Shadow Child, rewritten. I have exclusive rights to do so, as I am the same author who originally wrote it. I have created a new account because I want to start anew. Those stories were from my teenage years, and I am a much better writer now. I will remove Shadow Child from the other account when this one is complete. Please, if you read the original, read this one to give me your feedback. Since most of the story is already made, I'm just making it better, I will probably update fairly quickly. Give it time. It will be worth it.


The wind was harsh and the shutters on the windows at Lon Lon Ranch flapped angrily in rain. It was late, nearing eleven at night, but the lights were still bright and no one was asleep. The horses were tucked into their stables, the cuckoos in their nests, but the people who took care of them were far away from thinking about sleep.

Lightning illuminated the room for a few seconds at a time. The storm was harsh and cold. Malon made her way up the stairs to the second floor of her home with a blanket and a pair of freshly cleaned men's clothing in her arms. Her whole figure was dark, but when the lightning struck it reflected off of her sapphire eyes and her ruby hair. As she made her way down the hall she sighed, knowing something awful was happening. Her feet stopped on the cold floor in front of the spare bedroom. She knocked a few times.

"Fairy boy? Are you in there?" she waited for a response until she thought for sure he wasn't, but then she heard a small cry. She frowned and opened the door slowly.

The window was cracked open and the freezing night air was streaming in mixed with drops of rain. The room was darker than any other room in the house and Malon couldn't see anything at all. She started looking for a light, a candle, anything when the room lit up with another flash of lightning. Only a few seconds later the thunder boomed after it, but in the moment that the room was visible she saw Link sitting on the corner of the bed in tears.

She fumbled around until she finally found a lantern and with her new source of light she crossed the room to Link. He was dripping wet, visibly shaking, and looked like he had cried until he couldn't any longer, and just had stray tears on his face. She set the blanket down on the bed and then helped him to his feet. "Link, I brought you some dry clothes." She whispered. She was scared to see him like this.

It had been just over a month since Hyrule had been saved from Gannondorf. The whole world was sunny again and full of life. Birds were singing, children could play in the streets again, and the castle market was rebuilt. Everyone was happy again.

Everyone but Link. Link had to give up a lot when he defeated the evil king. Navi had to return to the great Deku tree, and he would never see her again. He had to give up his magic and his weapons, and replace the master sword. Zelda then gave him the option of what he wanted to do next. He could go back in time and live life in a world free of all of the pain he went through, or he could continue to live as he was now. Link didn't want to go back. He wanted to remember, so he could share the story with his own children one day. The whole world would be grateful to him.

Most of the people of Hyrule wouldn't know the Hero of Time if he was standing right in front of them. No one knew what he really looked like, and without his hero's attire, he was just a normal Hylian. Link liked it that way, because it gave him much less to explain. He had never wanted the life of a celebrity.

"Malon…" Link rasped in a voice that broke the poor rancher's heart. He had sobbed himself hoarse. She looked into his sky blue eyes and nodded. She was paying attention to him. "What do you…" He couldn't say anything without crying it seemed. He fought back a sob. "What do you think I did to deserve this?" he choked out eventually. He took the clothes from her and went behind an old-fashioned screen to change clothes.

Malon started to change the blankets where he was sitting, to get the damp one off. "Link, you never did anything wrong. This is a blessing, from the Goddess. They obviously are so proud of you, they want—!" she gasped and stopped midsentence as another boom of thunder cracked so loudly she thought she felt to floor move.

"This is not a blessing. It's a curse." Link muttered, pulling on the sleeping clothes she brought for him. Link could always rely on Malon. She was always there at the ranch with open arms, willing to help him through his challenges. He was able to trust her to keep him safe, healthy, and sane.

Malon looked over towards the screen with a sad glance. She was not in love with him. She had once thought about running away with the hero, but her place was on the ranch, and he was destined to travel. Her father had arranged for her to marry a local farmer's son, and as it turned out he wasn't a bad guy. She wasn't upset. Link didn't seem to want a more romantic relationship from her either, so both of them just accepted that they were friends and nothing more.

She walked to the window and closed it, twisting a wooden bolt to lock it securely. "You'll kill yourself if you stay so cold."

"That wouldn't be a bad solution."

She looked his way once again as he came out from behind the curtain. Had he opened the window on purpose, then?

"I don't think I can do this Mal," He croaked as he collapsed onto the bed.

Malon silently nodded, coming to sit near him and try to comfort him. Only a few weeks after his battle with Gannondorf, Link came down with some sort of crazy disease. He was sick constantly and always light headed. He couldn't function properly. So he came to the ranch. He asked for Malon's help. She had no idea what to do, and so she told Link to rest, and in the morning she would go with him to see Zelda. Zelda had proved more than once that her magic could heal people, and help them find out what was ailing them.

Link still didn't think it had been worth it. He would have rather died fighting Gannon than heard what Zelda had to say. She only made it worse.

"Why me?" He whispered, fighting his own tears once again. He could fight monsters, he could fight ghosts… but his own tears? He stood no chance.

Malon stroked his hair softly. "I told you Link. This is a blessing from the goddesses."

"How could this have even happened?" He choked on his tears, now having successfully won their fight. "I never… I mean I didn't have time to do… anything! I just never did…"

"That must be what makes it such a blessing."

"Stop saying that it's a blessing."

"Link," Malon started, but he shot up into a sitting position and through angry tears shouted at his best friend.

"I'm fucking pregnant, Malon. Pregnant! How can that be anything but a curse!" He tugged on his sandy hair and sobbed into his knees. Malon didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry Link. We all have destinies, and maybe yours is…"

"Mine was to save Hyrule! I did what I was supposed to! I saved the damn world! My destiny is not to spend my whole life being ridiculed and insulted because I was the first FREAK SHOW to exist! If the goddesses are in on this, they're playing a FREAKING GAME WITH ME!"

Malon was almost afraid he was going to do something irrational, until he fell back against the pillow. "This is a great gift." She said. "Just think of all the things you can teach it, show it? You'll be a parent, and you'll be happy."

"I won't be happy."

Malon looked away and lightly sighed. "I'll always be here for you. I'll never call you a freak. And neither will Ingo or my Dad. Or Zelda. Isn't that all the support you need, for now?"

Link didn't reply, just grunted a response. Malon wasn't sure what that meant, but she walked out of the room in silence.

Link turned over in his bed. Something had to cause this. He had not had sex with anyone and especially not a man. And he was not a freak either. Something had cursed him. It had to have.


Link walked into the room slowly, letting the cool air wash over him. The floor was flooded with about two inches of water, and there was a thick fog in the air that made it hard to see. It was almost like the room never ended. At first he thought the room was empty, save for the lonely tree in the center, until Navi gasped and pointed to the door. It was locked! The hero turned quickly back towards the tree, his blue tunic twirling a little as he did. He drew his sword and made his way towards the center. "Show yourself!" He shouted in anger. He was even a little scared, admittedly, because he really couldn't tell if this room would ever end. It didn't even look like it had a ceiling… and it was so cold.

Like a lion, suddenly his enemy dashed out and swung his sword at Link. The hero gasped, taking in the sight of his new foe. It was himself! He ducked and tried to attack him, but the clone was matching all of his attacks.

This enemy was almost identical to Link. He was just as tall and looked very similar. Link felt a little shorter than him, and he felt that the monster was a little stronger looking, but that must have been Gannondorf's doing. His hair was jet black and his eyes were the blazing color of rubies in the sunlight. He was dressed in all back and grey attire, and he was so strong that Link was at a loss.

Finally after what seemed like hours of fighting Link pinned his counterpart against the tree. Just as he was about to go in for the kill, the demon leaned forward. "This isn't over yet." He began. "You'll see. Someday, someday soon you'll come back to me, to fight me again. You'll search for me, seek me out like a mother looks for her children on a rainy night. And then I will finally defeat you."

Link sprang up in his bed, gasping for air. That dream, that flashback to the water temple—to Dark Link. That had to be the answer. Obviously what he said was a curse. That was why he was like this. Link smiled to himself, proud to have remembered that conversation. In the morning he would find Dark Link. He would make him undo whatever it was he had done, and he would then kill him once and for all.


Malon bit her lip as Link began to load some supplies onto Epona the next morning. "I don't think you should do this". She really didn't either. She herself had saddled Epona, but when she looked at her friend she was just worried. He looked pale still, and his ailments hadn't gone away just because they were identified as morning sickness. She shook her head and reached out to touch his shoulder. He looked over at her with a big grin.

A smile? She almost forgot what she was going to say it surprised her so much. Since Zelda had said the word baby, he hadn't even had a moment where he didn't look miserable, let alone smile. She heaved a loud sigh and said "this is bad, Link. You're going to hurt yourself."

Link shrugged. "So what if I do? I am the Hero of Time after all."

Malon rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well you're about to be the Mother of time." She muttered.

Link raised an eyebrow. "What was that, oh dear friend that I hope not to kill in the near future?"

She shook her head. "If you hurt yourself, at this point, it can hurt you really bad! You have to understand that! Everything is different now, you have to think about your…"

"My curse?"

"Your baby."

"Malon, I don't even want to consider it like that. What if it's not really a baby? What if it's some weird disease, or what if some kind of crazy parasite worked its way in there? Just because there's something living in there doesn't mean that it's a baby." He leaned against the horse. "I'm way to young to have a baby, even if I was married and it was a woman doing the actual HAVING part. I mean, think about it. What if Hyrule is in danger again? What if Gannon comes back?"

"And what if he doesn't and you have a beautiful opportunity to live happily ever after?" Malon almost shouted back at him.

"You think that having some kind of crazy curse/blessing/illegitimate child is happily ever after?" Link shook his head. "It's not at all."

"Link, I'm just worried about you! What if that demon, Dark Link, doesn't have any idea what your talking about? Maybe he had nothing to do with it! What if he kills you?"

"He does have something to do with it, I'm sure of it." Link let out a grunt as he pulled himself on Epona. "As for dying? At this point, like I told you before, that doesn't sound like a bad idea."

Malon watched as he left the ranch, his clothes and hair blowing in the light breeze. The air was still cold, but at least she got him to wear a jacket. She looked away, back towards the ranch, and sighed. It was a mess from the storm. "Goddesses watch over him." She whispered into the wind.