapestries and books in the room were only a quarter of the total amount needed, but they rose like musty, dust covered mountains all throughout the room. It was a normally underfunded and forgotten department within the Ministry. Its only regular job was to verify that people being married were not joining into an incestuous relationship. Hence the reason the two young wizards were trapped in a tiny (well tiny in the sense that there really wasn't very many spaces between stacks of old records) room sorting out the bloodlines of families, including both legitimate and ill-legitimate children, when they really needed about four times the space and ten times the employees.

"It's the bloodline records for 'The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter.' Can you believe that! I had no idea the Potters were one of the ancient houses!"

"Let me see!"

The two heads, one golden blonde, the other a dark chocolate-y brown, bent over the large, elaborate parchment containing a magically updating bloodline of the Potter family.

"Great Merlin! Tristan, this is one of the most elaborate bloodline scrolls I've ever seen!" Eldwyn pointed at a section of the bloodline. "Look here, it even follows the bloodlines of the squibs born from the Potter line!"

"Not too many family lines in the Potter bloodline started with a squib."

"I know! There are only three children that were born squibs in the last eight generations. That's almost unheard of in the old pureblood families!"

"They all seem to be the formation of one main line too. The rest of the family marrying into that line seem to be muggles."

As the two continued to look over the list, it slowly started to sink in that Harry Potter, who was supposed to have the Dursley family as his only living blood relatives, did in fact have family. The family may only be a line of squibs and muggles but they were still within four generations of the main Potter line.

"Do you think we should tell Mr. Potter what we found?"

Eldwyn swallowed and looked back down at the scroll. The Harry Potter he remembered from school would definitely want to know that he had family still living. "Yes. It's his right to know."

*~*~*~*~British Ministry of Magic~*~*~*~*

It was never a good sign to be summoned back into the bowels of the ministry before you could even leave. The only good thing about the summons was it had no dangerous wording, hidden demands or court summons and it was sent from Eldwyn Macleod a person Harry could just remember from school.

If Harry remembered correctly, Eldwyn had been a Hufflepuff, three years ahead of Harry. He was nice enough, like all Hufflepuffs, but still fairly forgettable in the long run.

Running his hands back through his messy black hair, Harry pulled the letter out of his pocket and looked back down at it again. 'Damn, these lifts are taking forever,' he thought. The paper crinkled in his hand, drawing his attention to it again. Lifting it up, he read...


I found something that I think might make you very happy. Please come down to the Office of Family and Bloodline Services. It's next to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office.

Eldwyn Macleod

The familiar melodic voice of the elevator told him he'd finally arrived at his destination. Stuffing the note back in his pocket, he stepped from the elevator and made his way down a hallway, avoiding the enchanted paper airplanes, owls and even a few flying waffle irons.

The waffle irons were, of course, being chased by a few ministry officials. Shaking his head at the sight, he continued on until he reached the door he was looking for, wedged into the farthest back corner of the hallway. It was as unassuming as any he had ever seen with the lettering on the nameplate, on the wall next to the door, beginning to fade.

As Harry stepped through the open doorway, the sound of something very thick and very heavy hitting the floor made him jump back a step. Blinking, Harry gaped stupidly at the pile of old parchments that had landed in front of him. A bright spot of sage green among the parchment caught his attention and reaching in among the papers, he pulled the person buried under them out. A young man with golden hair and eyes just slightly paler than the green of his robes stared at Harry.

"H-H-Harry Potter!"

"That's my name."

"Oh! Um….I…I'm Tristan Beckerly."

Harry nodded, a small smile playing on his lips. "Hello Tristan Beckerly. I was called down here by Eldwyn Macleod?"

"Eldwyn? Oh!" Tristan dusted himself off then turned around, beckoning Harry to follow him. "He's back here! You won't believe what we found!"

Harry just nodded, trailing after the hyper young man through the mountains and towers of paper and scrolls. Another doorway appeared behind a rather tall pile of paper that was leaning precariously to the left. Behind the door was a small room about the size of a walk-in closet. There was a desk also covered in a small pile of paper behind which he could see a head of chocolate brown hair.

"Eldwyn! Harry Potter is here!"

Eldwyn's head snapped up, his eyes massive behind the coke-bottle like glasses. Although Harry was sure they weren't actual glasses but something more like a microscope. He had, after all, seen Hermione wear a similar pair once when she was studying some fine print.

"Harry, I'm glad you could come. Tristan here found your family's scroll."

"Really? So you want me to make babies with someone?"

"What? No! I just thought you might like to see what we found."

"Eldwyn, I appreciate it, but I really need to be going. Professor McGongall was waiting to meet me for lunch."

"I understand, but I really think you should see this! You do in fact still have living relatives." Eldwyn pulled the goggles off, setting them on the desk.

"I am aware of the Dursley family, Eldwyn. I grew up in their house."

"I am not referring to the Dursley's."

Harry gave Eldwyn an almost freezing, skeptical gaze. It made a lump form in Eldwyn's chest and reminded him, he wasn't dealing with just any wizard. This was Harry Potter, the Master of Death.

"We were looking at your family's bloodline scroll and noticed the Dursley's weren't your only living relatives." Eldwyn spun the scroll in his hands around to face Harry and pointed to the branch he had been studying.

Harry frowned then looked down, tracing the lines of his family all the way from Egypt in what was now the British Isles. What he saw left him damn near speechless. "I-I have relatives?"

"Yes! If you look here..." Eldwyn pointed to a line of names "...this group shows where your family branched off. Eldvarea Potter was a squib, the sister of your many times great grandfather. She married another squib, Alexander Prewitt."

"I'm related to Molly Weasly?"

"Well…only very distantly. Anyway, Eldvarea and her husband had six children, four boys and two girls. Three of the sons and one of the girls all married and had children. These children like their parents and grandparents were squibs. Eldvarea's grandchildren left Britain, three went to Spain, two went to Japan, one to China, three to Austraila, and the last five went to the Americas. Those last five children set up families there and mostly married muggles, although one did marry back into the Potter line." Eldwyn took a breath. "They carried the Potter name until the last one, a woman, married. She is still alive and has several children. All of whom still live in the US."

"Are any of them magical?"

"There is one son,..." Eldwyn scrolled through the names on the list "...Richard, who is a werewolf and another son named Daniel, who does have some magic, although not enough to be trained at Salem or any of the other Wizarding schools. He is what the yanks call a 'sensitive' in that he can get vague impressions of when there is something or someone magical near him."

"So why are you telling me this, Eldwyn? I am fairly sure that you are supposed to be cataloging who I am allowed to have children with once the Ministry really starts to harass me."

Eldwyn blushed, but continued to look Harry in the eyes. "The law only states that if you are living in Britain and are a British Wizarding Citizen that you need to produce at least one child. Your family lives in the states and you could certainly go there and apply for dual magical citizenship. The American Wizarding Council is pretty small in comparison to Britian. Not too many were willing to go across the pond with the Muggle sailors and as such they are fairly small in number. However, they do have a much larger number of specialized magical beings, like Telepaths, Necromancers, Elemental Shamans and Wiccans. And these communities are not considered citizens of the American Wizarding Country, but they are known to the muggles."

Harry blinked rapidly and swallowed. There were so many thoughts, emotions, plans and ideas running through his head at all the new information. It was a lot to take in but what sang in him the most was the fact here was a way for him to escape the latest Ministry farce and meet some long forgotten family all at once and it wouldn't cost him his friends or jail time.

"Wicked." Harry breathed...a broad smile spreading across his face.

"Yeah, it really kinda is. Just remember, things over there are really different than they are here. The yanks allowed the Muggles to learn that some magics are real and so are vampires and werewolves. The vampires and such are legal, so the Muggle Aurors know to check for magic at crime scenes, and if they catch you using magic to defend yourself, it'll likely be an automatic death sentence."