Title: A Family Forgotten
Author: Dreamwind
Rating: R to NC-17

Status: WIP
Relationship: Harry/Jamil/Snape
Characters:Harry Potter, Charlotte Zeeman, Richard Zeeman, Jamil, Shag-Da, Vern
Word count: 5871
Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter or Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books & movies. All rights and profits are property of J.K. Rowling, the Warner Brothers Studio and Laurell K Hamilton.
Genre: Horror/Suspense, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure
Tropes: powerful!Harry, creature!Harry
Warnings: slight Anita bashing, AU, M/M, slash, threesome, angst, violence, language

Universe/Series: Harry Potter Novels/Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels

Timeline: Post DH for Harry Potter, minus the Epilogue; Before & during Blue Moon for ABVH series
Additional Pairings: Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Richard
Summary: [HP/ABVH Crossover] The war is finally over and Harry finally thinks he's free. But with power that wasn't his comes many problems including the revealing of family that he never knew he had. How can he deal with new family, vampires, necromancers, were's and of course the truth about Snape and the night on the astronomy tower.

Chapter 3

August 7th, 1998; 7am, Zeeman Household

Harry awoke from a sound, peaceful sleep. It surprised him every morning that he hadn't yet had a nightmare. After so many years of nightmares and terrifying visions of the Dark Lord it was an unsettling thing almost. Still, Harry couldn't help but smile.

Voldemort was dead, he had escaped the most recent ministry plot, he had a place that he could call home and most importantly he had family. Everything he had ever dreamed of since he was a child, and it was all right here. His.

Harry laughed, rolling across the bed, the blankets wrapping in a tangled net about him. The bed slid beneath him and with a thud Harry found himself on the floor.

A knock at the door sounded and Harry looked towards the door trying to decide how best to get out of the mass of blankets before any of his new family saw him. Unfortunately luck wasn't with Harry this morning and Charlotte walked in.

"Umm...Good morning..." Harry blushed Gryffindor red all the way to the tips of his ears.

"Good morning, Harry." Charlotte smiled down at him. "A bit tangled up aren't you? Well budge over a bit and I'll help get you free." Charlotte moved towards him as a thoroughly mortified Harry began frantically trying to free himself.

"It's okay, really! I can get myself out."

Charlotte smiled down at him, but didn't stop trying to help Harry free himself. Within a few quick tugs and rolls, Charlotte had him free from the tangled bed-sheets. She patted his head affectionately, saying, "don't take too long...breakfast is waiting for you downstairs..." before heading out of the room.

Harry stood up and brushed himself off. Today was going to be a big day. He was overly excited to see his cousin Richard again. It had nothing to with Mr. Tall, dark and sexy. Nothing at all.

He was a bit jumpy about the prospect of spending more time in Richard's company, mostly because he still hadn't decided how to approach the whole werewolf issue. 'Do I admit I know? Or do I wait for Richard to bring it up? What if Richard's family doesn't know he is a werewolf?'

Harry ran his hands through his already messy hair. 'Damn, but this is sooo fucking messed up. I think just waiting is probably the safest bet but I really want him to know that I know. That I won't think any less of him or Jamil because of what they are. Argh..just forget it, whatever happens will happen!'

With that settled in his mind, he pulled the green jumper over his head and practically shoved himself into his jeans before heading down the stairs to the kitchen. Perhaps the issue would resolve itself for him and make his life just a tiny bit easier.

Harry snorted at the thought. If he had learned anything in his short life it was the universe delighted in making his life as complicated as possible.

~*~*~*~2 hours later~*~*~*~

Harry could hardly sit still. Richard would be here any minute now. It was all very exciting and new for Harry. He now had a family that welcomed him with love, who didn't try to hide him away whenever anyone came by the house. Who gladly took him out with them whenever they had to go somewhere, even if it was just down the street to the grocery. And now Richard was taking him to the zoo! Then it was off to dinner with Richard and he wasn't just a tag along who was only going because no-one else could take him. He was going because someone WANTED to take him!

There was a small sound of breaking glass and Harry whipped his head around. The small glass candy dish that had been sitting on the coffee table next to Harry had shattered.

'Bloody Hell! Thank Merlin no one else is in here with me. I must be seriously leaking magic! Alright, Harry, calm and center...calm and center.' Little by little Harry's magic pulled itself back into his core, his shields drawing closed around it. It wouldn't do for any of the dark witches and wizards of Saint Louis to sense his presence.

A quick Reparo fixed the dish and Harry was again left vibrating in place with his eagerness to just get up and go. Every instinct he had was jumping around on overdrive, making him feel like an excited cub again. It had been so long since he had been able to just relax and be himself that he wasn't quite sure how to behave. He had never really had the chance to just be a cub.

The sound of a car alarm beeping brought Harry out of his reverie.

Richard had arrived.

Harry was out of the chair and at the door before anyone else in the house was able to get out of their seats in the kitchen. Harry flung open the door, obviously startling Richard. The taller man looked down at him in shock, before his face split wide in a grin. "A bit excited are we?"

Harry was practically jumping in place. He didn't even care if Richard was making fun of him. "Can we go now? Will it take long to get there? What kind of animals do they have?"

Richard quickly put his hand over Harry's mouth stopping the babble of questions spewing forth from his young cousin. He could feel Harry smile beneath his hand. His green eyes were sparkling up at him and Richard couldn't help but feel warmth fill his soul as he looked into those eyes.

Something about his young cousin pulled at every protective instinct he had, even the wolfs. It had scared him that first night when Harry arrived. But now...now he found it almost comforting knowing that his wolf could feel something so incredibly gentle toward another.

"If you don't calm down, I'll have to leave you here. Can't have you running around scaring the animals, now can we?"

Harry pulled Richard's hand from his face. "I can do calm, really. I'm just excited. I've only ever been to the zoo once and we didn't get to stay very long."


"Yeah. Dudley got into one of the snake cages and my uncle got really mad."

Richard just nodded, not sure what to make of the story. Something told him that wasn't even close to the whole truth of the matter. "Well then, we had best get in the car before Jamil comes looking for us."

"Jamil is coming too?"

Richard nodded and smiled, leading Harry toward his car. He could see Jamil through the window obviously getting ready to come out after them. The dark wolf had also shown signs of the protective instinct that Richard had been feeling. The very fact Jamil was experiencing the same feeling pleased Richard in ways he didn't quite understand yet.

However, Harry's fascination with his Skoll did worry him a bit. Harry just seemed so naive while Jamil...well he was a great guy but was very dominate and a bit rough around the edges. Not really the type of personality Richard thought Harry should be focusing on. He firmly told himself, he wasn't disturbed by his cousin's crush on Jamil or jealous of his obvious affection...he knew Harry cared for him as much as he could...after all the young man had only known him a few short days...give it time.

Harry greeted Jamil with the same enthusiasm he had Richard. He couldn't help it. These two men had been unfailingly kind to him, they didn't ask Harry anything that he didn't want to answer and they talked to him as if he were truly a member of the Zeeman family and their friend. The only other people to ever do that for him were the Weasleys. It was heart-warming knowing that his family was growing.

It also didn't hurt that one of these new friends was rather fetching to look at.

~*~*~*~St. Louis Zoo~*~*~*~

Jamil watched the young man that was his Ulfric's cousin. He was still trying to figure out what that strange electrical surge up his arm had been the first time he had met Harry Potter. He didn't think the boy was a lycanthrope, but he wasn't positive. Something about him kept screaming 'animal'! It made him a bit wary. He liked the boy, felt protective of him even, and that made him even warier. The boy seemed so innocent and yet there were brief glimpses of a damaged child that showed up in his eyes every now and then.

"Jamil!" He looked down at his hand, startled. That same electrical shock flowed from the palm of his hand up his arm. The boy, Harry, was holding it, tugging him forward. "Come on! We're almost at the Reptile House!"

Jamil internally sighed and let himself be pulled forward into the Reptile House, past a smirking Ulfric. It was going to be a long day, he was certain.

"So, Harry," Richard asked calmly, "you mentioned that you got to go to the zoo in London?"

"Yeah, with the Dursley's. They were taking Dudley to the zoo for his birthday. Ms. Figg, she lived down the way from the Dursley's, couldn't watch me for them so they had to take me with them," Harry said blandly, like it was something that commonly happened to him and not worth getting upset about.

Richard looked saddened at what his cousin was saying and Jamil could understand why. What the boy said and what he didn't say kept painting a bad picture of his other relatives. Jamil turned back to look at Harry who was now standing in front of one of the cages watching a rather attractive blue-gray snake. He was smiling and making 'hissing' noises at the snake who was raised up in what looked like an attack position. The snake was swaying and seemed to be 'hissing' back at Harry. It looked to Jamil as if the snake and Harry were holding a conversation.

"The snake seems to like you, Harry."

Harry smiled back at Richard and Jamil. "Yeah. She seems like a nice snake."

Jamil cocked his head to the side. "Do you like snakes?"

"Yes. I was thinking about maybe getting a degree in Herpetology at some point. There are a lot of snakes that are going extinct and no one really cares because snakes are seen as 'evil' creatures by so many people just because of some stupid religion that was written centuries ago."

Richard watched his cousin carefully. "You aren't very religious are you?"

"I have nothing against religion. I just think that people make too much of it. They forget what they praise as the 'Word of God' was written by men. Men aren't infallible. What they would personally or culturally consider as 'bad' or 'evil' could easily have been added in by them. And they could have easily done so saying God thought this was a sin and that made you evil and no one would question it." Harry ran his hand through his hair and moved away from the Bolkar Viper cage. "This doesn't mean I don't believe there is a God. It just means I'm not willing to simply take the words of men long dead as being the Word of God."

"That's quite an adult view. I don't think I have ever heard someone speak of religion quite in that way."

Harry shrugged and moved in front of the cage holding the Northern Death Adder. "I think that as long as we treat each other with respect and love and we help those who need it, God would still see us as good people." Harry again smiled and paused to hiss at the snake that had quickly moved to the front of the cage.

"Someone once told me that when they looked at religion closely they could see only one true message and that it could easily be found in almost every religion on the planet. But because of everything that men had built up, the message God first gave us and the message people now hold as truth aren't the same. The Message and the Word are not the same."

Jamil was more than surprised by the boy. He sometimes seemed like two people the way he could go from innocent and naive boy to an intelligent and insightful young man. And standing before them, seeming to be talking to a rather venomous snake, was that intelligent and insightful young man.

Harry looked up at the two of them, his eyes intense and rather sad. "Can we not talk about this anymore."

"Of course." Richard wrapped his arm around the younger man's shoulders. "Why don't we finish looking through the snake house then stop for lunch before looking around the rest of the zoo?"

Harry smiled a small but real smile. "Let's."

~*~*~*~Several Hours Later~*~*~*~

The three were back in the car happily exhausted after a full day of walking all over the zoo. Richard had to admit he had never enjoyed the zoo quite as much as he had today. Harry had opened up and shared more of himself with him and even with Jamil. That really made him smile.

Harry seemed to be able to get the stoic wolf to open up a bit as well. A month ago he never would have allowed a stranger to grab a hold of him as he let Harry do. All and all Harry seemed to be easing into life with his family in such a manner that people weren't always aware they were growing more fond of him by the minute. Of course his Mother had loved the boy from the moment she laid eyes on him.

He chuckled fondly at the memory. Every time he saw the two of them together, his mother was smiling and hugging Harry. Harry had quickly become the youngest Zeeman boy in his mother's eyes. He wouldn't want to be anyone threatening Harry if his mother was around. Of course, he had noticed the same loving and protective look in Harry's eyes. It was obvious the boy wouldn't let anyone hurt Charlotte Zeeman.

Things were definitely going good in his life for once.

~*~*~*~*That Night*~*~*~*~*

That night while laying in bed, Harry thought back to earlier in the day. He had never had quite so much fun spending time with family like he had with Richard. It left him a bit shaky, waiting for the other shoe to drop as Hermione used to say. Whenever he had something good going on in his life, something bad always came up and ruined it.

Harry tugged on his dark locks, frustrated. 'What will it be this time that ruins everything? Will Richard not want me around if he knows that I know about him? Will who and what I am be the cause? Or will some outside force cause them to abandon me?'

Harry rolled over, smothering himself in his pillow. 'Just once it would be nice if I could have a more normal life, without insane megalomaniacs with god complexes out to kill me, ridiculous Ministry plots or rabid fangirls slipping love potions into my food and drink.' Harry rolled back, closed his eyes and began to count Crumple Horned Snorkacks.

Dawn wouldn't come soon enough.

~*~*~*~The Next Day~*~*~*~

While nothing bad had happened since he had met his new family, Harry was still on edge. He was just so used to people trying to secretly guide him on paths of their choosing or outright forcing him into a corner. He began to worry they didn't want him, that maybe they didn't like or trust him. Was this why Richard hadn't told him about himself yet?

'I thought for sure I had dropped enough hints about what I am they would catch on without me having to drop enough of my shields for them to test my magic again. Jamil and Shang-da have both felt my magic, hell Jamil even watched me talk with snakes at the zoo!'

Harry went back to trying to read his book. It had been one of Hermione's muggle fantasy novels and he had been enjoying it until his brain decided to take over and force him to look back at all the questions and fears that had been cropping up since he first met the Zeeman family.

He tried to tell himself Richard must like him if he was willing to take him to the zoo and let him meet some of his friends. Admittedly Shang-da, when they first met, seemed overly indifferent about him but Jamil had seemed to like him. They had talked with him while they had all sat at the table in a restaurant Richard liked after they left the Zoo. Harry was fairly certain it was a lycanthrope restaurant and for the whole time they were there, he had been on the edge of his seat waiting for Richard to broach the topic of what he was and what Harry was. But it never happened.

"He must not trust me enough to tell me."

Harry forlornly ran his fingers over the yellowed pages of his book, 'Magic's Pawn.' "Maybe he's waiting for me to show him that I trust him by telling him the truth about myself."

Nodding with a new resolution Harry went back to reading. He knew what he needed to do.

~*~*~*~Dinner Later That Night~*~*~*~

Dinner was a quiet affair tonight. Just his aunt, uncle and himself. The rest of the family were off doing various other things with their own families and friends. It was nice actually. Before, when everyone had been here it had always felt like dinner at the Gryffindor table.

Boys reaching wildly across the table, grabbing food from the platters as well as each others plates. It was some kind of food free-for-all battle, and Harry never won. Admittedly, he'd never had as much of an appetite as other boys his age. Living with the Dursley's for so many years had caused his stomach to shrink. In all honesty, it always surprised him that he hadn't starved to death.

'I suppose those potions I was given were good for one thing at least. Although, I doubt that even now Snape would ever believe that I could brew a decent Nutrient Potion.'

Harry put his fork down next to his plate and just watched his food for a moment. "Aunt Charlotte–"


The two looked at each other. Small amused smiles spreading across their faces. "What were you going to say, Auntie?"

Charlotte chuckled softly before once again smiling at her nephew. "Well, I was going to say, your Uncle and I were going to go on a little vacation down to the Keys for a week." Charlotte smiled adoringly at her husband. "He got the two tickets and a hotel as a bonus for all his hard work from his company."

Harry smiled over at his uncle, who was now blushing madly. "Congrats, Uncle!"

He coughed, clearing his throat. "Thank you, Harry. However since we aren't going to be here we wanted to ask if you wouldn't mind staying with Richard while we're gone? He will be flying back to Tennessee tomorrow afternoon. If you would like to go with him, we can get you a plane ticket tonight, otherwise we can arrange for you to stay with one of the other boys?"

Harry couldn't help but start laughing. In fact he was laughing so hard he nearly fell out of his chair. Gasping, Harry said "I was going to ask you if I could go stay with Richard for a few days."

"Well then, things seem to be working out for all of us," Charlotte said smiling.

After that the rest of dinner went by in contented conversations. Charlotte and her husband telling Harry story after story about their kids and all they would get up to as children (and even as adults).

It was a good night. Everything was going just as he planned.

~*~*~*~*8 pm the Next Day*~*~*~*~

The drive from the airport out to the cabins they would be staying in was a long one and Harry found himself practically vibrating with the energy he was trying to suppress. The day was going to be a keystone in his life. Richard would either accept what Harry knew about him and his feelings on the matter or not, just as he would when Harry explained what he was and his full history. He just hoped his cousin would still care for him as much as he did now. The Zeeman family had spoiled him with all their love and affection. It would be hard to stand if they turned away from him.

'They won't turn me away.' Harry firmly told himself as he pulled his glasses off and wiped them clean on his shirt. 'They still love Richard, so they will still love me.'

"Are you doing alright back there?" Richard asked interrupting his introspection.

"I'm fine." Harry reassured him.

"Are you sure? You look a bit green." Richard persisted, a bit concerned.

Harry smiled. "Yeah. I'm just not used to being in a car for this long."

Richard nodded at him, his eyes a little sad. "Alright. It won't be much longer." He smiled at him again before turning back toward the front. "We're only a few minutes from the cabins. You see that road just off to the right?" Richard pointed a few feet up the road. "That's the turnoff to get to Vern's cabins."

Harry leaned closer to the window. He could just make out the turn his cousin was talking about. It wasn't much more than a dirt road surrounded by trees.

It took only minutes to go from the main road, down the turn off, to the cabins. As they pulled up in front of the cabins, Harry could see that Shang-Da was already there, another man standing at his side. Harry smiled, unbuckling himself and practically shooting out of the car like one of the Weasley twin's rockets. He had been too long cooped up.

Richard and Jamil were more sedate about getting out of the vehicle. Stretching his arms up above his head, Richard moved away from the car to where Harry was standing. Richard smiled back, his hand running through Harry's messy hair. "Hey there kiddo, in a bit of a hurry?"

"We've been in the car forever," Harry said blushing, hiding his face in Richard's chest.

Richard chuckled. Behind him Jamil smirked and Shang-Da simply raised one dark eyebrow.

"Forever, huh? I don't remember the car ride being that long."

Harry groaned and pulled out of Richard's grasp.

Vern and Shang-Da watched Harry and Richard tease each other as the Sköll just smiled in the background. When finally Jamil managed to get the two cousins focused again Vern, was simply smiling widely at the two, his eyes filled with humor. Richard coughed into his hand and pushed Harry toward the other Ulfric. The two nodded politely, greeting him with friendly silence.

Richard ran his hands gently through Harry's dark locks, quietly steering him toward the cabins. Vern followed at his side chatting quietly about banal matters without specifically mentioning the pack. Harry listened carefully trying to piece together why his cousin was here in another pack's territory.

From what little he knew about werewolves they didn't typically enter another's territory like this. The man, Vern, was powerful. Easily as powerful as Richard. He had never seen two wolves so powerful in the same place before. Jamil and Shang-Da were powerful but not on the same level that he could feel radiating from Richard and Vern. They made their way through the parking lot, skirting the edge of a lush forest to where the cabins were.

"I have kept your cabin for you. Same as before." Vern glanced over at Harry, his gaze trying to stare into the core of Harry, fighting to see what and who Harry really was. How dangerous a threat he could be. "Do you want a second cabin for the kid or is he going to share yours?"

"I think he'll be okay in his own." Richard smiled at Harry. "Not the type for wild late night parties, I think."

Harry rolled his eyes at the two Alphas. Really it was going to be ridiculous trying to pretend not to be what they were and still get down to whatever business they had together. This was going to be far too stressful for everyone, just trying to pretend they weren't what they were. Harry was tired of pretending to be one thing when he was something else. He wanted to be normal, but he accepted that he did not fit the average person's definition of what normal was. He was not a normal human. He was not a normal wizard. He was not even a fully normal Nex Coma. But he was normal for Harry Potter and that was all that really mattered. Whether or not Richard or anyone else believed that…well, Harry would deal with it as it came.

"Well, Harry," Richard said, startling Harry from his thoughts, "Why don't I show you to your room."

Harry nodded, grinning as he followed Richard to the cabin Vern had given him to use.

Richard led Harry past several other cabins to a small wooden cabin next to his own, only a few feet from the edge of the forest. Inside, the bedroom was only a little bigger than the bedroom he had been moved into at his Aunt Dursley's house after his Hogwart's letter had arrived.

'It's a hell of a lot nicer though,' Harry mused as he looked around the room taking in the large picture windows looking out onto the forest.

Harry noted absently that there were cream-colored blinds on each of the two large windows as well as some thick royal blue drapes. The floor was a rich golden hardwood. The dresser and the bed were both made out of the same wood as the floors. The bed wasn't a four-poster like he was used to. In fact, it looked as if it had been hand carved from the trees outside. On it was a blue and gold quilt with a nice fluffy pillow set against lighter gold sheets. Stretching out from under the large bed was a thick blue, gold and green carpet. There was a little table on both sides of the bed. On one of them was a small green glass table lamp.

Harry turned, smiling at Richard as he and Jamil gently put Harry's trunk down at the foot of the bed. "This is great. Thanks."

"Not a problem, kiddo." Richard reached out and ruffled Harry's hair, making Harry sigh and try to flatten it again. "What would you like for dinner tonight?"

Harry shrugged and headed out of the room and made for the ground floor. "I'm not sure. Can I think about it?" He asked quietly.

"Sure," Richard answered lightly, noticing the almost hesitant look on his cousin's face. Harry was obviously thinking about something.

Richard noticed that Harry seemed to have come to a decision. His green eyes getting a sharp glint in them, a strength that Richard hadn't seen in them before. "Richard? Can I talk with you?"

"Of course. You can talk to me about anything," Richard assured him.

Harry nodded and looked briefly at the other men in the room then said in a rush, "I know you're a werewolf."

Richard blinked, sitting down heavily on the bed. Jamil and Shag-Da also seemed startled even though their reactions weren't as obvious as their Ulfric's.

"How?" He asked in a hushed voice.

Harry walked over slowly and carefully sat down next to Richard. "I knew the moment we met. I recognized the feel of the magic coming off you."

"What? But how...?" Richard blurted still shocked and definitely confused.

"One of my dad's friends was a werewolf. We met when I was thirteen at my school. That's when I found out about him," Harry explained.

"Why did you meet him so late in life if he was a friend of your fathers?" Jamil asked.

Harry looked at Richard and nodded. If he was going to do this right he would have to share equally. "The answer to that is long. It starts years ago. When I was just a baby." Harry tilted his head and looked at all three wolves. "We gonna let Vern in on this? I don't want to piss in his pool or anything."

Richard made a choking sound. "Where did you learn that?"

Harry shrugged. "Daniel."

"I'm going to have a talk with that boy." Richard looked back at Harry, taking in the serious expression on the young man face. "Is this something he should know?"

Harry shrugged. "Maybe not all of it, but yeah."

Richard nodded and shot a look over his shoulder at Jamil. The dark wolf nodded and left the room to find the local Ulfric. It only took about three minutes for the two wolves to return, but for those three minutes the cabin was silent. Vern gave him a strange penetrating look but leaned against the wall, watching and listening.

"The first thing you need to know is that Magic is real. I'm not talking about the piddly little Wiccan crap or the sensitive or the fucked up Necromancers calling themselves 'animators.' I mean REAL magic. World altering, mind bending Magic."

Richard gave him a strange look. "Doesn't sound like you think much of the other practitioners?"

"I don't think much of them because they don't have a full understanding of what they are doing. They're like a blind person trying to paint a sunset. They can't see what they are using, not all of it, so they make shortcuts to get the results they want, skipping all the safety that real practitioners learn in school. They don't understand the ramifications what can happen if they lose control, if they cast one spell wrong. They are dangerous even if power-wise they are no better than an omega."

Harry rubbed his eyes. "However, they are more specialized in what little magic they are able to utilize. So if they are smart enough, they are still dangerous enough to any Muggle, a normal non-magical human."

"If I might interject?" Vern gave Harry a searching look. "You mentioned school. Are you saying real Witches attend a school? Some kind of formal education just for Magic?"

"That is exactly what I am saying. Although to be correct, a Witch is the term for a female magic user. A man is referred to as a Wizard."

Vern nodded and motioned for Harry to continue.

"These Magic users live in communities, cities made up entirely of Wizards and Witches. They have their own governments and law enforcements. Even here in the states where the population is so small. But they are still more powerful, more dangerous than you can understand. They can do things the specialized practitioners can't," Harry explained.

"When I was a baby there was a prophecy made about a Dark Lord…a Wizard so powerful and dangerous that people were even terrified to say his name. Can you imagine what Hitler would have been capable of if he could control the minds of his victims, if he could make them experience a pain so terrible it would shatter their minds so they could barely drool on their own, and if he could kill them with just a word and then raise their corpse to slaughter the rest of their families."

Harry looked away from them, his eyes filled with horrors and ghosts. "My parents were killed by a Dark Wizard called Voldemort. He was the Wizarding World's Hitler. After he killed them he tried to kill me, but the Magic didn't work and it destroyed his body. But it didn't kill him." Harry licked his lips and looked back up at the others.

"Two people who knew my parents, left me with the Dursleys, my mother's sister's family, because of a protection spell based on the blood I shared with my aunt. These two people never told anyone, including my father's friend, Remus, where I was in case the Dark Wizard's minions followed him to find me."

Harry paused a moment to catch his breath then continued, "Remus became my teacher at a school I attended from the age of eleven. It wasn't until the end of that school year, that I and my friends, H-H-Hermione and Ron, were trapped outside the school with Remus during a full moon." He paused again shakily, worried what Richard was thinking.

The three werewolves actually looked both angry and terrified for him all at once.

"No one was hurt and Remus quit after that incident. The whole thing scared him. He told me that S-S-Sirius and I were all that was left of his pack..." He tried to go on but was interrupted.

"Who is Sirius?" Richard asked.

"Sirius was my Godfather."

Richard looked curious. "Was?"

"He died when I was fifteen."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Harry looked sad, his eyes haunted briefly as he remembered. "Remus didn't have a pack otherwise. He said that he wasn't willing to serve the only Ulfric in all of England and Scotland. He said he would rather be without a pack."

"Why wouldn't he want to be part of the pack?" Richard asked confused.

"You need to understand what it's like for werewolves in Britain. They aren't like they are here. They are where all the horror stories come from. They have no control over the change, they hunger for human flesh. They have no control of themselves during the full moon, they truly become monsters." Harry paused again. "The Ulfic of Britain is a man named Fenrir Greyback. Remus told me he was the one who made 80% of the current werewolves in Britain."

All four werewolves looked truly shocked. How could one werewolf make so many?

"Fenrir would purposely place himself near homes and campers, especially if there were children around." Harry looked at his cousin then, eyes even more haunted than before. "Fenrir could clinically be classified as a sadist and a pedophile. Remus was one of those children Fenrir went for."

The room was swallowed in silence for a long time. No one was quite sure how to respond to everything Harry had said so far. To know there was a pack so twisted it was hard to conceive of. It was a lot to take in. Due to his past experience, the four wolves were in fact worried Harry was telling them this because he was afraid. Was this some kind of warning to them?

"You can stop thinking whatever it is you're thinking!" Harry snapped, glaring at them. "I'm not saying that I'm scared of you or any other such nonsense. I'm just trying to tell you what my world was like before I came here. I certainly know werewolves can be both good or bad. If I thought any of you were like Fenrir Greyback, I never would have let you take me from the airport," Harry huffed. "Bloody Americans."

"You don't care that..." Richard halted, licking his lips, "...that we're monsters?"

"IF you were monsters, I wouldn't care. But none of you are monsters, Richard. You aren't any more of a monster than I am." A dark laugh escaped him. "I'm more of a monster than you will ever be."

Richard grabbed Harry by the shoulders, forcing Harry to face him. "Harry you aren't a monster. I don't know why you'd think that but you aren't..." he started to say, urgently before Harry interrupted him.

"I am!" He glared into Richard's eyes with bitter anger. "I am! I killed them! They all died because I'm a freak!" Harry shouted, beginning to tremble. "A freak even among other freaks!"

Richard stared wide-eyed at his cousin. Tears had begun to form in Harry's eyes. "Harry…"

"It's my fault…" Harry choked, dissolving into grief-stricken sobs.

"Oh, Harry," Richard murmured, comfortingly as he pulled the sobbing teen to his chest, wrapping his arms around the shaking body. "I promise you aren't a monster," Richard said softly as he stroked Harry's hair. "I've seen monsters and you most certainly aren't one of them. I don't know why you think you are, but I promise even if you were, I'd still be here."

Minutes passed while Harry stayed wrapped in Richard's arms. Eventually his wild sobbing eased to soft hiccuping tears. Richard continued to hold him whispering soothing words into his hair until the boy began to calm.

Jamil and Shang-Da watched, their beasts stirring under their skin, aching to get out and attack whatever was hurting the pup. Their Ulfric's pup was hurting and every instinct they had told them to protect. No pup of their pack would get hurt while they watched. It was an irrational, instinctive urge and they knew it. Unfortunately, the one that had hurt the pup wasn't here. This was an old wound that had not yet healed.

"You okay now, Harry?" Richard asked, his voice soft and soothing on Harry's frazzled nerves.

Harry nodded.

"Good," Richard said loosening his grip on Harry. "If you want to talk about it, I will listen and so will Jamil and Shang-Da. Hell,...," Richard chuckled, "...so would Vern if you gave him a chance."

"Really?" Harry asked in a hoarse voice,


Harry nodded obviously thinking. "I'm a wizard," he finally blurted out.

The three wolves blinked. "We gathered that from what you already told us," Richard said, carefully.

"I'm a wizard but not like most others. Fate has played a large part in my life," Harry told them, which started a confab that lasted long into the night.

Over those many hours, the four learned many things about each other's worlds... the things they were and what they could do. And, for the first time, Harry and Richard began to feel truly comfortable with their world and with themselves. Now all that was left, was for Harry to gather the last of his courage and tell Richard the rest of the truth of his past.


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