Amazing. Another chapter!

I met with the team at 1630 hours, to discuss what Yuri had told me privately last night. Russian forces had been spotted on the road to Sumy. Our first taste of combat, and my nerves were giving me a hard time,

'Okay lads. Yuri informed me of the worst last night,' they turned to each other, mumbling various ideas about what was said to me, 'Russians have been seen on the main road into Sumy and it's been confirmed they are coming for us-,

'They would be marching towards us if they're using the road into Sumy,' Darren grumbled, still angry with yesterday. Craig slapped him round the head and frowned,

'We don't know the numbers of their force, but we can assume it will be some kind of scout group. It's the first attack, they will need to know what they're against. And so do we,' I explained, 'The Ukrainians will not be assisting us,' groans echoed around the 'crowd', 'But surely we can handle this Russian squad?' I asked. No response. Good, 'Yes, we don't know what to expect, and like I've said, neither do they. So come on,' I looked at my watch, 'We have dinner in ten minutes. Go get changed, do whatever, then meet in the hall. It's not hard to miss. Dismissed.' I said, already prepared for the evening.

The Ukrainians kept to themselves. I had hardly seen them. Unless they had some sort of casino in their dorm, when Darren would be enjoying, I don't know why I haven't seen them around. Maybe Yuri's doing his independent training routine with them or maybe they're just shy. They had a lot on their plate. The Ukrainian rebels and now a Russian attack. Yuri hadn't told me why the Ukrainians wouldn't be joining the fight. Maybe estimated numbers for the Russians were low. He hadn't told me about the estimates also. We were fighting blind.

The dinner went smoothly. For the second time we saw the Ukrainians and what I suspected was true. They all sat together and spoke quietly. I heard them a few times which was followed by mindless laughter. And then it would all go quiet and that would be the last we heard of them. A few conversations jumped out of no where between the lads. The main conversation being the threat of this Russian scout group headed towards Sumy and what they'll be carrying. I was about to leave the hall, watching the lads head to wherever they were going,

'Alex, can I have a word?' Yuri asked, his accent stronger than normal,

'Of course,' I replied, turning around. Yuri looked around and smiled weakly,

'In private?' I nodded and followed him into the room where the news about CBS reached our ears,

'What do you wish to talk about, Yuri?' I asked, keen to find out what was so important. He fiddled with his hair before he begun speaking,

'The rebels are heading towards Sumy from the north west road. That's why we will not be able to assist you. The estimates for both forces are twenty for the rebels and fifteen for the Russians. Small forces I know but they are just seeing what we're made of. Someone will get on the radio to their superior and tell them about what we're packing and how many there are of us,' Yuri explained, his tone ice cold. I sighed, taking the details in. We were being attacked by both sides. Russian and Ukrainian,

'Do we have any idea on what equipment they will be using?' I questioned, intent on finding out what we would be dealing with,

'A vivid idea. We can expect AK-47's, AK-74's and AK-101's to be used, along with RPD's, RPK's and RPG-7's. It'll be the same for the Russians too.' I nodded, taking in his reply. Yuri smiled and that indicated our talk was over. I left the hall, feeling more comfortable now I knew what we were facing. Well, what we thought we were facing. I reported back to the dorms and was surprised with the cheeriness in the squad. Darren had managed to find his way here but I let it go. He saw me and I saw him. We exchanged an awkward look but it ended with a bit of a chuckle.

It was good to see the boys happy. It would be a boost for tomorrow.