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AN: This is set before they got together. Also, I'm not too good with science so uh, if it doesn't make sense, I'm sorry.

"How are you going to send her to the future?" Peter asked skeptically as he questioned Walter's methods.

"We will have to pass her neurons to the future until they are present in her future body's self. We will have to use the tank!" Walter exclaimed as he began preparing the machines for Olivia's trip.

"Last time we used the tank it didn't end well. What if we can't get Olivia back?" Peter frustratedly argued.

"As long as Olivia is still breathing we can bring her back any time. I'm not sure, but I think she will be able to complete her task in only an hour! According to my theory, being there for a day is like a small lapse of time here. Perhaps as little as a minute!" Walter explained.

Peter fell back into a chair as he unhappily watched Walter continue his work to put Olivia back into the tank and send her to the future. He didn't like the idea of being somewhere foreign. She would have to pretend like she was the Olivia of that time in order to complete everything she had to get done before she was able to come back.

When Walter was finished preparing everything he called Olivia to come over so he could explain everything to her.

"When you are finished we will know and pull you back." Walter assured as he connected the necessary wires to her body.

"Thanks Walter." Olivia nodded as she stepped into the tank. Peter stood up and leaned over the opening of the tank as he watched Olivia enter what he hoped wouldn't be fatal.

"I won't leave you Liv." He promised as she laid down into the shallow water.

"Goodbye Peter, see you soon."

Olivia woke up to be sitting in an office room on opposite sides of a desk with a slightly older Peter Bishop.

"You alright Liv?" He asked concerned as she confusedly looked up to meet his eyes.

"Yeah, uh yes."